Yuttan’s Ameba Blog 2014-08-17
[DIVAと佐江のBirthday/DIVA & Sae’s Birthday]
Yuttan’s Ameba Blog Translation

Hi there!

I’m done reading all the comments.
Thank you so much for the many heartwarming messages.
Since a few days ago as part of DIVA, my days have been packed with recordings, and learning the dance choreography

It’s nostalgic with everyone together in one place, really comforting. I so want to cherish every moment of it.

A few days ago, the day of DIVA’s recording, was also Miyazawa Sae’s 24th birthday

Oshima Yuko & Akimoto Sayaka rushed over and were discussing what surprise they should do, so I tagged along…haha
I’m now going to tell the whole story(^ν^)

Because it was these two, it wasn’t going to be a simple birthday surprise. Everyone knows what I mean right? haha

And so we began preparations…


Hold on…


Where’s Yuko?w

One’s like an alien and the other’s a Dragonball character (I forgot the name. What was it).

With Yuko, I didn’t even recognize who it was at first.

Had to follow this sheet of paper, and attach the seals for the nose and mouth. Such a fussy alien

And yet, she’s so little. Yuko’s really so pint–sized.

We waited until Sae’s work was over. Just like this.

Sayaka lit a flame though it was still early.

It’s going to melt!!! Said the alien who quickly put it out

Why are you putting out the flame on the candle before Sae?!!!!w

And so the two of them kept on doing this in repeat.

Copier and friend

The alien who likes to do fun things

For some reason got wedged in between it’s friend…

Ui-n (Copier sound)

Jya-n!! (Ta-da)

What do you mean Jya-n! www
It looked like a baby’s ultrasound photo!

The alien was proud of it though I really couldn’t see it’s face.

It dropped the paper, and so it went looking under the copier…

Found it…

Still good

That’s enough fun.

No no don’t put that back!!!←

Laughed so hard my stomach was hurting. I had also taken a video as I wanted to show everyone.

Ending the foolishness, we moved on to the surprise!

Right let’s move out!
To the room where Sae is✨✨✨
Umechan joined in with the surprise just as she finished her recording

As everyone sang a happy birthday to you~♪♥♥

A surprised Sae couldn’t help but cry~♥

Suddenly the alien began to dance intensely in front of a crying Sae

The photos taken got all motion blurry!

Anyway, it was a big success with the surprise♥♥♥

Sae’s so lucky~!!!
I’m really happy for her^ ^
Even I received a part of this happiness.

You are really loved when you got people rushing over all for your birthday
Did everybody feel the happiness too?♥♥♥

For Sae, I hope that it’s going to be a fruitful year for her

p.s. After the surprise the 2 went back looking just as they were.

Sayaka didn’t really look that out of place though. Haha

Everyday is so invigorating. Today I’ll be on a live broadcast in Osaka.

I’m back at my parents’ for only 1 day, taking it easy with my parents and my pet dog Momochan~♥

A photo of Momochan and me having a nap got taken haha

Have a smile for today too.




Continuing from my previous post:

03/16/2015 (first photo): Oogiri!
“Hello everyone~

Did you all get to watch “Gyōretsuno dekiru hōritsu sōdanjo”??

写真撮ってあげちゃいました( ̄▽ ̄)
I took photos without getting caught( ̄▽ ̄)

And today is “Ariyoshi Seminar”!!!

I am doing Oogiri!!!

Well, there is no Oogiri coner…
That kind of atmosphere.

It was hard!
They are indeed comedians, for sure!!
It was fun(^^)

[Strobe Edge] is in theaters right now!

Please go watch it a loooot!

See ya…:)”

03/17/2015: A brief notice from staff; Because of such a hit [Strobe Edge] was, Sota is having another meet-and-greet sort of event. It was 03/24 at Roppongi!

03/18/2015: Staff post about TV and Magazine Appearances. He appeared in numerous magazines, and also a TV program, “Pittankokankan”!

03/19/2015 (second photo): Strobe Edge
“Hello everyone~

Did you get to watch [Strobe Edge]?

For those of you who didn’t watch it yet, spring break is loooong

So before the new year begins (keep in mind that the new school year begins in March for Japan), recharge your love with this movie!

って言ってくれた方がいました( ̄▽ ̄)
There was a fan that said that they would watch the handshake meeting minimum 10 times!!

Please continue to check out [Strobe Edge] in theaters!

Today is “Pittankokankandesu”!
I had various experiences.

It was so much fun, so please watch it!

See ya…:)”

03/22/2015 (third photo): Urarobo Edge
This one, I will hold off on translating because there are some spoilers from [Strobe Edge]! ;-)

03/25/2015: This one was a staff message about the on-site manager will blog on Sota’s blog following the post by the Chief manager on 03/13!

03/26/2015 (fourth photo): Strobe monitoring
“Hello everyone~

The other day, I went to the Strobe Edge Stage event (like a conference essentially)!

It was really great to be able to promote with such an amazing cast!

My hope is that [Strobe Edge] goes very far-!

Please watch over spring break(^_^)

And today was monitoring! It was pretty hard…LOL

But still nevertheless fun~(^_^)

See ya…:)”

Well that’s a wrap! Will be updating for next blogpost, so stay tuned & don’t forget to follow!

Christina xxx

4th Anniversary Today!!

(I had some time this morning so I thought I’d translate this, since its an important day! lol. Thank you and enjoy!)

Its Ishida Ayumi 


September 29th

The 10th Generation Members

Are Celebrating 4 Years

For everyone involved,
I want to say to all of you

Thank You

I wonder if my feelings
can be felt from the bold words

Realizing its the 4th anniversary

honestly, I haven’t quite yet

How can I really feel it,
now, I’ve thought about it but,

I think its something everyone can celebrate

…Well, its different from
If I was asking everyone to celebrate lol

Everyone’s influence
is an amazing thing.

The power received from everyone is amazing.

Up until now I’ve often said, “I don’t know if I’m able to grow by myself…” but,


“I have changed”
I have come to think

That is,

Everyone, at handshakes, blog comments, and radio show messages, have given me various words,

I received a lot of encouragement

When people see my work,

I really worry about
what others will think.

I will think only of my negative points
and will lose confidence arbitrarily.

At those times what helps me out,

is words of encouragement from everyone,
its my reason to work hard

If I do this,
will the fans enjoy it?

Maybe only one person will enjoy it, I think I will work hard,
once I am actually doing it, when those who see me smile,

I have a feeling of “Ah, I’m glad I worked hard,”.

It has become four years,

finally, finally
I have become able to feel confident

…………probably…… (lol)

To say I’m able to have confidence,
there is also a part that doesn’t have enough power

but as I become confident the thought has less evidence

I’m still, still working hard!!

Also, suddenly, there are some times when I feel anxious. Please continue lending me your power!!

10th generation members

The older two are intimidating (lol) (lol)

Their even closer than family,
we have shared many feelings together

Fun times and

countless memories of crying
sad tears, tears of frustration, happy tears,

Ah jeez, there’s so many of them, its troubling!!

The 10th generation is too funny in various ways

Too charming

Well, everyone has come to love us

There are times when we were thought of as annoying (lol)
and there are certainly times when I think that as well (lol)

Without being annoying,

We wouldn’t be the 10th generation!
…is what I selfishly think!

Thats why, even when being annoying,
please come to love us

(picture of today’s 10th generation)

Us four are the 10th generation, because its us four its the 10th generation.

See you ayumin

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-02-23



Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Finally because of my true love
I had my Valentine’s Day ♥︎‼︎‼︎

Rare cheese cake
But I want to try to make it properly again!
Because she said that
I guess this time you’ll just have to wait and see since I won’t upload it(≧∇≦)

Hearing that she wants to make a better one for me
This feels like love…

And also, such tenderness…

No wonder I love herー

Eating this would be such a waste(°_°)


This is Ishida Ayumi  (*pωq*)

Today was the serial event in Osaka 🚗

During the live corner
we sang a song we hadn’t in a while🎸✨

I was looking forward to it since we had a rehearsal for it

Listening to song you don’t normally hear

serial event’s have that kind of atmosphere

isn’t it enjoyable!?

In addition to the live corner,

All of Japan Words Make Your Heart Skip King Competition
All of Japan Tsundere King Competition
All of Japan Kudou Haruka King Competition

that is,

farce corners? lol

Man, it had a great energy💃❤

Just from looking at the title,
you’d have no idea what it was, right ⚠ lol

Please imagine it somehow

The kind of feeling where members would saying something, the fans would go “Fuu”, that sort of thing

Its not a detailed description ←

I’ll just say,

It was suuuuper fun!!

There were embarrassing things,
but its important to do it to the fullest!!

Morning Musume ‘15,

being able to do things like a fun farce,
and working with great power,

I also, really like those things. ❤

Everyone going at full power,

I’ll think, I also have to go at full power!

Its one way to from a trusting relationship🍓✨

And that, 

Theres a sense of completion when doing it to the fullest!

If you work hard results will surely come!

I, Ishida Ayumi


was chosen to be the first tsundere king in all of Japan



my eyes wont meet.

Expressing it in a photo,

is it like this? lol

I’m the tsundere king

The king is me


is it ok to praise me freely?


See you ayumin❤

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-04-03

[こじゆう温泉の旅/KojiYuu Onsen Trip]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

We made our way there a day before the photoshoot,
The two of us stayed over
And talked like it’s for the first time
We had a wonderful time ♥

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-04-05

[心友へ/To My Heart(Best) Friend]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

As Saechan has made an appearance
Performing at SKE’s solo concert

I finally can say

Welcome back(^O^)♥

Though she’s not back in AKB,
There’s this feeling of being close by
I’m very happy about that,
And at the same time
Just when she’s finished with her theater show
Saechan had to stand on a stage immediately after
I really want to show my appreciation for her hard work,
And also my respect to her

Let’s continue to do our best☆

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-03-31

[AKB48 in 国立/AKB48 in Kokuritsu☆]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Because I’ve stood here for only a day
It feels entirely like a dream

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-02-04

[東北東へ/To The East-northeast]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Yesterday Shiriri aka Mayu-chan
In all seriousness went and bought ehomaki
She ate it in the dressing room
Finishing it as a challenge(*^^*)

Carefully checking the lucky direction with a compass,
She turned to the east-northeast

Read the instruction on how to eat it

And started to eat!!

As cutting it would be cutting off fate
The ehomaki was not to be cut

Thinking of one’s wish, eating silently and without a word

Unexpectedly strict↑↑

And of course, we were all cheering her on Laughs

Along the way, though the going was tough、、、Laughs

She managed to eat it all up!!

For Mayu Shiriri
This year seems to be a year of good fortuneo(^_^)o

If it’s going to be a good year for Shiriri
It’s a good year for AKB too(*^◯^*)

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-06-19
[あ、楽しい/Ah, So Much Fun]
Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Tomochin, Marichan too took part
In our work for Team Surprise‼︎
It was really fun(^O^)

I gave all the members souvenirs from Brazil♥

World Cup trophy chocolate*\(^o^)/*

Victory for AKB!
That’s why I bought it haha

What’s this!
My winning prediction’s the same as NyanNyan’s!!

It must be fate…

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-08-07
Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

As WONDA has been taking care of me for a long time
Because of that
I made an appearance as a special guest for
「WONDA presents AKB48 Hibaihin Live」!!

Meeting everyone after a long while
Seeing the looks on everyone
Really got my spirits high❤

It was great to see Kawaei all fine and well

My wife.

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-02-25

[前しか向かねえ!フライング〜/Mae Shika Mukanee! Flying〜]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Mae Shika Mukanee

Flying get day!!

Flying get!

Flying get!!

Flying get!!!

Flying get!!!!

Photo by Nemousu TV ♥️

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-07-01
[さいきょうにんげん/The Most Apt Person]
Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Come to think of it

At my graduation concert

I got to sing 『Kyou Made no Melody』 together with the 2nd Generation graduates

Before that
To my heart(best) friend Akimoto Sayaka

I sent a mail that read

「You should stand out more than me」

So she wore this for rehearsal

Just too awesome.
Love you.

With someone like her

We appeared together on
Woman on the Planet
Immediately after my graduation☆☆☆

Even Sayaka’s apt at being ever changing(OvO)

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-06-16
[うちあがっちゃう?/A Celebration?]
Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

It was a celebration to congratulate on my graduation♥

I was welcomed by everyone(OvO)

Akimoto-san and Kubota-san, thank you so much for taking care of me!!

Akimoto-san here looks cool.

From the clothing staff-san

Duffy wearing my graduation dress as a present(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

So cute that I jumped with joyT^T


With Takamina in charge

The members put in lots to make this

My graduation album…♥♥♥

It was done in quite a rush for time too~~

Late night comedy from Oshima Team K ? ? Haha

It was really funny~

But this was left behind

Hey haha

I was given graduation presents by eveyone(o_o)

From Miichan matching earring

Seems like the first time I’m given something matching?

Ring’s Nyannyan,

Earring’s Miichan,

I’m linking up with everyone

I wasn’t able to blog because I left immediately after for Brazil,

But I had a graduation celebration filled with happiness.

Thank you☆

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-03-06



Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

During the 1 hour break from work
With Takamina and Miichan
I went out for some fun ♥︎

Miichan’s crash…

The 3 of us took purikura( ̄▽ ̄)

And it was at Tomochin’s purikura booth.Laughs

Haven’t gone to a game center in a long while so we were in total high spirits(*^^*)

So much fun

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-01-22



Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Recently Jurina,
What kind of sweet stuff do you like?
She asked me
I told her

Today she came and gave me one that she had made(OvO)!!

I shall take a bite now♡

A swee~t present before Valentine♪(´ε` )

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-01-16

[あみなちゃん卒業☆/Amina-chan’s Graduation☆]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

It was Team K Sato Amina-chan’s
Graduation theater performance today

Gathering power of each and everyone
Is what makes AKB48.
Who’s great and who’s inferior
It’s not about that,
We believe in our friends beside us
That’s how we’ve made it til now

Ranking in Sousenkyo, being a Senbatsu member
Of course these are probably important

But as we stand on this side of the stage
How much happy times can we spend together
Can we fill the group with love
Are we going all out
Are we doing things seriously

Though a little sentimental at times having important things to hold on to in her spirit
Is Amina-chan

I wish for her to be Happy everyday…(´-`).。oO(

Congratulations on your graduation

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-03-02

[二人で温泉/Onsen For Two]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

I was so glad to go on a trip with Kojima-san ♥️

For Weekly Playboy
We went to an onsen(o^^o)

A trip I have longed for

I’m really happy about it(*^^*)

We took a bath together,
We ate while watching the TV,

We talked for an hour while having ganbanyoku

It’s great that I get to go before graduating♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
Weekly Playboy-san thank you!!

While Kojima-san was watching Umazuki
She fell asleep…

It’s coming out 31st March ♥️
Everyone take a look okay~(^з^)-☆

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-02-10

[あれ?盛りっぷ/Huh? What A Cute Hip]


Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

When I was playing with Hip,
He was looking uncommonly cute
So I took a snapshot(°_°)

Have a look

Wonder if Hip looked cute like that because he wanted something?

Even with such an expression
I’m not giving you any dried apples okay!!

Cute Hip sure is a rarity

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-02-28



Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

It’s been a while since
I was on Music Station with Acchan(^O^) ♥️

She’s getting ever so beautiful☆

Mae Shika Mukanee

Has reached a million copies!!!

Thank you so much…>_<…

There’s not much time left for me to sing my last senbatsu single。。。
Each time I sing it, I’ll pour out my soul
And sing with all my heart!!!