Bloggers United Bazaar

I was one of the bloggers who was invited to participate in the very first Bloggers United Bazaar held at the Malayan Plaza Hotel last Friday, May 27. An event wherein notable style bloggers of the interwebzzz connect outside their computer screens and sell items from their closets or respective fashion lines. Met a lot of blog readers and made new friends as well! We all had such an awesome time! Here are photos from our garage sale:

Went there an hour early to prepare! All the good ones were placed on the table!

While the sucky ones were on the floor haha! Sold my baseball/letterman jackets, blazers, button downs, shirts, tank tops, jeans, shoes, shades, bracelets, necklaces, etc! Everything not higher than Php900!

I was ready to say goodbye to these babies. They’ve been so helpful in so many shoots! 

Made a last minute powerpoint presentation for our booth! Well, Bjorn did. I couldn’t figure out how it works haha but I printscreened both of our blogs and flashed them the whole day!

We gave away copies of the latest issue of Status Magazine to our first 10 customers! 

And these cool Status Magazine stickers! Thank you, Status! 

With my booth neighbors Patrish, Bjorn, Tin and Vern! I had fun with you guys! 

The Gondo Girls: Tricia Gosingtian and Domz Tiu! I missed them so much!

Kryz Uy, prettiest saleslady I’ve ever seen in my life! Hahaha!

Laureen Uy too! Almost all the bloggers has something feathery in their outfits that day!

And of course, Camille Co! She pretty much brought her whole closet with her. She was selling so many things! 

Shared a booth with fellow blogger and a good friend of mine, Bjorn Bedayo! He designed our booth! He posted photos of some of his works and triangle cut-outs for a hipster feel haha! (P.S. My sister takes amazing photos! Not.)

People started coming in around 10am! I placed everything in one big suitcase cuz I didn’t bring a rack nor hangers lol. Also didn’t know how to fold clothes properly so I just let them be. Haha took photos of some blog readers/customers:

My first customer!!! He went early and bought a lot of stuff! Thank you!!!

Another early customer! He got a free copy of Status magazine yay!

With blog reader Christian. My second time to see him at an event! He always tweets me and now we’re  pretty good friends! The power of the world wide webzzz!

This guy bought my custom-made varsity jacket! So cool cuz we have the same initials! 

Blog reader Jojit! He missed work just to drop by! He bought one of my combat boots too! Thank you for buying and supporting our event!

With the most loyal blog readers ever, May and Karla! I met these girls in fashion week and they’re always present in these kind of events! Yay!

This girl bought something for her friend who couldn’t make it to the event! Sweet!

These two are not blog readers but they came to support the event! The guy bought my leather jacket and some shirts!

We didn’t really chat much cuz I was stressed out with math haha (even though I brought my huge calculator) but thank you for buying from my booth!

They have so much swag you guys have no idea! Haha thank you for buying! 

With blog reader Gian. He asked me to sign his ‘slambook’ hahaha it was funny! 

Yay she bought a varsity jacket and took outfit photos right after she got home. Cute!

He came a bit late so there weren’t much good stuff at my booth anymore but he still managed to find something to buy! Woohoo!

Thanks man!!!

With fellow bloggers Tin Iglesias and Bjorn Bedayo!

With Lissa Kahayon :)

With Ira Giorgetti. The guy behind Rockwell’s Sartorial Fridays! Watch out for our collaboration! So nice to finally meet you!

With Lexi Gancayco.

With Jason Santos.

With Lissa wearing my letterman jacket! She bought it for her sister! Sweet!

With fellow Forever 21 brand ambassador Patrish!

Camille and Laureen were tired already but they don’t look wasted at all. Why is that!!!

While I was busy manning the booth, my sister was getting her nails done! WTH! lol

Yay for McDelivery haha! 

While waiting for the food, Sonja’s Cupcakes gave away these sweet treats! They’re so good! I wish they open a branch in Quezon City! Thank you Tita Sonja! LOL.

Cool edible treats from one of our sponsors, Sophie’s Mom! 

More cupcakes by Sofie’s Mom! They all look so good!

The McDonald’s lady has arrived! We were so happy we wanted to give her a hug!

Thank you McDonald’s lady! I'll definitely give you a call again *wink* LOL.

Having a moment with my McChicken meal. During our break time, Patrish, Lissa and I went outside of the hotel to take some photos! It was so windy! Here are the photos:

Patrish is so tall she can’t even fit in the photo haha

Who’s ready for Lissa’s clothing line? :)

My turn to cross the street haha! Hype this on Lookbook here.

I’m crazy about anything with aztec prints right now! 

Something you don’t see everyday haha

Lissa and Patrish are so cute!!!

It was so windy that day!

How cheesy could this photo get? Hahaha!

Awww hahaha

Hahaha I love this photo! We were laughing like retards in the middle of the street!

Stalking Patrish haha

Vern Enciso, fresh from Bangkok! Haha! Finally met her pretty sister too!

It was windy outside haha

Then it started to rain…

New freebies at our booth: ketchup! Haha we really gave them away! 

Stacy Gutierrez! They have the best booth! Complete with tarpaulins and huge tables!

Fellow Forever 21 brand ambassador Danah Gutierrez! I missed her so much! 

The Walkie Talkies doing a mashup of Grenade and S&M! They’re amazing!

Look! Jason and I were wearing the same pants and socks! Hahaha crazyyyyyy!

With Lyka Orhel! SDA reprezzzent!

With Domz Tiu! Haven’t seen her for months!

This guy came all the way from Paranaque + it was raining. He tweeted me if I was selling a leather jacket, I said yes but I didn’t know he was going to the event & buy it so I didn’t reserve it for him! When he came the jacket was already sold! I felt really bad! Good thing he still found something to buy from me so I just gave him a discount! Judging our picture, I think he’s mad at me haha so sorry!

With Cheyser Perdregosa! I’ve been wanting to meet her since I saw her on Lookbook and now we’re schoolmates! She even bought a blazer for her 15-year old cousin from me! Yay!

With Cheyz, Lorenz, Patty, Lyka and Nikki! Was supposed to go with them to Fiamma for An & En Estrada’s party but I was too tired! I had fun with you guys! 

Patrish and Lissa are still smiling even after a long and tiring day.

With the last customer of the day, Paul! He bought all the remaining items from my booth! So nice of him! I sold everything! Even the socks (unused of course haha) hahaha. Thank you!!!

Fun photobooth photos with Lissa, Patrish, Chiqui, Vern and Bjorn!

And that’s it! Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported the event! It was nice meeting all of you! You were all so nice! I was so exhausted (was standing from 9am-9pm) but I had the best time. Congratulations to Aisa Ipac, Melai Entuna and Ana Gonzales for a very successful event and thank you for making this happen! And thank you to all our sponsors! Till the next one!

Bloggers United

Yesterday we went to Bloggers United. We should have met around 2:30pm but I was late, I arrived at 3pm.. My trip going to Manila from Laguna is so frustrating cause I was caught on traffic. Thank you Thea, Thea’s sister, Erika and Erika’s boyfriend for waiting me! :)

Moving on, The Bloggers United is the 1st-ever Bloggers Bazaar featuring Manila’s top and most influential fashion bloggers selling their personal closet items and selected pieces from their respective brands. The most important part of this event is that, it is a tie-up project with KIDS FOUNDATION and certain sponsorship proceeds will be donated to charity. [*]

For me it’s a bazaar plus a meet and greet to my favorite bloggers! :)

Tricia Gosingtian. I was so happy so finally met her! she’s very nice! She even took photo of us. Hee. I hope she’ll put it on her blog.

David Guison. He’s nice too. I love him because he always tweets back!

Camille Co. I was shocked to see that she’s very tall! She’s nice too!

Laureen Uy. Finally, I met my favorite blogger! She’s nice. I always backread her blog like almost every week!

Lissa Kahayon and Patricia Prieto.They’re friendly! Love them!

Plump pinay, they’re beautiful. Yes, very beautiful!

Here are some of the tumblr bloggers i’m following. Tin Iglesias, Je, Grazel & Jem!

Hello there Ava! Haha. Thank you so much for being so friendly. Ethan is so cute!! Hope to see you again soon!

Vern, she’s very pretty.

With Tatie, my twittermate! Hihi. I didn’t see her new hairstyle. Urgh. Btw, we’re matching outfits! Yay.

With Ana, one of the organizers! I don’t have photo with Pax and Melai. They were both busy. Huu. Anw, Ana’s so tall!

Photobooth *u*

These are the freebies! Close up toothpaste, Maybelline free make up and Wow napkins.

Hello new accessories!

I brought my camera yesterday, but I forgot to bring the batter. Huuuu. Stupid gerl. BTW, thank you Thea C for the photos!

Bloggers United Is Back!

Remember the extremely successful Bloggers United Bazaar last May? You know, the bazaar I brought my whole house to and sold a lot of my preloved stuff at? Well, the wonderful people behind this first ever interactive shopping affair are at it again!

Presenting: Bloggers United 2! Get ready to raid your favorite bloggers’ closets this December 3!

External image

So what makes this Bloggers United Bazaar different from the first one? For starters, The BU team has partnered with the largest online shopping website, Multiply Philippines to make this event possible. Second, part of the proceeds will go to GMA Kapuso Foundation to aid its school project. And last, but not the least, BU has also opened its doors to more bloggers, meaning MORE shopping bargains for you! Divine Lee, Daryl Chang and Andre Judd are just some of the new additions to the BU family. A lot of your favorite bloggers from Cebu will also be participating! Bongga!

And because this Bloggers United Bazaar is clearly bigger and better, we’re also transferring to a bigger and better venue. Bloggers United 2 will be held at Treston International College located at University Parkway District, 32nd Street, corner C-5 Road, Bonifacio Global City.

How exciting!!!! I’m already ransacking my closet for items to sell. I don’t think I’ll be bringing my whole house again since most of my items already got sold in previous bazaars, but I’m definitely bringing nicer ones. Most of my old clothes are gone, so I’ll probably sell more recent purchases. You better be excited BECAUSE I AM!

Just a tiny tiny bit of bad news though. Although I’ll be selling my preloved items on December 3, I won’t be able to go the event. :( This is because I’ll still be on the plane back from Barcelona for the Mango It Girl competition. Not to worry, my sister is coming to my rescue so she’ll be there to man my booth. Please know that I may not be there physically, but I’ll be there in spirit! Haha! Cheesy! If you have time, I’ll see you the next day on December 4 from 2-7pm at WAGW, Robinsons Galleria for the meet and greet with the bloggers.

See you soon! :)


Went to school early for a special class to make up for my absences then went straight to Treston for the Bloggers United bazaar! It was such a long and tiring day because I was manning the booth from 11am-10pm but thank you so much to everyone who dropped by and bought stuff from my booth! Till the next one! Here’s what I wore:

What I’m wearing: quilted suede patch sweatshirt (Topman), cargo pants (SM Department Store), socks (Topman), boots (Topman), watch (Aldo Accessories) bone cuff (OS Volume 2). Hype this on lookbook here.

Burgundy quilted suede patch sweatshirt from Topman.

Bone cuff from OS

Brown casual boots from Topman.

Speaking of Topman, make sure you guys drop by these Topshop stores on these dates for you to get a chance to win a php10,000 shopping spree! Details below: 

June 2, 2012 - Bloggers United Three

Related post - Bloggers United 2

Photo by Canon Philippines. Thank you for the prints! :)

Hello! Just a quick post to show you guys what happened during Bloggers United 3 (BU3) last June 2, 2012 over at the Grand Event’s Place in Makati. Before anything else, I would like to apologize for the lack of ‘event’ photos. I wasn’t able to take a lot (okay. I wasn’t able to take any) because 1. The place was jam packed, 2. We arrived late and left early and 3. the place was jam packed. I am not kidding. Cariza and I arrived a little shortly after 12pm, and even before that, someone informed us (it was 11pm that time) that the lines extended down to the first floor (the event was held in the third) I wasn’t able to do some shopping also because I was too focused on figuring out how to maneuver myself amidst the throng of hyperventilating shoppers going gaga over the stuff for sale. After reflecting on the happenings on that day, I realized that deciding to wear 6-inched heels wasn’t really my best idea. Although you’ve got to admit, it gave me the additional height and made spotting my favorite bloggers an easier task. ;)

Please view this post to know more details on what I wore for that day! :)

Here are some of the photos I did manage to take during the event!

Me with international fashion blogger and lookbook superstar Anastasia Siantar. She flew all the way from Indonesia for this event. She was super nice. I say this because we (Cariza and I) got the chance to talk with her, mostly about random things like how she’s finding Manila and all that. We even taught her a few tagalog words! Everytime we pass by her, we wave and she smiles. We realized that she may be thinking that we’re turning into stalkers but who cares! Haha! Hello Anastasia, if ever you get to read this! Thank you for being so nice! :)

Cariza (the true fan girl) with Anastasia. Hello BB. Thank you for accompanying me! <3

With Kelly Medina. I made his blog layout! If you’re a fashionable male, go and give his blog some love! :)

With Kenneth Beltran Banda and Rocky Zaragoza

With Ranel James Del Castillo. Hello Ranel! It was great to finally meet you! :)

With the Mad Men (Team Mad House MNL) There’s actually a pretty funny story behind these photos. As I was about to go inside the bazaar proper, I was stopped by a reader who asked to take a photo with me. When that was done, I turned around only to see that my companions left me. (HUHU) Team Mad House was just there at the corner and I immediately turned to them. They welcomed me with open arms and even offered to take my photos! After that I call them collectively as “mah boyz” (an inside joke between us. Sorry HAHA) I wasn’t able to take photos with Alison and Jon, so if you guys are reading this, hello! Thank you again for adopting me that day. It really meant a lot! :)

With Cheyser Pedregosa. Hello Cheyser! It was nice to finally meet you in person. You’re so pretty and I love your dress! <3

Here’s another funny story. Remember when I said my companions abandoned me? Well, I stayed near the entrance because 1. I didn’t want to enter the bazaar proper again, 2. because the place I stayed in was cool, and 3. I realized it was the perfect spot for blogger hunting because everyone passes there at one time or another. That is where I first saw Cheyser. I have never yet gotten over the fact that she follows my accounts and said that “she was my newest fan” so the moment I saw her, I went ahead and asked for a photo! So what’s the funny part? Look at our hair and you’ll see! Although I was in the perfect spot to see bloggers, I wasn’t really in a place where one would gladly take photos on. The photo below is the perfect  epitome of the saying, “mahangin ba sa labas?” or in this case, “mahangin ba sa loob?” Haha. Thank you Ranel for this photo!

This is Jhuna! We have a photo together in my camera because she was just too sweet that I decided to take a photo with her as well! She frequently tags me on twitter and has been a loyal blog reader. She also bought some stuff from my online shop. Nakakatuwa lang yung reaction niya noong nakita niya ako! Hello Jhuna. Thank you for always being so sweet. It was nice to finally meet you in person! :)

From left to right: Nikki Alejandro, Me, Kayra Magracia, Dana Decena and Cristina Decena

(Photo Source)

With Fashion Icon and Becky Queen, Divine Lee! I never miss an opportunity to have a photo taken with her every time she’s present at events. This would be our second photo together (the first you can find here) Always so classy! <3

And now, for the photos from my blog readers! Thank you to everyone who approached me and said hi! You will never know how thankful I am for each and every one of you! :D

With Bianca Magsino. Hello pretty Bianca!

(Photo Source)

With Leah Rous. I did her blog banner! :)

(Photo Source)

With Jhunalyn Modesto! :)

(Photo Source)

Kelly! :)

(Photo Source)

With fellow bloggers and nursing students Adly Velasco and Gian Carla Tolentino. It was nice to finally meet you girls! :)

(Photo Source)

With Ella Gener! I remember how she and her sister Ellaine approached me. Ella was the one follower I will never forget because if not for her, I wouldn’t have an account on! (She persuaded me into making one! Haha) I also remember her because there was one time she asked me about my shoe size when I posted something about selling my shoes. I may have bad memory but I remember the little details. Always. Hello Ella. Thank you for the photo! You and your sister are the sweetest! :)

(Photo Source)

With Celina Cruz. Hello, Celinie!

(Photo Source)

With Job Galido. He told me he has been following my blog ever since he started on Tumblr. I wanted to cry then and there! Haha. Hello Job. Thank you for being sweet and for the photo as well! :)

(Photo Source)

Congratulations to the event organizers, the powerpuff girls Ana, Aisa and Melai! You did a great job once again. Here’s to hoping for a BU4? :)

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. No one will ever know how thankful I am for you guys. I would never be where I am right now without you, my dear followers and readers. Thank you so much. <3

And that’s it. If we have a photo together during the event, please tweet the link to @charleneajose or send an e-mail to I would love to put them up here on my blog!

Thank you so much for reading and have a good night! :)

Christmas Garage Sale

Hey guys! I’ll be selling my stuff (clothes, bags, accessories, eyeglasses, watches, shoes, etc) this coming December 3 for part 2 of the Bloggers United bazaar at Treston International College, Bonifacio Global City. See poster below for more details:

Remember the first Bloggers United bazaar which happened last May? Check out my blog post here. Due to insistent demand from readers and bloggers alike, Bloggers United in partnership with Multiply Philippines, have gathered Manila’s style bloggers for a part 2! Here’s the list of the participating bloggers (click here). Part of the proceeds of this event will go to GMA Kapuso Foundation! 

Entrance fee is php100 only but I’ll be giving away 20 free entrance tickets to some of you guys! Just make sure you do the following:
1. Follow Bloggers United on Twitter and like them on Facebook.
2. Follow Multiply on Twitter and like them on Facebook.
3. Tweet anything you like, just make sure you include your full name and tag me (@davidguison) and Bloggers United (@bloggers_united). Make it witty! Or not.
First 20 to tweet will win free entrance tickets to the event! See you there! 
Style Spotting: Bloggers United x Moonleaf Bazaar

Angela Nepomuceno -

Paulo Deoferio -

Aisa Ipac -

Cody Mariano -

They are some of the awesome bloggers I met during the Bloggers United x Moonleaf Pop-up bazaar for the benefit of typhoon Sendong victims. No detailed post about the event yet. I’m still in holiday hibernation mode (read: pigging out + sleeping all day) even though I badly need to catch up on backlogs. I’ll get back to them soon.

And yes, I turned 19 last Friday. Thank you so much to everyone who greeted me! :) I even received a cellphone call from one of my bestest friends who’s currently in Bahrain. God, I miss her so much. :’)

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you’re having a blast. xx
Bloggers United

I’ve only started blogging recently and is still quite new at it. But now that I’m part of the blogosphere, I have no regrets. I’ve met so many great people, bloggers and readers alike, which is why I’m always thankful whenever I get to participate in blogger events such as the recently concluded Bloggers United Bazaar. To the people who were able to drop by, thank you! You made all the stress, painful heels (my feet have just recovered haha), heat and all the other hasslepuffs worth it! I still can’t believe it whenever girls (and boys) approach me to say I’ve inspired them. Never have I thought in a million years that I can one day serve as an inspiration to someone I haven’t met and personally known. I still can’t believe it actually, false humility aside. On a lighter note, most popular comment goes to “you’re soooo tall!!!”, runner-up is “you’re prettier in person!” In short, I shall tell my lovely household help (who I fondly call “Erlindol”, a play I made on her name, Erlinda. It’s my term of endearment for her haha!) that she should make me look pretty and tall in pictures! Haha! (Erlindol, galingan mo!)

Anyway, enough of my nonsense. For those who weren’t able to go, there’s always a next time. I can’t wait to meet you! For now, enjoy the photos! :)

External image

Photo stolen (yes stolen haha) from Patricia. Kuya from Malayan Plaza Hotel undoubtedly having a hard time managing just half of the stuff I brought to sell. Kuya, I’m so sorry I brought my whole house!

External image

Photo (not stolen) from Raleene. This is me with just a few of the shoes I was selling. This was taken early afternoon and more than half the shoes were already sold. Yay!

External image

You see the girl holding the plastic bags? Meet Erlinda a.k.a. Erlindol/Tenderloin/Tibs (the term of endearment our other household help gave her)/my amazing Lookbook photographer. The other busy bee beside her in a floral top is my sister, Charlotte a.k.a. the brains behind Coexist/my financial adviser/my no.1 supporter.

External image

Shoppers at my booth. Yay! I was selling clothes for “3 for P150”, “3 for P250” and “3 for P500”. Crazy cheap! Kudos to whoever got AX, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Club Marc and other branded goodies hidden under the huge pile of clothes! I told you, patience is key!

External image

Cute buyer (with a cute outfit on too) with our ribbon headbands. :) Check out her background: lots of shoppers in our booth! Woohoo!

External image

My lovely booth partner, Laureen. Sorry for taking up so much space!

External image

Our neighbor Kryz. :) Cutee patuteeee!

External image

Another neighbor, Raleene, who is also ½ of  The Walkie Talkies. You made me cry with your Bruno Mars rendition!

External image

Some more neighbors, 3 of the Gondo Girls: Tricia, Dominique and Feanne. I really thought they formed a band. I only found out that day that it was an April fool’s joke! Goodness. I’m so gullible.

External image

(L-R): Laureen, Kryz, Raleene, me, Patricia. (Photo by Nikki Ruiz)

External image

The amazing home-baked goodies from Sophie’s Mom! They sell everything from cookies, to cupcakes to cakes to mochi icecream and mochi truffles! Would you believe this is the work of 13 and 16 year old girls? And this is their first bazaar EVER! Those 2 will go far! (Photo from Sophie’s Mom)

External image

Kryz, Laureen and I going gaga over the mochi truffles. (Photo from Sophie’s Mom)

External image

Bloggers United cookies from Sophie’s Mom. Ordered a dozen of their mochi icecream. I’m ordering some more! Maybe some of their cookies too! Thank you Sophia and Steffi Ramos! :) (Photo from Sophie’s Mom)

External image

Memories from the event! The photo on the left is a gift from my reader, Toni. Thank you so so so much. I was really touched that you made this for me. It’s people like you who inspire me to keep blogging. I hope you get a high grade for your project! The photo on the right is a photo of Laureen, Kryz and I at the Close-up booth. I love these girls!

To the Bloggers United team, Aisa, Melai and Ana, you girls rock! I hope we have a part 2!

Bloggers United Bazaar 2

Hi guys! Last Saturday I attended the second installment of Bloggers United, the Bloggers United 2. I wasn’t able to attend the first one because of school and other commitments. I promised myself I will not miss the next one, though. So here we go. :)

I arrived there a little around 11:30am. The event was scheduled to start at 11am. I came all the way from Bulacan, and I had to take the MRT then a cab to reach the place. I then went upstairs and got greeted by a long line. I am not exaggerating when I say it was long. The photo above is the number of people in front of me, and there were still a lot of people behind me. Anyway, I didn’t really mind the queue because I was waiting for my blogger friends to arrive too. Unfortunately, I had to wait for almost 2 hours for them to get to the event. That two hours was spent me sitting on the bleachers being awkward. *sad face*

This was the view from my lonely spot at the bleachers. Haha!

Thank goodness for this girl, Bianca, though. She approached me when I was about to die of boredom (haha) and asked for a photo. This was my first time to ever receive a request like that, by the way. Ganoon pala ang feeling! Anyway, she told me she saw me outside in the line too but was too shy to approach. I’m glad she came to me the second time around though. Thank you for making my day, Bianca! Please relay my thank you to your Mom too for taking our photo! :)

With Charlene Ajose, I’ve known her since the time when Friendster was the best social networking site yet. :) She has been very nice even here on Tumblr. I’m glad to see her in person.

Here’s a photo from her camera. Read what she wrote about the event here. :)

Anyway, 30 minutes after that *kiligzmoment* I finally decided to go around the bazaar. I was still alone at that time, though. By that time most of the good stuff has been bought already. I went around the stalls and found some really interesting things, but never things that I really wanted and had to buy. I ended up buying accessories though. I bough a silver bracelet from Aivan Magno (above) Hello! I love your studded jacket! :D

This illustration caught my eye. It’s from Bjorn and Vern’s booth. I am now regretting that I didn’t take one of those printed photos. I love Bjorn’s style in photography.

My forever girl crush, Vern Enciso! I loved her outfit that day. <3

This would be Nina Ricci’s “Sunday girl” She gave me a scented apple on a stick, too! I love their Sunday Girl music video. I usually don’t like overly girly stuff, but there is always an exception to every rule, right? I wouldn’t mind having a shoot like this in the future. <3 Watch the video here.

Anyway, more photos! :)

Some of the things that caught my eye.

This is me and my BB Dianne taking photo booth photos. Haha!

I also saw Valerie Chua! I am a fan of her artworks. She is an amazingly talented, beautiful girl. I also saw Dominique Tiu. I first saw her in person during the Multiply Shopping party, and I will never get tired of saying that she is beyond gorgeous. Valerie and Domz would be my two favorites from the “Gondo Girls” (I love all of them though)

Photo from Patricia

Here is another sweet girl who came up to me and asked for a photo. Hello Patricia! It was nice meeting you! :D

Click on read more to see the rest of the entry! :)

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Bloggers United 2

Because of the success of the first Bloggers United last May, the awesome team behind the first Bloggers United organized another one! It was held at Treston College at the Fort. I didn’t really get a chance to take pictures of the event because it was PACKED. I also wasn’t really able to shop for much because I came a bit late, so all the nice stuff were already bought. :( Nonetheless, it was fun meeting my favorite bloggers again! :)

Me, my sister and my cousin were all matching coincidentally. Our theme: Black & White! 

What I wore:


Seventh Heaven Black Suede Wedges | Melty Kiss Sheer Black Midi Skirt | Banana Republic Top


I’ve been addicted to sheer skirts lately. I love how it’s chic and comfortable. I want more in other colors!! :(


A closer look on my top. I love the flower details! This is actually my mom’s and she passed it on to me. I love vintage!




Drama lang. (Please don’t laugh at me.)

This is my pretty cousin/best friend/twin, Kamia! Don’t we just match?


Taray! Love her top so much!


She’s a natural.


Candid laugh daw. Haha!

Hope you liked my outfit! And congrats to the Bloggers United team once again! :)

P.S. Don’t know what to give for Christmas for your loved ones? Why not give them Sophie’s Mom giftbags? Check out our new packaging, perfect for Christmas gifts for your friends and family here! :)

Rajo for Bench, JC for Kashieca

Folio tailored blazer and Viz-A-Viz sleeveless top both at SM Department Store, Divisoria acid-washed denim shorts, Primadonna pumps, Nine West bag, True Fidelity handmade necklace, SM Accessories bangles and ring. Hype this on Lookbook here, vote on Chictopia here.

Everything I’m wearing here was a case of love at first sight, especially the pink blazer. I’ve been looking for something like it for so long, but the items I found were either great but grossly overpriced, or inexpensive but poorly made. I saw the blazer while personal-shopping for someone else, and I just knew I had to have it!

What do you think of this look? 

Rajo looking youthful as ever. We were beyond excited when he saw us and exclaimed, “Hey, you guys! I read your blog. I love your style. You kids keep me young!” Recalling that moment never fails to make us smile.

He showed us his favorite pieces in his collection.

We thought there were only gonna be the usuals, like skinny and straight-cut. But wait, there’s more! Hahaha. You’ll have to visit your nearest Bench store to check out which designs suit you best.

You also might want to test his Uno and Dos eau de toilet collection.

Kashieca was right across Bench, and the scene was pretty much the same as soon as JC Buendia arrived.

His collection consists of easy-breezy pieces, versatile enough to be worn to school, the office, a date, parties, and wherever-have-you.

He also has these cute baby tees!

We asked where he got his inspiration for the whimsical pieces, and JC told us the story of how his friends all know him to be a hopeless romantic. “I chose the frog as my emblem for this collection because I really like the frog prince. I like fairy tales.”

On the mannequin is JC’s brilliant five-way dress/pants/skirt/top/cover-up. Go ahead, drop by a Kashieca store, ask the saleslady to give you the how-to, and see if you won’t find it awesome.

Thanks to Lawrence Cua of Bench and Kashieca for inviting us.

Bloggers United 3! Uso sakin ang late post! haha!

Hindi na ako magpapalusot.. late na kung late. Hhaha! 

But still, ayan. Na-achieve ko naman sya i-blog :)

This is my 2nd time to attend bloggers united. Well, more than attend is to actually have a booth to seel my pre-loved items. And for the first time, i was ready to let go of some of my Kermit Tesoro heels! May mga nag-avail, paki alagaan ha! Minahal ko sila ng bongga!

Ang fave love team nyo.. John and Marcia! choz! D+V What is pawis ang peg? haha!

External image

V wasn’t there to take her photo. Alam nyo naman ang poor photography skills ko. But buti nalang hindi ko naputol ang ulo! I fell in love with her shades! 

External image

I found this group… ANO PA BA? Fierce! I’m so happy na ang dami kong na meet! You guys are so sweet and cute and pinagbigyan nyo kahit pawis na pawis hilton na ako!

External image

I was actually very sick that day, but not sick enough to break my promise. I promised on twitter that I would drop by so i can meet you guys. Too bad, hindi ako nakastay kasi baka mahawaan ko kayo ng bacteria. But you guys made my short stay so worth it. I even got chocolates na nilafang ni Jake. Ang sweet nyo :) I like taking photos of you guys para tulungan ang memory ko, i hope to see you again! :)

External image

This is the 2nd time I complimented someone from the bazaar and literal na binigay nya sakin! Nakakatouch, actually nahihiya akong kunin. But I really really appreciate it! First was a feathered earrings from last years BU2, now I got naman this cute fringed earrings! Thank you! I wore it na sa taping! :)

External image

Ayun oh, before ko inarbor. haha!

External image

Of course, my fierces are never absent! I always make it a point to meet them kahit sandali :) I really love them soooo much! No choz yun! If you wanna join our rampa, just message me on FB thru or contact @iheartjasmin on twitter na best in organize! Thank you Jas. Nakakaloka ang organization skills mo! pwede ka na maggeneral sa army… BECKY ARMY!

External image

Sa mga nagkodakan with us, thank you at tiniis nyo na pawis pawis na kami :)

External image

Forever palaban! But sorry, talo ka palagi ni mudak mo :)

External image

Nice to see a lot of familiar faces and super great goods!

External image

Parang neoprint! choz!

External image

I’m fascinated with girl na may ombre hair. D ko sya ma-achieve kasi may pagkacontrol freak ako. Baka maloka yung taga kulay coz baka aningin ko na pantay lahat. haha!

External image

D + V

External image

After awhile, we took a break.. sa may aircon! haha!

External image

Hindi ko talaga alam anong klaseng racket toh para makabenta. choz! Bili na, may libreng sayaw or ano ba toh??

External image

She’s so cute noh! Ganda ng fresh!

External image

TARAY NG JACKET! He was actually chosen by V for V spotted!

External image

Carlos, ano ba naman, magdamit ka naman! haha! 

External image

Bet ko yang windblown effect!

External image

Napaka bold star talaga ni carlos, reregaluhan ko nga ng turtleneck!

External image


External image

I love meeting you guys! Too bad hindi nakachika, but if masight nyo ako anywhere, please say hi!

External image

Pati pamaypay! I got a free pamaypay! Iba kayo, girl/boy/becky scouts!

External image


External image

I thought dahil sheer ang likod ko ang nakasports shorts ako hindi na ako maiinitan.. isang malaking HELLLOOOO MALI KA! haha :)

External image

I also forced Jake to sell makeover sa bazaar. Actually dapat hindi pa sya pang retail coz it’s supposed to be sold to makeup artists only. But ayan, ang kulit ko! haha! I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND!

External image


External image

Give ko na nga, dahil naka pink ka!

External image

After, we went to greenbelt to have merienda. My bestie Florence came with us!

External image

I’m having my garage sale soon! Will update you guys! 

Til next bloggers ganap! And super nice to meet all of you. SUlat kayo ha, para penpal tayo. choz!

Much love,


Bloggers United 2

What happens when fashion bloggers come together to shop? Uh-oh.

Since I didn’t get to go to the first Bloggers United, I just had to go to this one ‘cause it’s near and there are more participating bloggers! I went with my sisters and Melissa around 11am and the place was already packed! Seemed calm at first, then realized most of the great clothes have already been bought, NOOOO. 

Illustration by Bjorn.

Jesrhel, Dianne, Charlene, Jessa - Sorry it blurred you, Jesrhel. The lens.

Fab hosts Laureen Uy and Divine Lee!

Melissa and I claiming our free gifts worth Php500 online courtesy of Multiply!

My only outfit shot. My sisters were so tamad.

More photos taken with my digicam:

My partner in crime, oh, and in business, Melissa!

With Tin Iglesias

It was certainly a unique event! It was great to be around fellow bloggers and see what they had for sale. Although, I didn’t really find anything I liked except for this crochet top from Forever21 which I got for Php200. Yay! I’m happy with it :) Shall wear it soon and show you guys. I think everything else I wanted was sold na before I got there.

I did have a hard time though. I mean, it was crowded, there wasn’t enough space for one booth to entertain 10 people at a time. I guess I saw that coming, it was expected :)

I have to be more prepared next time then. Yes, let there be Bloggers United 3!

Not So Monochromatic

My outfit for the Bloggers United bazaar last Friday. (More about that in my next post, you’re stuck with my outfit post for now.) I decided to go for a look that wasn’t too simple, but not too bongga either. (What’s bongga in English? Extravagant? Glam? Haha! Our language is so unique, don’t you think? Iloveeettttttt!)

External image

Topshop top | Cotton On dress

External image

External image

The Ramp necklace

External image

Holic Accessories cord bracelets | H&M cream colored bracelet | Bijoux de Lou gold chocolate bar connector ring I Thrifted elephant ring | Thrifted tiger ring 

To Mitzi of Holic Accessories, if you’re reading this, quite a number of people asked me where I got my bracelets. Woohooo! Of course I was more than proud to say they’re from Holic! More power to you! Still can’t get over how perfect they are!

External image

Aldo wedges | SM Department Store red socks | Prada bag

Hype this look on here.

Photos taken by Raleene.

Day 346/365: Bloggers United II

120311: I’m with my fellow blogger/friend Lawrence. Nag lunch muna kami sa gateway then gorabels na sa Treston para makijoin ng ganap doon. Around 3pm na yata kami nakarating. Wala ng masyadong tao, kaya okay :) I bought 1 dress and 2 tops. 3 for 100 baybeh! 

David’s booth. He’s nice and makulit! Love him!

Reese’s Booth: 1st time lang kami nag meet pero feeling close na agad kami sa isa’t isa. Haha! I love her and her friend Thea. Super mega tawanan and she told me na kami daw ang fave buyers nya. Sabeee??? =))  

Laureen’s Booth. Sobrang bait lang nito and she told me she really loves Butingtings! *kilig*

Patricia’s booth. IAMSOAWKWARD. Sobrang sweet nya lang, she also told me na she loves Butingtings and lagi nya daw sinusuot ang accessories nya from Butingtings! Chusi pa ako sa pic namin diba? Sobrang lapit nya at ako pa ang lumalayo! :p 

Divine Lee & Victor Basa. I’m so wasted! Lol Kakadating lang namin niyan at naispatan namin sila eh ang pugee ni V. Kaya gorabels! Divine is so sweet & down to pluto… I mean earth :p

Anong sabe ng nine west na 200 lang? Bet ko kaya lang 9 ang paa ni Divine. Hindi kasya :p Aanhin ko ang nine west na shoesie kung di naman kasya :p

Spotted: co bloggers, Hash Guiam & Helga Weber (Last time na nagkita kami ni Helga nung 21st bday ko pa and I’m really happy na nagkita kami ulit. I love her to bits & pieces)

Fashion Bloggers

Random is random

It was fun! Sobra! I hope may bloggers united 3 pa! :)) Gow gow na din kayo guys. para makilala nyo din yung ibang fashion bloggers. Sobrang nice silang lahat! :) 

And ofcourse thank you for this day, Lawrence! I love you! 

Bloggers United 3

It’s humanly impossible to take photos during the event! It was also a smart move of me to forget the battery of my camera at home, so I’ll be leaving you some photos that was taken by one of the BBs and my closest blogger friend, Dianne. :(

To tell you honestly, I am super duper shy (and pretty much awkward in real life) and I’m thisclose in not attending this event because I’m practically not used to seeing and mingling with famous bloggers. I feel like a nobody! Haha! :) But since most of my friends are going and I also wanted to meet some of my blog readers too, I pushed through with it! :) I was super happy that there were some who approached me and were super sweet to ask me to have our pictures taken, too! :) We had a little chit chats too after and I swear everyone was sooo nice! :) I apologize to those people if I stuttered a bit (maybe not just a bit) while talking, but please know that I am just too shy and super grateful. I was kilig the whole time to be honest!! Haha :)

External image

Anyway, I met Anastasia Siantar too!! :) She’s one of my favorite Lookbookers of all time, so meeting her was a dream come true. She was super nice to everyone as well, and everyone was fangirling! Hey, I was one of them! Haha :)

I’ll be leaving you some photos of those awesome people I met during the bazaar. I am sooo blessed to meet some of you. :) All of you are amazing!! I just wish I wasn’t that awkward in real life, hahahaha :) But thank you to everyone I met and for those people who asked for a photo (it was too good to be true, haha!). :)

External image

Photo from Guen de Mesa

External image

Photo from Celina Cruz

External image

Photo from Nades

External image

Photo from Karlita

External image

Photo from Kaite

External image

Photo from Cey

By the way, if we have pictures together during BU3, please e-mail it to me to jessa dot ang at gmail dot com! I would love to include them and link your blogs here <3 I promise to credit as well! :)

Thank you to Ana, Pax and Melai for another successful Bloggers United event!!! <3