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“and now for something completely different… This is and will be my main/b&w-photography blog but I realized I see so many different places while being on the road as a farrier, I decided to post my ‘on the road snapshots’ on my Instagram account. For those who want to check it out, here ya go: https://www.instagram.com/theodorversteegen/  …Thanx!”    -theodor


the eighth fast and furious movie is titled “the fate of the furious” (get it.. f8…)

so like.

the harry and the potter
2 harry 2 potter
the harry and the potter: prisoner of azkaban
harry & potter
harry 5
harry & potter 6
potter 7
the hate of the potter


Vocal Vixens is currently
seeking volunteers to help contribute their time and talent to the growing network. If you’re interested in raising awareness for Women of Color on television and meeting likeminded people who share your passion, Vocal Vixens is right for you!  

Vocal Vixens will give you exposure and valuable entry-level experience as a content creator and builds leverage to help you create your own platform in the future.

Looking for creative, culturally aware people to fill part-time positions.

Vocal Vixen Telecaster will act as a part of the broadcast team for the weekly live show airings and must have a willingness to appear on camera. Applicants must be quick learners, attend rehearsals weekly and display proficient writing abilities. No TV background required!

Vocal Vixen Social Content Manager responsibility includes working across multiple media platforms, submitting post reports of media activity on a weekly basis and attending virtual bi-monthly meetings. Time management skills are a bonus. Ideal for computer-oriented social media lovers!

Flexible schedules, work anywhere in the world!  

Note: All applicants must be over 18.

Email vocalvixens@yahoo.com with the position you are interested in, availability, contact information and why you wish to be part of the team!

Te dejé entrar, te dejé conocer una parte de mi que nadie debería ver, te dejé conocer mis mayores deseos y mis grandes miedos, te dejé dormir conmigo, sentarte en mi mesa, conocer a mi familia y a mis mascotas, te dejé ver mis lágrimas de desesperación e impotencia, te dejé verme feliz y verme sin la mascara de arrogante que todos conocen, te dejé acercarte y te dejé… Tu sólo me dejaste quererte. Y yo dejé, que me dejarás quererte.

It's Not Yet The End...
A World Of Possibilities. | Imagination is the key to creation.

Hi everyone,

I have finally decided to go ahead and make a new blog, which will be used as a little place to store everything that I love, from Judi Dench to James Bond and Downton Abbey to Maggie Smith and many more. It will also be the new home of my fanart, graphics and fanfiction.

I have thought about making a separate blog for quite sometime, and have finally decided to bite the bullet and make one. The main reason that I created this blog was to make everything easier to find. I will be filling the blog over the coming weeks with new projects that I am currently working on. However, it will also host my older work and posts as well.

To everyone of my lovely followers who follow me on tumblr, it may mean that you will see posts of paintings and fan-art, which I have already posted in the past, so I apologise if you see the same content appear again.

This also applies for fanfiction. If you follow me on Fanfiction.Net or AO3. I will be posting all the stories I have on both sites to the new wordpress blog over time, but if I have any new content it will be posted on this blog first. However, I will still be posting on Tumblr, FF and AO3 from time to time.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message/comment on tumblr or on my new blog which can be accessed from the link above and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Take care,

Carol x