lowkeydiana13  asked:

Is it possible that if i eat too little my periods gonna stop? Just wondering ... btw your an amazing blogger keep going we love you

it is possible! malnutrition can definitely lead to irregular menstruation and premature menopause. go see a gynecologist if you think something’s off (tinted discharge, continued unusual cycle, etc)! (also just fyi you gotta eat a little more than usual when you’re on your period!!) thank you for messaging me! i appreciate you guys so much <3


3 Things We Love For Summer!

Hey pixies!! 

We have put together three summer essentials we believe you NEED in your life this summer…

*imagine yourself rocking a red gingham skirt and a pink top with the perfect red lip to match. Not only will you look incredible, but if you do a quick love spell before you go out, everyone will give you a little extra love! 


Guys. I’ve said this before. I meant it then and I mean it now. Somewhere in Booklr is an angel living amongst us.
A while ago an Anon asked me about my book wishlist and not thinking anything of it I listed the special edition hard cover Harry Potters among others. I was later informed by a blogger we all know and love that a package was on its way. I didn’t deserve it. I thought maybe she’d sent me one of the books on the list.
Today this arrived. I cried. In fact I cried a lot. I had to force myself not to cry on these beautiful books.
I’ve sent a very appreciative private message to this incredible girl thanking her, but there are no words for how much this means to me.
I’ve kept her name out of this in case she doesn’t want everyone knowing she spent A LOT of very hard earned money on this, but I wanted to say again how lucky we all are to even be living on the same planet as her.


Looking to make an upgrade after watching our My Room Makeover series? 

You’ll find endless ideas in fashion blogger Nicolette Maison’s adorable Brooklyn apartment—it (totally) lives up to her Cher Horowitz/Wednesday Addams style (as if!). 

We’re obsessed with her bold bookshelf and lovely makeshift mantle. 

Click here to go on the full tour >> 

Women bloggers, you are loved. 

Muslim bloggers, you are loved.

Queer bloggers, you are loved. 

Undocumented bloggers, you are loved. 

We are stronger together.

Blogger LUV: Let's Get Leggy

This week we feature one of our favorite closet essentials, the legging!  Dress it up or grunge it down, the legging is the perfect “in-between” when you’re not quite feeling the skirt or jeans! It is no secret leggings are #trending…HARD. From cosmic prints to the perfect pleather, we give these leggings an A+.

Britney Nason of Disarming Darling in ravishingly red crushed velvet.

Izumi Bogan of Hybrid Hunter keeping it classic in pleather leggings and high tops. 

Chanelle Laurence of The Penelope Times rocking some totally trippy cosmic leggings from Wasteland!

Madeline Pendleton of Jean Griege also killing it in cosmic prints.

Hello and welcome to Emily and Becca’s Tumblr Awards! This is a real treat for you guys and therefore you should all enter


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  • Winners get +follows from both of us, and promos and graphics and anything you want really and you’ll have a space on our blogs
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Ok that’s it GO GO GO!

How to read astrology memes...

You can just overlook this if you don’t want to look at this, but here goes…

1) find your astromeme

2) look at your sun and moon sign


3) so, you don’t agree with your sign. look at the theme of the post. It might relate better to your Mercury, Venus, Mars, ascendant/rising, etc. Look at yours and check the sign for that. Some blogs are even nice enough to spell out which sign to look at in the post!

*if you’re complaining about how uneducated and incorrect the blogger is and have no clue what any of those terms mean, then honey, they aren’t the ones that are wrong…

4) if you’re still satisfied, don’t complain ffs… The poster wasn’t necessarily catering to one specific person, they’re catering to a majority, and anyway, astromemes are NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN TOO SERIOUSLY. Just be nice and scroll down.

5) meanwhile, if you were OVERLY satisfied, please leave a nice note for the blogger. We love hearing that we’re psychic and know what we’re talking about, because THE MAJORITY OF US do.

Euclase deleted her account?

God, what is the problem with the supernatural fandom toward SPN artist?? Lately it’s like they are all shoved with Anon-hate.

I’m going to send what I can , I dunno if it will help , but a fellow artist is in need! * tie motivation bandana on*

I can only add that : I know how you feel, Euclase. I got my fair share of hate and ridiculous comments and nobody deserve this, especially an artist that did so much in the fandom, is crazy talented, for free and just because they could.

Let’s get a move on , peeps or Euclase won’t be the only thing we will loose in the end. There’s so many people I know that get this kind of thing.

why don’t we all take a moment to send messages to all the Fanart, Fanfiction writers, Bloggers that we love and give them positivity?tell them how much they are appreciated? I feel like the fandom is eager to send negativity but when it’s about positivity , they hesitate.

go forth people, send it , and let everyone you love know how much they are appreciated!

fanettamagruder  asked:

Hey Jimmy! Where can I send a funny screen grab?

Hey, fanettamagruder

Noah (one of the Tonight Show Bloggers) here! 

We love seeing all the Screengrabs everyone stumbles upon! 

Submitting a Screengrab is simple? Just send your pic to

We’re excited to see what you submit! 

Check out how to submit for Do Not Read, Do Not Play, Kid Letters, and other fun segments!

Have a great rest of the weekend, pal! - Noah