Super Mario Bros. Question Block Night Light | $25.99 Buy-Now!

  • PERFECT GIFT: Designed like the iconic question block featured in the classic Super Mario series of video games, this distinctive night light is a perfect gift for any video game or classics fan
  • POWER UP: Dual powered by either USB or batteries (batteries not included). A USB micro cable and instruction leaflet included. The light has a touch on/off feature
  • COLLECTOR’S ITEM: Mario and Luigi have become instantly recognizable icons of popular culture, and are favorites among generations of gamers. Add this Block Night Light to your collection today!
  • SUPER MARIO DÉCOR: Perfect for a Super Mario Brothers themed bedroom or party, this Super Mario Question Block Night Light will shine brighter than ever making the room or party a hit!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Super Mario Question Block Night Light is an Officially Licensed Nintendo product.
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