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Why no likey Blob

using what I just told a friend:

He’s said some really shitty stuff and no one gives him shit for it because abs and ♂. If Eliza said half - HALF - of what he says she’d be thoroughly insulted, called fat and unprofessional and mentally ill and drunk. He said he only started liking clarke in s4 (curiously when she started being used basically only to prop up his character - the SHIT Eliza would get for saying something like that about boris) and the oct4via/linc8ln/pissamy thing, for example. Also he’s super disrespectful to his fans. He refused to sign blarke stuff which imo, despite how much I hate blarke, is really disrespectful to the people that PAID to see him talk and get his autograph, who are mostly all blarke, and will naturally have blarke stuff for him to sign. And consistently being late - late not like a few minutes, but 30 minutes and more, which is basically half the panel.

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(Throws Cask at Nasus) "That's what you get for throwing out 50 Shades of Alistar! How dare you throw out a masterpiece! You stupid surface canines and your foul taste! Hmph!"

“The only thing here that tastes foul is the air that you have spoiled. Do not try anything like that again, please. I will not have that filth, nor yours, dirtying my library.”