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I’ve Decided

Grossmun: (“The way I’m going to reset the blog is basically just going back to only having Isaac and Will living together. I may have the previous occurrences be a wild dream Isaac had just so I can keep the content on the blog. 

However, this also means that it’s time to say goodbye to Eclipse.

I’ve thought a lot about where he would fit in if I was to reset everything and with his design (since I don’t want to change it) I just didn’t know a good excuse. With drawing memes and maybe some events, I’ll bring him and Kalib (that one demon that possessed Isaac a while back) back around, but that’s about it.

I’ll be making the changes later today (possibly. It depends.) aswell as a few design updates.”)

also as a heads up: once the new noxus lores come out then i’ll most likely do a URL change and a soft blog reset. maybe even move blogs entirely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

unless the new Vladimir lore is Badimir lore, i have full intention of shifting my blog to adhere to the new canon 

// so yeah, i’m writing again! i’m actually back!! I’ll also hopefully be doing more art for this blog since I’ve been really focused on improving since I’ve been gone. Right now I’m working on a karma/jhin ship drabble for me friend @communistofzaun but condsider this blog being softly reset! it’s been so long, I hope I can do right by everyone. //

end of all. ( reset!au ) | 707

game over.

it’s happening again, he thinks. just as it always does.

you’ll come back into his life another time– a fourth time, no– maybe this is the fifth time. his memories blur and the only thing he can truly remember is the ache that settles deep within a patient heart.

you’ll come back into his life and you’ll be just as you always were– bright, wondrous, loving. he’ll fall in love again and so will you. but this time, he knows, you will not choose him.

because you forgot. you forgot laughing in his arms, you forgot the first time you saw him, you forgot how important he was to you.

you forgot how much he loved you.

but that’s alright, he reasons with himself.

one day, you’ll find your way to him again. and even if you forget and forget and forget, he’ll always be waiting with open arms.

because at the end of all, he knows you’ll return to him.

try again ?

Hey guys. I’m going to reset this blog since I have no motivation to create a comic anymore sooo….
This will become a Post-Genocide Pacifist route with Chara being the one in control. I am sorry for doing this but I cannot handle the fandom being so volatile, which caused me to not wanting to write the story. I may make text posts that have story every so often though. So yeah. This will be an “Ask Chara and Ghost Frisk” blog. I just will figure out a new name for the blog soon. Go ahead and send in some asks to get the blog started up. Thank you for understanding!

Reset Your Biological Clock

Let me guess…You go to bed late - after midnight. And if nobody kicks you out of bed, you get up late - in the afternoon. Logical. Between the ages of 16 and 21 your biological clock is the most out of line with those of ‘ordinary’ people (read: the teacher who want you to be on time in the classroom). And this is exactly the reason why many students roam around with a kind of permanent jetlag.

Not really a good thing, is it? Let’s not refer to the fact that sleep deprivation (yes, even an hour) makes you hungry and stimulates eating more carbohydrates and fats, increases the risk of accidents on the road, ensures that you are emotionally less stable and messes up the workings of about 700 genes with the risk of ergonomic injury.

Adequate sleep is in fact essential to study well. While you sleep your long-term memories are formed and it stimulates concentration. When you sleep seven to eight hours a night, you learn more in less time.

But what about our biological clock? Well, you can reset it, or at least adjust it a bit. How? Every morning you wake up, expose yourself immediately to a bright light. This activates your brain and gets you moving. So, open up those curtains or go outside first thing in the morning!

In the evening you do exactly the opposite. Put on some candles or subdued light. And - most importantly - avoid computers, tablets, and phones. The energy-rich, bluish light from your device allows you to stay active. It also ensures a lack of production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which will make you not sleepy at all.

However, I can imagine that some of you still need to work with a screen in the evening. Another solution then is to download the free programma F.Lux (I use it as well and I love it)! It runs in the background on your PC (or mobile phone) and creates a subdued lighting which is in line with your environment. For example, if it becomes night at your location, your screen will adjust to a more orange-like light. This way your melatonin production has more opportunity to produce the required levels and therefore lets you sleep better.

seflora-evans  asked:

"Lacy?.." Sef stood at the doorframe,looking at her,looking sad at the condition Lacy was in.

(Yikes, I reset my blog and my verses. I’ll continue this blandly, and you can fill in the holes for how they know each other. Possibly Lacy had a brief fling with Alicia?)

Lacy turned around, looking at the girl in her doorway. She takes a deep breath, realizing who it was. “Hello… Seflora.”