some hs sportarobbie thoughts because yES

  • robbie is in band and drama/forensics
  • sportacus goes to all of robbies plays and even some forensics meets to watch him (to be fair, he is really entertaining)
  • sportacus is only a cheerleader for football but he still goes to a lot of basketball games so he can watch (but mostly so he can sit with robbie in the pep band section)
  • also hes not allowed to wear the cheerleader skirts when hes actually cheering, but a lot of times he’ll show up to bball games wearing one that the girls let him borrow
  • sportacus also goes to all the band concerts and any solos/ensembles robbie plays
  • marching band is actually robbies least favorite season just because its so much effort (he still loves it tho because they look and sound awesome)

  • sportacus does cheer, wrestling and track (running, jumping, and pole vault)
  • when robbie shows up to a wrestling meet for the first time he sees all the hot guys in singlets and hes like “oh man” and then he sees sportacus in a singlet and hes like “OH MAN”
  • (honestly i could see robbie being a wrestling manager because hed get free rides to meets where he gets to look at hot guys (and sportacus) in spandex all day like👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 )
  • (not to mention getting free food/desserts from the hospitality room)
  • sportacus is super strong and a great wrestler but if he ever actually hurt anyone hed probably cry
  • (theres probably been a couple times where he does forget/underestimate his strength and accidentally hurts someone. he has a really hard time forgiving himself for it. especially if/after it happens more than once)
  • the rest of the wrestlers dont really talk to/acknowledge robbie much at first because hes the “weird” (read: queer & neurodivergent) kid
  • no one says anything about it directly, but robbie knows
  • (its kind of upsetting even if he wont admit it)
  • but sportacus likes him anyways and will try to talk to/include him any chance he gets and since hes probably the most well-liked guy on the team eventually the others start talking to him too
  • robbie is confused but pleasantly surprised
Moisés clamó al Señor: "Si tu presencia no ha de ir conmigo, no nos saques de aquí.” Él sabía que sin la nube de la gloria de Dios no hallarían el camino a la tierra prometida. Al igual nosotros, nunca debemos salir corriendo a buscarla en nuestras propias fuerzas, sino que siempre debemos buscar al Espíritu Santo y Él nos mostrará toda Su bendición.

Éxodo 33:15

El amor De Dios es perfecto. Perfecto significa que no tiene ningún defecto, significa que siempre es suficiente, que nunca falla, que siempre está cuando se le necesita, significa que a pesar de nuestras fallas nunca nos abandona, significa que nos cuida, que nos protege. El amor perfecto es el que nunca cambia, el que es el mismo ayer hoy y siempre. Amor perfecto es el que se demostró en la cruz con la muerte de Jesus. El que siendo perfecto murió para darnos vida eterna. Porque no hay mayor amor que el que da la vida por sus amigos Juan 15:13

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This is a difficult question. I’m not really sure what makes me different but  I am sure I am unique. I will just tell you how I see myself – the good and the bad points – and let you decide how I am different from everyone else.

I never cried in front of other people and I never wanted to share my pain to anyone else. I try to always be considerate of other people’s feelings but only if they deserve that consideration. I eat ice cream during rainy days and ramyeon during summer. I am weird and outgoing. I love to stay indoors most of the time but I like to hang out with people, too. When I say no, then it’s a ‘no’ forever. People’s views cannot affect my decisions. I am persistent but I don’t annoy people. Instead, they beg me to continue being persistent. lol. I can love someone more than myself. I keep secrets but I don’t lie. Criticisms are my foundation and compliments can make me feel a bit self-conscious.

I smile… always. I like cute things – penguins, pandas. I love to travel alone but I think it’ll better if I find someone to be my travel buddy. I am sensitive. Not appreciating me can make me feel unwanted and I hate it. I love photography but I want to be the one behind the camera; I love to capture moments – the ones that are real and candid.

I get so amaze just by looking at different and simple things and places. I love everything that’s red in color. I like musicals and stage performances. I am into films, as well.

Maybe, I can say I’m different because I am me, as simple as that. No one can ever be exactly like me, not even my sisters. I am different because I am someone you’ll think of once I leave. 

Artist Unknown

As a designer I believe that all artists deserve credit for the work they do. When I started this blog, I aimed to make a place for people to get their art noticed by other designers. I never meant to take credit for any of the designers work, but I now see I haven’t been clear enough about the work I post. I would like to continue to post the great work I find around the internet, but need the help of this community to help cite that work. I will do my best to cite sources when I find them, but will need your help when the artists aren’t linked. Please help me make this blog better. As always feel free to submit your own work.



Sono lo hyung più grande dei BTS, Jin.
Stavo riflettendo su quale canzone cantare per il mio compleanno e ho pensato di cantare una versione natalizia di Awake.
Ho pensato che avrebbe avuto un’aria diversa e che sarebbe andata bene per il mio compleanno.
Così mi sono fatto aiutare da Slow Rabbit hyung e ho rilasciato Awake con (aggiunta) una nuova atmosfera.
Sono così felice che tutti potranno ascoltare questa canzone. 
Dopo aver ascoltato la traccia completa, volevo augurare a tutti un buon Natale, quindi ho registrato il messaggio ad Hong Kong. È così che la canzone è stata completata.
Spero che tutti possano passare una felice-fine-dell’anno dopo aver ascoltato questa canzone.

ARMYs Buon Natale in anticipo.”

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Pecio) | Trans ©bangtanitl