Some types of blogger

At dahil nag-silipana ang mga blogger ngayon, hindi lamang sa Tumblr kundi sa iba pang free hosting sites, may iba’t ibang uri ang mga blogger. Alamin mo kung ano ka sa mga sumusunod:


Walang ibang ginawa kundi humugot ng humugot ng humugot. Pati brip na nakasampay sa bakuran ng kapitbahay ay hindi makakaligtas sa mapanghusga nyang mga mata. Walang ginawa kundi bigyang kahulugan ang mga bagay-bagay na walang kamuwang-muwang.  Sila yung mga blogger na madalas na “one-liner” at niloko ng mga mahal sa buhay. Hindi naman masamang humugot, pero bumaon din naman minsan.


Sila yung mga blogger na madalas mong makitang active sa dash. They more often to reblog than to blog. Sila din yung mga magaling mag-appreciate ng bagay dahil like lang, re-blog na kaagad pero minsan, nakaka bismud dahil nakaka spam sila sa dash.


They love porn to the moon and back! May pagka aswang sila dahil kadalasan ay lumalabas sila tuwing gabi. Mag-ingat ka sa mga ‘to dahil once na na-i-scroll mo ito at nasa likod ang nanay mo , magdasal ka na. Oh well, sabi nga nila, “A true blogger is a porn immune.”


Sila yung mga blogger na gustong-gustong i-share ang mga nangyayari sa buhay nya. Like kung anong lasa ng mocha frappuccino sa starbucks, kung gaano ka-gwapo/ka-ganda ang crush nya, kung ilan ang pusa nila sas bahay at kung ano ano pa. May mga blogger na masarap sila - i mean masarap silang mag-kwento kung anong nangyari sa kanilang araw.


Sila yung mga blogger na walang alam kundi lumandi sa Tumblr. My god, sila yung kadalasan na blogger na mabait sa’yo, caring sa’yo, nagmamalasakit sa’yo, lagi kang tini-TA jusko, nilalandi ka lang pala. Sila yung mga patunay na kapag may blog ka, malandi ka. MAKATIpunero. 


Sila ang lupon ng masasamang kalbo. They love to hate in anonymous way. Sila yung mga pinaglihi sa balut. Balut na bulok. Pinaglihi sa sama ng loob. Walang ibang ginawa kundi manira at mamintas ng kapwa blogger. They will be like “Oy, ampanget ng blog mo.” Like potangina lang po koya ha, kung ayaw nyo dun sa blog, feel free to unfollow, 


Themesong nila ang kanta ni Justine Bieber na “Love Yourself”. They love themselves. Sila yung mga blogger na puro GPOY, picture ng pagkain at tourist spot ang laman ng blog nila.


Ditong blog madalas masarap tumambay. They love to compose long post blogs. Minsan hugot, minsan random stuff, minsan article. Though hindi mo mawawala yung fact na minsan, nakakatamad basahin.


Sila yung mga blogger na inaabagan mo mag-post. Yung tipong, hindi buo ang araw mo kung hindi ka mapapadaan sa blog nila. Mapapa headbang ka kasi kakatawa when you make basa on their blogs. Sila rin yung mga blogger na maraming admirers dahil sa sense of humor na taglay nila.


Sila yung mga blogger na nasa spotlights. Naghihimutok ang notes at sumisigaw ng “Mainggit ka please” sa sobrang dami. Kadalasan, sila yung mga good-looking, gwapings o gwapa. Pero meron din na blogger na famous dahil sa way ng pagba-blog nila. 

BOTTOMLINE: Kapag nandito ka sa Tumblr, matik na isa kang blogger. Sabi nga nila, Tumblr is the easiest way to have a blog. Sign-up ka lang and post o re-blog ka lang and tada! May blog ka na! Huwag kang paapekto sa mga nagsasabing “eto ang tumblr noon” “kesyo noon kesyo ngayon”. In the end of the day, blogger ka pa rin. 

So, ikaw? anong type ka ng blogger? 


Blogger Spotlight: Justin Livingston

Last Sunday Dustony had the pleasure of spending an eventful afternoon with fellow male style blogger Justin Livingston of Munrowe, who’s blog, like ours, aims to “educate, entertain, and inspire.”

Justin’s style is young, trendy, and bold much like the blogger himself. He can wear anything from bright colors to vibrant prints, with a sassy confidence that’s enviable and inspirational. We’ve definitely taken a note or two from Justin’s great sense of style ourselves.

Aside from putting together a killer outfit, Justin is a master of two things: turning on the southern charm, and eating…lots and lots of pizza. When we met up with Justin on Sunday he was super nice and more than willing to offer us, semi-new style bloggers, a lot of great blogging advice and take us out to not one, but TWO pizza places in just a few short hours. (We WILL be forwarding our gym membership payments to you Justin!)

When he’s not blogging (or eating), Justin manages to balance a day job, with personal shopping, freelance styling, and GAME OF THRONES, obvs. He even had time to do a recent collaboration with Sisco Berluti to design a signature stack of bracelets. Kinda makes you feel like you’re not hustling hard enough right? GOSH Justin!

If there’s anything more you need to know about Justin, you can find it on his website at And not that he needs our promotion, but go ahead and follow Justin on Twitter @justinliv, Facebook, and Instagram @justinliv, and also be sure to show some tumblr community love by following his recent Tumblr page.

Thanks for a fun day, and can’t wait to hang out again soon!

Now, allow us to conclude by borrowing Justin’s signature catchphrase:


- Anthony & Dustin

P.S. Justin TOTALLY paid us to say all these untrue and nice things about him.

Blogger Spotlight | Bati Tsogtsaikhan

Introducing Bati Tsogtsaikhan from Arlington, Virginia! Bati is one of our youth bloggers who is interning at NAKASEC in Annandale, VA. Check out the NAKASEC blog every Thursday starting July 17 to see his posts!

External image

Name: Bati Tsogtsaikhan
Location: Arlington, VA

1. Who are you?
My name is Bati Tsogtsaikhan. Two years after my parents arrived in the United States, I left Mongolia at the age of 11 to live with them. That was when I saw my one-year-old brother for the first time. At the moment, I am a summer intern at NAKASEC in Annandale, Virginia. I am also studying finance at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

2. What does community mean to you?
To me, a community is a powerful alliance of people who fight for a common cause. As a community, people can protect one another from unfair treatment and unite to better society as a whole.

3. A quote I live by:
“One fool can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.”
-Mongolian proverb

4. You might be surprised to find out that I:
When I came to the United States, I skipped a year and started school in 7th grade. I have never been a 6th grader.

5. A person who changed my life:
I am not Buddhist, but Buddha’s teachings have changed the way I look at life and treat others in a positive way.

6. What do you want to change in your community?
I want to bring Asian American youth together to make sure that their voices are heard. Too many of us go our separate ways and don’t have a sense of community. It would also be great to shed the stereotype of Asian Americans as being the “model minority” as it doesn’t reflect the experiences or real struggles of our community.


Blogger Spotlight: Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

For all the lovely ladies that read our blog, we decided to feature another girl for some style inspiration. Although we don’t like to share the spotlight, we’ll make an exception for this bitch. INTRODUCING: Melanie Schnitzlein, a good friend, skinny bitch, and professional Dakota Fanning look alike.

We sat down with Melanie last weekend for some drinks, some food, and some photos in the East Village and chatted with our fashiony gal pal about her style.

Introduce yourself to our readers. Who the hell is Melanie?! Self Summary. GO!

I’m a project manager in the furniture industry, a French fry enthusiast, ski racer extraordinaire, cat lover, a denim fetishist, UCB theater sort of student, and I wish I was born Debbie Harry. Or Beyonce. I’d like to get all up in Nicole Richie’s closet.

How would you describe your personal style?

A college friend once described it as “artsy glam” which I think is fair. I don’t think I’ll ever not love the 70s and I think my outfits typically have some kind of bohemian twist to them.  Lately I have been doing a lot of simple colored outfits with pops of color in my jewelry; or the opposite, bright color clothes and then sharp black accessories to balance.

There are so many elements for girls when it comes to putting together an outfit. How do you choose your accessories/accessorize your looks?

I’m all about the accessories and normally my outfits revolve around the shoes and jewelry.  More is more and I always have at least 5 pieces on! I’ve been like that forever too. I like interesting statement pieces mixed with very simple things to offset. I try to go for contrast rather than matching. And I always like messy hair and black winged eyeliner too to top it all off. Bleaching my hair at the start of the summer definitely changed the way I dressed a little- I wasn’t expecting that. All of a sudden the palm beach 60s housewife thing I had goin on turned into Malibu Barbie and I had to adjust (read: wear more black).

Absolutely love your outfit today - tell us a little about it.

The rings belonged to my grandma and some of the bracelets I made. I looked for a pair of lace shorts for about a year and a half before buying those which I deemed the perfect lace shorts. That top was an impulse buy but it gets so much use. It’s not normally something I’d go for!

Last question, who are you wearing?

Top - Rojas via Alter Brooklyn

Shorts - Zara

Shoes - Miista

Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Left Arm - Black triple wrap bracelet by Chan Luu, DIY Gold chain with orange beads, Turquoise stones in silver via Another Man’s Treasure, Gold owl cuff by In God We Trust

Right Arm - Neon bracelet with gold screws by CC Skye, DIY rhinestone wrap bracelet, Silver spine by Verameat

Necklace - Madewell

Location - Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York, NY

Blogger Spotlight: Show Us Your Reds!

On Friday, we asked bloggers and vloggers to send us posts about their favorite red and pink styles for Valentine’s Day! We were wowed by all the polishes, pouts, and chic outfits. We’ve picked a few of our favorites to share below. Don’t forget to check back here this Friday for the next opportunity to have your blog featured here!


Love is in the air, y’all. Valentine’s Day is next week, so it’s time to dust off the hot pinks you’ve had in hibernation all winter and get your nail art on… read more on Anna’s blog!

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We simply adore Tiffany’s review for Cloudwish. She captures everything we love about Fiona Wood’s newest perfectly. Here’s another insightful gem:

“While the story itself is compelling (give me the “girl and boy come from two different worlds and fall in love?” trope any day of the week… especially if mixed class or mixed race relationships are involved), I was most notably blown away by how personal it felt and how deeply I could relate to Vân Ûóc and her thoughts and feelings and experiences.”

Read her full review at her blog, Bookplates for Brunch >> 


Olivia Palermo is my fashion aspiration.

Say what you want about Olivia Palermo, but I think she is nothing short of perfection. Whether or not she’s the raging bitch she was on The City (I mean let’s be real: Gandhi would look like a whining slut-faced hoebag next to Whitney Port), no one can deny her innate ability to put together an outfit and make it look “of the moment”. It also helps she has a model body and a movie star face (talk about having #whitegirlproblems).

I’m excited for her new style blog launching mid-summer, so in two glorious weeks I can start coveting every single thing she wears on the daily instead of stalking her all over the internet.

I also know what I’m going to do this weekend: buy the Zara dress she wore at the Stephane Rolland Couture Show. How did she know that’s my favorite place on the planet?? We really are fashion soulmates.