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Clank - Zenyatta

First off, I would like to personally thank @flintjupiter for the amazing colouring and shading! What a beautiful work you’ve done, as well as two added spheres over Clank’s hands. Great job! I feel like I lack the vocabulary to express how absolutely grateful I am and how much of a good job you’ve done! Thank you so much!

Second, wow this took a while for me to get this one moving. I lost the groove for this series, but with Flint’s participation, I feel like it’s starting to revitalize itself. Also, thank you all so much for the support. Many people professed an interest to collab with me on this, and I couldn’t say yes to everybody unfortunately. I like to think this project is as much mine as it is to those who’ve been following it and actively send me new ideas and support after each new piece. Know that you’ve been vital in what this series is. I cannot thank all of enough. 

The following piece will also be a collaboration between me and another artist. So look forward to that!

Drawing/Lines: @farorest-art (me)

Colours/Shading/Background/Additionnal Textures: @flintjupiter (thank you so much, again!)

R&C/Overwatch Crossplay: