SPEW Presents: House-Elves On The Silver Screen (Or Lack Thereof)

On this day 21 years ago, Hermione Granger formed SPEW to promote fair treatment of house-elves. In honor of this anniversary, put on your SPEW badges and go fight for the cause! Here are our top house-elf moments we wished had been included in the films.



Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader x Liam Dunbar

Request: an imagine where the pack have a meeting at Derek’s loft and the reader is his gf and once together she notices that Liam is a bit off so she goes up to him and finds that he’s ill and has a high temp so lets him sleep/lay in her lap rocks him in her arms, kisses his forehead etc. and whilst asleep he calls out for his mom so the reader hushes him and tells him “mama’s  right here” and the pack ask her why she said she’s his mom and she tells them that he’s her baby & she loves/cares for him xxxx

Requested by: Anonymous

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thanks for the request, hope you like it xx

It was Pack Meeting Monday where everyone comes together to address questions, concerns and most importantly, anything involving the supernatural. The meetings were held at yours and your boyfriend, Derek’s loft. Scott McCall, one of your best friends was a true alpha and the leader of the pack but Derek was the leader, leader. You know. Always has to be in control.

“What’s good?” Stiles asked as he came rolling in for the meeting. Derek gave him a death stare, “Nice to see you too” Stiles jokingly said. “Hey Stiles” you said, embracing him in a hug. Derek gave you a look, you stuck your tongue out at him. He was always jealous. “Not to rush things, but is this meeting going to take long? I have a test tomorrow and I’m going to spend the rest of the night reading Lydia’s notes that don’t make sense at all” said Malia, who joined you. “It’s not my fault you can’t read” Lydia teased. You gave her a big hug, “Thanks for coming” you told her. “We’re just waiting for Scott, Kira and Liam” you said.

Kira came strolling in alone, “Hi guys” she said greeting everyone. Everyone took a seat and waited for the other two. “Sorry we were almost late” Scott said. Liam came in after him, he looked ill. His face was pale and sweaty. You greeted Liam, “Are you feeling okay?” you asked him. “I’m fine, just a little tired” he admitted. You thought it was more than just exhaustion but you didn’t nag him. You sat next to him on the couch, just to make sure he’s alright. “Since we are all here, let’s begin” said Derek.

“Does anyone have any questions?” Derek asked. Malia raised her hand, “Yes Malia” said Derek. “How many things do we have to talk about, I’m pressed for time” she asked. Derek gave her a stern look, “Any other questions?” he asked, ignoring Malia. “Is there a special reason why we are having this meeting?” Stiles asked. “We have these meetings every Monday” Scott answered. “We have been pretty supernatural free for the past week” said Kira. “That should worry us” Derek replied. “Why?” Liam asked, you looked at him and he looked half a sleep, he was even paler than before. You put your arm around him and he put his head on you. “Probably because someone is planning something huge” Derek answered. “We don’t know that” said Lydia. “Just be ready for when it happens” Derek told everyone. This meeting really wasn’t necessary but it was our Monday traditions and it was nice to see everyone. “If no one has any questions, I think we can end the meeting” said Derek. “YES” said Malia. “Wait, maybe I do have questions” said Stiles. Everybody groans, except Liam. Liam wasn’t paying attention, he looked like he was sleeping. “Liam, are you okay?” you asked. He didn’t say anything, you kissed his forehead, and he seemed warm. You gently pulled him off you and laid him on the couch. You got up and went to get a thermometer, no one was paying attention to you. They were all listening to Stiles’ stupid questions and watching Derek’s many faces.

Liam had a 101.6 temperature, it was indeed a fever. You went and got him some medicine with water and gave it to him. He felt really weak so you poured it into his throat, “Thanks” he mumbled. You shhh’d him and sat back down, you let him rest his head on your lap.

“I’m just saying… That if we get a psychic to join our pack, we will know when someone will attack!” Stiles was saying. “We have Lydia, she’s like the same thing” Derek replied. “She’s a banshee, not a psychic” Scott said. “But she knows when someone is going to die” Malia said. “Still not the same” Kira added. Liam was now asleep on your lap, you were running your fingers through his hair and stroking the side of his face. At one point Liam was fumbling around in your lap and moved positions.  Now you were holding him like a baby, swaying from left to right, rocking him to sleep. “What are you doing?” Derek said, noticing you rocking a grown teenager. “He has a high fever” you whispered. Derek continued on answering Stiles’ questions.

“I think we need a robot in our pack” said Stiles. “Why a robot?” Scott asked. “Robots can do anything!” Stiles replied. Derek rolled his eyes and everyone else chuckled, “Stiles enough questions” Lydia told him. “These are questions that are always going through my mind!” Stiles told her. “Keep them there” she responded. While everyone was discussing why robots would not work for our pack, Liam started mumbling in his sleep. “I’m warm” was one mumble you heard. “Snuggle me up” was another one.

“What is he mumbling?” Lydia asked you. “I’m not really sure, just mumbles” you replied. You tried paying attention to the meeting, even though it wasn’t much of a meeting anymore. It turned into laughing at everything Stiles said, which happened every day. “I love that” Liam mumbled. You let out a small chuckle, you didn’t know what he was referring too but it made you laugh! You continued to rock Liam, who was sprawled out in your arms, you kissed his forehead and stroked his hair some more, “There, there” you whispered to him.

“Mommmmm” Liam mumbled. This time the mumble was clear enough and loud enough for all to here. “Shhhh, Mama’s here, right here” you said, comforting him. You continued to rock him and go on with life. You noticed everyone in the room was staring at you. “What?” you asked, confused. “Why did you say ‘Mama’s here?’” Malia asked. “Yeah… why did you?” Derek added. “I’m his mom” you replied. “His real mom? “Stiles asked. Scott hit him on the arm.

“Not his real mom, you idiot” you answered Stiles. “I think of me as a mom figure to him. He’s like my little baby, I always look out for him and take care of him” you confessed. “I don’t see anything wrong with that” said Kira. “It’s weird” said Stiles. “No, it’s sweet” Lydia responded. “Nope, definitely creepy” Stiles said, again. Scott hit him again, “Would you stop doing that!” Stiles yelled. Derek was looking pretty jealous, Stiles was creeped out, “Guys, I’m just protective over him!” you told everyone, they were still staring at you.

“What’s all the yelling about?” a tired, loopy Liam mumbled. “Shhhh, it’s nothing” you replied. You stroked his hair some more and got him back to sleep. “Can I call you my mom?” asked Stiles. “ABSOLUTELY NOT” Derek yelled to Stiles. “Meetings over, everyone go home” Derek ordered. “See you later, mom” Stiles teased. Derek gave him a look and Stiles ran out. “Bye guys, see you soon” you told them.

“What am I supposed to do with him?” you asked Derek. “Do what you do best, take care of him” Derek replied. Derek walked over and kissed your forehead, “This meeting made me exhausted, goodnight babe.” “Night love” you replied.

You stayed on the couch, with Liam still on top of you, you didn’t want to wake him or move. You laid there and slept on the couch, with a grown teenager on you. “This is nice and cozy” Liam mumbled in his sleep.

Rising to the Challenge: How the Book Internet Delivered
After a book received a challenge at West Ashley High School, the book internet stepped up to get a copy of the book into the hands of the teens.

“The Charleston County Schools had hired a new superintendent while this was happening […] the new administration has formed a committee and will be revisiting the decision made over this according to their policies later this month. Their goal is to resolve this via the policy they have in place and ensure that this sort of decision making doesn’t happen outside the proper channels again.”

Thank you, Book Internet. You are amazing and you made this happen.