So I’m gonna start doing these more often because I would love to help people find some quality blogs that I’ve labelled as some of my favourites. I’ll showcase 3 blogs every other week on Thursday or Friday, so keep in touch around then and see if there are any blogs you’d like to follow!

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@qiancum (nct nsfw blog)

I cannot stress enough how much I love this blogger and the content in the blog itself; please please please, if you enjoy my content, you will LOVE qiancum

@kinkyseventeen (seventeen nsfw blog)

Listen…. amazing content is in this blog, absolutely, but the tags really drive this home. You’d have to visit the blog yourself to get the full experience, but trust me when I say that this blog is absolutely worth the follow.

@milkyhotmilky (general nsfw blog)

This is honestly one of the only general porn blogs that I really get excited over; every post is worth looking at, and I catch myself just scrolling through the blog more times than I’d like to admit. Please give it some love!


Blogger Spotlight: Justin Livingston

Last Sunday Dustony had the pleasure of spending an eventful afternoon with fellow male style blogger Justin Livingston of Munrowe, who’s blog, like ours, aims to “educate, entertain, and inspire.”

Justin’s style is young, trendy, and bold much like the blogger himself. He can wear anything from bright colors to vibrant prints, with a sassy confidence that’s enviable and inspirational. We’ve definitely taken a note or two from Justin’s great sense of style ourselves.

Aside from putting together a killer outfit, Justin is a master of two things: turning on the southern charm, and eating…lots and lots of pizza. When we met up with Justin on Sunday he was super nice and more than willing to offer us, semi-new style bloggers, a lot of great blogging advice and take us out to not one, but TWO pizza places in just a few short hours. (We WILL be forwarding our gym membership payments to you Justin!)

When he’s not blogging (or eating), Justin manages to balance a day job, with personal shopping, freelance styling, and GAME OF THRONES, obvs. He even had time to do a recent collaboration with Sisco Berluti to design a signature stack of bracelets. Kinda makes you feel like you’re not hustling hard enough right? GOSH Justin!

If there’s anything more you need to know about Justin, you can find it on his website at And not that he needs our promotion, but go ahead and follow Justin on Twitter @justinliv, Facebook, and Instagram @justinliv, and also be sure to show some tumblr community love by following his recent Tumblr page.

Thanks for a fun day, and can’t wait to hang out again soon!

Now, allow us to conclude by borrowing Justin’s signature catchphrase:


- Anthony & Dustin

P.S. Justin TOTALLY paid us to say all these untrue and nice things about him.


You have done so much for me and I can’t thank you enough you have brought me back from some of my worst moments and made it ok again. Here are some of the people I wanna thank personally
fiddlestringsandpianokeys you were one if my first real RP friends and I loved the bond that we created through our RPs and just random conversations. You have made me understand that I am amazing at what I do and that I should be thankful for my talents.
not-dark-only-misunderstood you have really shown that darkness isn’t a bad thing and just because some people live in it doesn’t mean they are scary and bad. Mal really is a gray representation of something dark that has true beauty locked inside. I love that about you and your character thanks for everything.
theboogie-mans-daughter although we don’t talk much we connect in such a way we both have rough times but we show that we can both pull eachother out of it and make it threw. Twyla shows this when I RP with he as Cerise both of our characters are timid at first but start to open up and learn from each other’s mistakes. I think that’s an amazing thing that both of us do for each other pull each other the ought the dark spots.
artzygal016 thank you for showing me the beauty in everything and I hope we can talk more in the future Phoebe is an amazing character and I love everything that she is and now amazing and strong she is. Even when she is dating she still has a passion and fire to her. It’s amazing and that’s so beautiful.
askgoryfangtell I know we don’t talk much anymore but you and howls-and-kisses showed me how in Rping is and I can’t thank you enough for that.
Thanks to all my online tumblr friends
I wish to meet you someday but until then stay strong and see yah later
Sarah aka ceriseandcyrushood


Blogger Spotlight: Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

For all the lovely ladies that read our blog, we decided to feature another girl for some style inspiration. Although we don’t like to share the spotlight, we’ll make an exception for this bitch. INTRODUCING: Melanie Schnitzlein, a good friend, skinny bitch, and professional Dakota Fanning look alike.

We sat down with Melanie last weekend for some drinks, some food, and some photos in the East Village and chatted with our fashiony gal pal about her style.

Introduce yourself to our readers. Who the hell is Melanie?! Self Summary. GO!

I’m a project manager in the furniture industry, a French fry enthusiast, ski racer extraordinaire, cat lover, a denim fetishist, UCB theater sort of student, and I wish I was born Debbie Harry. Or Beyonce. I’d like to get all up in Nicole Richie’s closet.

How would you describe your personal style?

A college friend once described it as “artsy glam” which I think is fair. I don’t think I’ll ever not love the 70s and I think my outfits typically have some kind of bohemian twist to them.  Lately I have been doing a lot of simple colored outfits with pops of color in my jewelry; or the opposite, bright color clothes and then sharp black accessories to balance.

There are so many elements for girls when it comes to putting together an outfit. How do you choose your accessories/accessorize your looks?

I’m all about the accessories and normally my outfits revolve around the shoes and jewelry.  More is more and I always have at least 5 pieces on! I’ve been like that forever too. I like interesting statement pieces mixed with very simple things to offset. I try to go for contrast rather than matching. And I always like messy hair and black winged eyeliner too to top it all off. Bleaching my hair at the start of the summer definitely changed the way I dressed a little- I wasn’t expecting that. All of a sudden the palm beach 60s housewife thing I had goin on turned into Malibu Barbie and I had to adjust (read: wear more black).

Absolutely love your outfit today - tell us a little about it.

The rings belonged to my grandma and some of the bracelets I made. I looked for a pair of lace shorts for about a year and a half before buying those which I deemed the perfect lace shorts. That top was an impulse buy but it gets so much use. It’s not normally something I’d go for!

Last question, who are you wearing?

Top - Rojas via Alter Brooklyn

Shorts - Zara

Shoes - Miista

Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Left Arm - Black triple wrap bracelet by Chan Luu, DIY Gold chain with orange beads, Turquoise stones in silver via Another Man’s Treasure, Gold owl cuff by In God We Trust

Right Arm - Neon bracelet with gold screws by CC Skye, DIY rhinestone wrap bracelet, Silver spine by Verameat

Necklace - Madewell

Location - Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York, NY