Blog reset

Hanu-mun and I will be resetting the blog.

We’re changing the ref pictures as well as lore and character info and funfacts. we’re sorry I’ve been away for so long. A lot has happened. For the most part, we’ve been soul searching and scratching to find an art style i can be proud of and that can also be said for Hanu-mun. 

 For those who have been waiting patiently (though as few followers as we have XD), Thank you for your support and continuing to follow the blog. Expect more art!!! THANK YOU!

ALSO: We are breaking our characters from any league related lores and will be starting from scratch so no more league related stories. THough I wouldnt mind some out of cannon interactions. The stories will be seperate, but the ask blog will remain Void and Hanu answering questions and funny scenerios  for tumblr cannon things.  Void-Wukong is officially an Oc. More details will be posted and we’ll be posting the updates to the blog. 

p.s.s: Still going to draw fanart every now and then.


↳ “I still don’t know anything about you, but even when we graduate, I want to be with you.” requested by anonymous.


((It’s done ……… It hurt a lot looking through my old posts and having to do this ….. but i did it ….. angel tear’s blog and everything have been reset and this blog is now officially reset i will start with a few storyline posts and then do a few random asks and fanart in between that way i can tell a story and still have fun with everyone’s random and absolutely amazing asks. Lots of love and best wishes everyone <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3))

Incoming restart of blog

//this means I’m going to reset almost all relationships and actions that my Veigar has taken part in up to this point. I will keep a select few, but for most people this is a new start. Veigar might have heard of some of the more prominent characters, but most will be new to him.

I met this woman on her birthday and I can tell you by her expression shown: this is how I feel. October has been a much needed time away from blogging. These hours throughout have been spent mending and resting, thinking, growing a little closer to family and friends, allowing myself to simply be.

Easily and often overlooked is the importance of the reset. People closest to me can readily vouch for my ironic infatuation with it: I’m always doing something and yet I’m always starting over. The reset is easy to abuse. Even still, it’s necessary, just as much as continuing is.

I hope that thanking you all for following me on my journey never becomes as a broken record. All resets accounted for, you all are irrevocably the catalyst for allowing me to continue. That being said:

Fascinating people still walk the earth: Every. Single. Day. I still stop and say hi. Happy (belated) Birthday, ma'am! And Happy November, all!


Mod Silver seems to have no memory of the rise and fall of Mod Sonic. What does this mean? Mod Dark Sonic’s demise created some sort of rift in the space time continuum. With nobody else left to run the blog the universe reset itself or leaped to another parallel universe where Mod Silver created the blog and was never banned and Mod Sonic never joined the blog to begin with. However Mod Shadow seems to still have memories of the past mods and the events of the first universe. What does this mean? Mod Shadow (possibly as a result of him being spacekin) was able to travel through space and time to this alternate reality in a similar fashion to Homura Akemi from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Reset Your Biological Clock

Let me guess…You go to bed late - after midnight. And if nobody kicks you out of bed, you get up late - in the afternoon. Logical. Between the ages of 16 and 21 your biological clock is the most out of line with those of ‘ordinary’ people (read: the teacher who want you to be on time in the classroom). And this is exactly the reason why many students roam around with a kind of permanent jetlag.

Not really a good thing, is it? Let’s not refer to the fact that sleep deprivation (yes, even an hour) makes you hungry and stimulates eating more carbohydrates and fats, increases the risk of accidents on the road, ensures that you are emotionally less stable and messes up the workings of about 700 genes with the risk of ergonomic injury.

Adequate sleep is in fact essential to study well. While you sleep your long-term memories are formed and it stimulates concentration. When you sleep seven to eight hours a night, you learn more in less time.

But what about our biological clock? Well, you can reset it, or at least adjust it a bit. How? Every morning you wake up, expose yourself immediately to a bright light. This activates your brain and gets you moving. So, open up those curtains or go outside first thing in the morning!

In the evening you do exactly the opposite. Put on some candles or subdued light. And - most importantly - avoid computers, tablets, and phones. The energy-rich, bluish light from your device allows you to stay active. It also ensures a lack of production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which will make you not sleepy at all.

However, I can imagine that some of you still need to work with a screen in the evening. Another solution then is to download the free programma F.Lux (I use it as well and I love it)! It runs in the background on your PC (or mobile phone) and creates a subdued lighting which is in line with your environment. For example, if it becomes night at your location, your screen will adjust to a more orange-like light. This way your melatonin production has more opportunity to produce the required levels and therefore lets you sleep better.

Big Update

Hey everyone sorry things have been slow and not very active but now its time to get serious. I will be returning soon finally to the blog and a big update for you guys. I know it may seem sad but I plan on making a reset. However I shall try to keep my muses encounters with yours not change. This little reset will only effect curtain muses drastically. So don’t worry about my muses forgetting you. If that is the case I’ll let you know but most should remember your muse. Also I’ll be trying to make the blog nicer and actually fill up the character page. I’ll be putting mainly their personality so don’t worry about the other stuff I still need to come up with their ages and such. Please feel free to bother all the muses and check out the page. I’m sure you could find an interesting muse you would love to interact with. I hope you all look forward to it. I hope most of you read this.