Blog reset


((It’s done ……… It hurt a lot looking through my old posts and having to do this ….. but i did it ….. angel tear’s blog and everything have been reset and this blog is now officially reset i will start with a few storyline posts and then do a few random asks and fanart in between that way i can tell a story and still have fun with everyone’s random and absolutely amazing asks. Lots of love and best wishes everyone <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3))

Incoming restart of blog

//this means I’m going to reset almost all relationships and actions that my Veigar has taken part in up to this point. I will keep a select few, but for most people this is a new start. Veigar might have heard of some of the more prominent characters, but most will be new to him.

I met this woman on her birthday and I can tell you by her expression shown: this is how I feel. October has been a much needed time away from blogging. These hours throughout have been spent mending and resting, thinking, growing a little closer to family and friends, allowing myself to simply be.

Easily and often overlooked is the importance of the reset. People closest to me can readily vouch for my ironic infatuation with it: I’m always doing something and yet I’m always starting over. The reset is easy to abuse. Even still, it’s necessary, just as much as continuing is.

I hope that thanking you all for following me on my journey never becomes as a broken record. All resets accounted for, you all are irrevocably the catalyst for allowing me to continue. That being said:

Fascinating people still walk the earth: Every. Single. Day. I still stop and say hi. Happy (belated) Birthday, ma'am! And Happy November, all!


Much like Alex and a few others recently, I’ll be doing a blog reset. I’ve been working on new pages that I haven’t posted yet, and my estimate for when I’ll finish is tomorrow afternoon.

Things that will change:

-His name will be changed to one with Dutch roots.

-My url will change.

-Most relations will be wiped; most platonic relations will remain, though.

Things that will stay the same:

-There are a few rp threads I’ll keep, and the rest will be dropped. I’m sorry for this. orz I’m keeping A Chance Encounter with acuriousmaple, Just One More and Winter with lavendersails, and perhaps a few with Alex and Krys after we talk about it. (If you guys want to drop these too though, let me know!)

-His personality and the way I’ve been writing him will remain basically the same.

It’s about time I made some changes and updated everything, so I thought I’d let everyone know so they can be informed and expect these changes! Thank you otl

The world was ending. The sky had turned a shadow frightening gray, cracked in several sections and was starting to crumble down, taking out anyone who was to stupid to think to get out of the way. If you walked far enough you would find the sidewalk did end and starting to degenerate like parts a video game that was trying to kill the character. There was already more than half of the world gone; the scientist had timed the end of the world to be in exactly twenty minutes or less. From the clock that was ticking away large red times in front of a small male, ninety minutes and seventeen seconds left before the world ended. The teen, who went by the name of Heba Yugi Moto, was frantically flipping through a large black book in an attempt to find some sort of thing that would get him out of Anti-Domino before it was destroyed. He glanced up to the clock and sweated a bit when he realized that time was ticking away like water and now he only had a few minutes to finish his spell. Getting to work he lit a few candles and dropped the plants into the cauldron before pulling the book of shadows over to him and reading the spell. “Hear these words, hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind. Send me to where I’ll find, what I wish in place and Time!” The cauldron sparked before turning in a dark black fire and shooting some sort of light across the room. Against the wall a black swirling vortex appeared and just at the same time an explosion was heard outside his house. Heba grabbed the book and held it against his chest, peeking out the window through the wood boards to see that the erosion was starting to come for his house. Eyes widening he rushed over to the vortex and leapt for it, spinning around it as he started to fall into a dark pit. He tried to stay awake, tried to pay attention to where he was going but the darkness soon enveloped him and Heba passed out.

When he finally came around Heba blinked his eyes open to the blinding bright light, a confused look crossing over his space as he stared up at the strange blight blue… was that the sky!? He had… never seen such a bright blue color, or such a lack of clouds. His hands brushed against the ground beneath him and Heba sat up, pulling the book into his lap he looked around at all the bright colors that seemed to envelop the land around him. The plants of this world looked strange… and the grass… it was full of life and soft. It was strange to say the least he was trying to understand it and where he might have ended up when a stray sharp object flew past his head and embedded in the ground next to him. Heba frowned, glancing over to it and plucking it from the poor flower it had murdered. “A knife, why would someone throw a knife at me in this world?” It seemed different from his own but then again—don’t judge a book by its cover. Moving to his feet Heba glanced around, the frown slipping back into the emotionless expression he was taught to keep. “Hey! I think someone lost their knife! Why don’t you come out and get it!?” And die.

Blog Reset
  • No current rp’s will be affected
  • Every OC is keeping their memories and all that
  • Due to personal reasons, Wily and Draykan are no longer being shipped. I made sure to talk it out with the mun. Expect Wily to not know his name, nor will any of the cubs remember.

All Askable OC’s (Main)


All Askable OC’s (Side)


The blog will be focused around the main OC’s but the side OC’s will be updated and are open for asks still if anyone happens to get curious.

That’s about it. Goodnight!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand new reset blog dedicated only to doctor who! I got myself into trouble the last time and hopefully this much more cheerful fandom blog will keep me from doing it again.

Here I will post new and classic who and NOTHING ELSE.

Fanart maybe
Fanfics most likely
Conspiriacies SURE
Stories bound to

Hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to ask or fanmail me. Everyone previously envolved with the eradication of my last blog has been ignored and so nothing will interfere with casual asks or posts.



The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world, or a relationship… Everything has its time. And everything ends.

The timestream has been reset, forced back to the time before Uxie and Gavin arrived on our forested doorstep. I remember, as I always do when this happens. But Jordyn has no memory… of it. So it is in your best interests to not bring it up. For she shall respond without knowledge of them.

We just have to keep moving forward. So… I am once again open to your questions. And so is Jordyn… wherever the poor lass is.

Who wants to follow me?

I am resetting this blog. =3 If you want to follow me message me. ^^

I will again be Envy.. I won’t be switching to a personal or anything.. I just need a fresh start. I will be resetting this blog sometime next week.

Blog Reset and what it Means~
  1. All Relationships are reset
  2. Ansem is now crueler
  3. Riku is trapped and cannot be freed however people can come and go but he can’t go with them
  4. They are no longer a couple… to start with. So they’re free for pairings
  5. They live in a castle in the Realm of Darkness

This is probably going to upset a few people, but yes, I am resetting my blog, which means:

  • Yoshi has interacted with no other muses on tumblr, ever.
  • All ships and other relationships are gone unless it’s in the preset canon (ex. Mario, Luigi, Birdo)
  • This will be treated like a new blog


  • I want to alter Yoshi’s personality
  • I want to revert to single ship
  • I want to allow more plot and story to make way
  • I want to join a new universe of Smashers
  • I don’t like all-to-similar-multiverses, which there lies the problem with multi-shipping for me.

It’s been a fun run, but I need this to get back into the swing of things. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s the way it’s gotta go! So for Yoshi’s two ships, and all his friends, this is goodbye to the old Yoshi, and hello to the new!

Hello Followers!

You may have noticed a severe lack of posts on my Tumblr. Well I have decided that with moving and getting a new job and trying to start my own theater company, its time to start over. BUT I just could not part with all of you! So I went through and purged my page of all the old stuff. I’m even giving it a new look. I’m also considering changing the url, any suggestions? I love you all!

Edit: Accept that Harry Potter post…no matter how many times its deleted it comes back. It can not be killed. Must be the internet gods telling me it needs to stay lol

-- BLOG RESET -- (01/16/2014)

((Hey, guys. Been a while, and my MC muses are starting to kick in again.))

((I’m just posting for anyone who’s still following, that I’m going to be doing a hard reset for this blog.))

((I won’t be deleting any of my previous threads, but neither I nor my muse will be referencing them in any future threads. The timeline’s been reset. No bat family for now. And Mike is miserable again. I hope to focus more on the tragedy he’s survived, and his unstable mental state a little more this time around before anybody tries to fix him up.))

((I’ve already discussed this with the two of my rp buddies who would be replying to this blog the most. One will eventually be doing a hard reset of their own. I hope everyone’s okay with this, and understands that they can still rp with the Reset!Mike, so they can actually see & rp with him as he was originally portrayed in the very beginning of this blog.))

((Thanks for understanding~))


Skittles has arrived.

“Hey there everypony! Skittles here. You already know that though from the little about me thingy on the side of my page. Anypoo, a little extra info about me for those who are interested.”

(Skittles was born and raised in Manehattan, and very quickly became interested in the guitar when she first entered school as a little filly. She gained her cutie mark, a guitar surrounded with lightning, during her first ever concert in school.

She’s all around fun to just be around, and her optimistic personality can really rub off on you. Though she knows when to settle down and be serious when need be.)

“Nyehe…There’s a few other things, but you won’t know them until you ask! This Tumblr thing seems pretty fun, so I thought I’d try it out. Wonder what kind of ponies use this thing…”