I'm gonna post my outfits 😀

Hey babes I’m so happy to tell you that after these back to school outfits you are gonna see my own outfits and my best friend’s outfits too (she’s the co owner)😆

But disclaimer I don’t want any kind of hate we are not professional photographers the pics are taken by an IPhone 6 and edited by instasize😏

Also if you see that some outfits or clothes are repeated that’s normal I mean we are just 2 teenagers who post our own outfits we don’t own thousands☺

Plus any kind of body shame is not ok we are not supermodels we don’t know how to pose we just wanna share our outfit ideas with you😌

one day you are going to have my outfit and the next one my best friend’s outfit and we are gonna start the 1st of september🙌