This is What I Wore #(I don’t know I’ve lost count I’ll update the number soon haha!): BLOGGERS UNITED 13

Summer isn’t over for me yet. I still can pull off boho looks since the scorching heat still exist. My summer go-to look is a combination of stylish but still comfortable. Right now I can’t afford to go out of my comfort zone because I’ll end up sweating through my clothes. This top was perfect for the weather because it’s airy, as well as the pants because of it’s flar - it’s flowy and doesn’t restrict movement. Also, can’t you tell I love denim? Closed the look with one of my favorite summer sandal!

TOP: Aztec Print Crop Top (Forever 21 - On sale)
BOTTOM: Highwaisted Flare Pants (Thrifted/Ukay Ukay, P35)
FOOTWEAR: Slip on Sandals (Shopee App Seller, P85 only!)
HEADWEAR: Nudish Brown Turban (Bangketa Finds, P50)
BAG: Esprit Shoulder Bag (Hand-me-down from my mom)

Slowly trying to update my blog with what’s currently happening in my life as much as I can since I lack so many updates already. This happened yesterday (3rd of June) and even though I just gotten home from a 3 day beach trip - I had to go to BU13 because my favorite blogger would be there, guess who & click read more.

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Too bummed that summer is over!! I spent most of my summer working at the office but I managed to squeeze in a few beach trips… four to be specific & in just 3 months! There are a few things that made my beach trips so much better and I’m here to share it in hopes that it might be helpful for your next vacation! 

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Join our class action lawsuit against Instagram

Attention Black bloggers! We are in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against Instagram. If you have evidence of them locking you out of your Instagram account that you use to reach your audience for business purposes with no wrongdoing on your part, or if your account was SHUT DOWN, we want to hear from you! They are colluding with much larger blogs to silence our voices. This is unjust, unfair and ILLEGAL to do so on a public platform.


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the reason i get so fired up abt “””ace discourse””” is bc im like no u don’t get it LGBT people are my people like we’re all united by similar experiences of homophobia and transphobia and we’ve all had similar struggles in different capacities and situations and we all love a certain way and if you can’t relate to any of that you Don’t Belong!!!! we’re not united by some arbitrary set of rules a mean allogay blogger posted, we’re united by common experience, by the way we interact with the rest of society and with each other

if that gets me branded as a “hatekeeper” or w/e then so be it!!! i don’t want LGBT minors on this hell site to think they’re “privileged” for being “allosexual”. gay boys should not have to welcome people into their own fucking community who think that pictures of them kissing or holding hands should have a trigger warning on it. imagine being told by the whole world that what you feel is wrong, finding what you think is a safe space, and then have the same homophobic bullshit reinforced by people you were told to trust and welcome

i don’t want any LGBT kids to think they should have to share a community with people who have nothing in common with them for the sake of some straight cis person’s feelings just because they don’t get the urge to fuck

i don’t want them to find out about that MOGAI bullshit and think that their attraction is “abnormal” or that they’re somehow similar to or should share resources with kinksters and pedophiles. 😕  anyway i guess that makes me an aphobic bitch but w/e, come @ this dyke if you want to


Met my twin, Guen and also pretty pretty Nades!! ♥

Guen gave me Hello Kitty glasses and we wore it together kasi nga, twins kami. =)) She’s so cute and bubbly and huhu KAWAII!! Meanwhile, Nades is bubblier and tall and yeah she had to bend a little when my sister took a photo of us~ ;u; 

Too bad Marian wasn’t able to come! :( I hope to see you pretty girls again soon!! ♥ 

Bloggers United: Hosting for Nikon Segment!

best in late! d pa ba nyo namemorozed yun? Haha!

It was my first time to join Blogger’s united. NAKS! VLAGGER na talaga! Confirmation na ba yun? haha!

More than being to sell, i was super happy to meet a lot of fierces and bloggers! Nakakaaliw! I also enjoyed hosting the Nikon segment :) 

Here I was reviewing my script. As usual, sa adlib parin bumagsak kasi dun talaga bet ko :)

Daming ganap! fun! Hope a lot were able to sell :)

Kinakabog nyo ako!

Cute accessories!

So many sweet fierces, one gave me an earring pa after sinanba ko yung earring nya! :) Salamat!

Super had fun making chika with you guys! Sana nakastay ako longer…

Lau hosted the segment with me. So ayan, hinuhuluan amin ang lotto numbers. choz!

Bungisngis na naman!

Here we go! I really like hosting. It allows me to interact with people. We awarded certain categories like best heels, hair at iba pa :)

Parang may hinahamon ako eh. choz!

SHOES! Cute ng shoes ni Lau! I’m wearing the shiny shimmery splendid one! haha!

In fair, gawa nya yung jacket na suot nya! BET!

For the last part, we went around to make people answer the “I AM” nikon campaign! Very beaucon ang answers!

Right after, Khaz went with us to BHS to eat :)

Pwede na ba pang MAGKARIBAL? haha!

D + V

A couple of people tweeted us dapat mag-hi.. nahiya daw :( No worries noh! We really appreciate all the love and effort! Lapit lang kayo anytime :)

Best in chika! Khaz!

Congrats to bloggers united! I had fun hosting!

Til next time!

Much love,


What It Really Means to be Free | Bloggers United 3

I guess it’s a bit too late to greet everyone a Happy Independence day. In fact, I’m way behind schedule for a lot of posts since I’ve been out of the blogging radar for about 3 weeks now so here’s an Independence Day Nail Art to welcome myself back into the blogging world. It is of course, inspired by the Philippine flag.

I’ve been struggling with a lot of personal problems since the beginning of May and I’ve never felt lonelier. I thought that I could escape them by keeping myself extra-busy. But Instead, I got sick to the point that I had fever as high as 39.5 and I couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed. Proof that stress can indeed lead to sickness! :| Good thing I got well before the Supersale Bazaar & Bloggers United 3. I am very thankful to everyone who dropped by our booth to support us. (Grabbed random photos from the internet because I forgot to take photos! @_@)

All the sleepless nights from doing inventory and hours of standing up and entertaining inquiries was all worth it because I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people and of course, our very special readers! I’ve never experienced having a bazaar for 2 consecutive weeks so that really kept me distracted from the problem that I was trying to divert my attention from. And oh, did I mention, I was supposed to be a bridesmaid for a wedding on the same day as BU3? Obviously… I didn’t go. I love BU THIS much. :))

I’m also glad I made a new found becky friend, JP Singson! His family is such an inspiration to mine because we’ve never seen parents as supportive as his. I’m glad our booths were beside each other at the Supersale Bazaar because I would have gone nuts without a becky by my side for 5 days. I am such a fag hag. Haha!! We also found out that our dads knew each other since the 80’s and are both in the car industry. Small world, huh? XD

(word vomit and drama ahead)

After overcoming the busy week and Bloggers United 3, I realized that running away from a problem doesn’t free you from it. I found myself in an empty room with a heavy heart and a rattled mind. I was back to phase 1 and I had to face whatever I had to deal with prior to all the hulabaloo– I had to face my own emotions.

Earlier this year I talked about moving on with my life despite all the unanswered questions and ‘what ifs’ standing in my way. But one can’t just turn away from these things because they’re meant to be dealt with. Just because I act happy and bubbly all the time doesn’t mean I’m okay. And just because I’m single now doesn’t mean I’m free from the past. In fact, I’ve been living with the past for years now and recent events only made it worse so I found myself breaking down after weeks of pretending to be okay.

I know it wasn’t a wise decision to just go AWOL from blogging but it’s what I needed to get my mind off things. Most of the time I just stayed home and had loads of 'me time’ so I could reflect on my mistakes. I know everything that I’ve been typing here sounds so vague but let’s just say I had to make a choice between reality and morality; the reality of finally getting the answer to my 'what if’ VS my principles in life.

Aaah I sound so senseless but my point is, in order to be free from everything, you must face your problems because you can run all you want but your problems will always run faster than you. There’s also nothing wrong about taking a little time off because it could be your reset button to life. I’m glad I did because I feel much better now than I did a month ago and I’m ready to take on my backlogs which is a list longer than Rapunzel’s hair. Ow em. XD

My advice to those who are also in the process of healing themselves or recovering from a heartbreak or unrequited love: Stop thinking that he’s the one that got away. Instead, think of yourself as the one who got away.. From all of his mind games and drama. Always be the better person and walk away from someone who doesn’t treat you right. Every girl deserves to be loved and no arrogant a*hole is deserving of ours.

xoxo ;) (for the lack of a better ending)

Bloggers United 2

I can’t wait for BLOGGERS UNITED 2!!!! I wasn’t able to go last time because of personal reasons and this time I’m already looking for company just to be there hahaha. Looking forward to meet the owners of the blogs I really love to read! Like David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, and many more! Although because of my very shy personality, I’m not that sure if I can approach them lol. So save the date guys! November 3, 2011 at Treston International College. Entrance fee is 100 pesos! I heard that the proceeds will be a help to the GMA Kapuso Foundation so it’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! :)

Bloggers United Strikes Three!

Date: June 2, 2012

Venue: Grandview Events Place, Metropolitan Ave. Makati

Entrance Fee: Php100

After holding two successful events last year, Bloggers United has easily become one of the most anticipated affairs for both fashion bloggers and readers in the metro!
Through the overwhelming power of social media and blogs in today’s generation, the previous Bloggers United events have successfully joined forces with top fashion bloggers like Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and many more to inspire their followers and to raise funds for various eneficiaries,  namely KIDS Foundation and GMA Kapuso Foundation. This time around, the event will benefit Operation Smile Philippines.

The event gets better and better every time! To make Bloggers United 3 even more momentous, top Indonesian fashion blogger Anastasia Siantar of The Brown Platform  will also be selling alongside Cebu fashion bloggers and our very own top celebrities Divine Lee & Sarah Meier.

So, if you love blog-reading and blog-hopping, Bloggers United is sure to be the perfect end-of-summer bazaar for you. Not only will you be able to bump elbows with your favorite bloggers at the event, but you will also be able to snag some of their own stylish statement pieces as they open their closets to sell to the public.  See you there! xx