How to high noon properly

Look. We all love Mccree. Ok, maybe not all of us, but we can all agree that getting triple+ kills with his ult is satisfying. So here’s a step-by-step on the Mccree dos and don'ts.

1. Mcree is a fragile cowboy

Mccree only has 200 health, so be sure to know where health packs are located. Don’t be fooled; his gun may be good but he will mcfucking die if you strand yourself in the middle of enemy territory.

2. Who said cowboys couldn’t snipe

Hey. Listen. Mccree’s shots are lightning fast, so it is unusual if not impossible to dodge his shots like Pharah’s slow rockets. His bullets still do a considerable amount of damage from afar. Don’t be afraid to be a sneaky ‘cree. You don’t always have to face your attackers head-on. If your health is low, power roll the fuck away and shoot from afar- instead of grizzly sacrificing yourself and accepting defeat to the enraged Reinhardt you’ve been pissing off with your flashbangs the entire match.

3. Whoa there

Mccree’s flashbangs can stun an entire team as long as they’re all tightly packed together. One method of whittling away your enemy’s health is the method of flashbang, fan the hammer, run away, repeat (I find that this works great on Reaper and Roadie). Flashbangs are also useful for one-on-one situations where delicate Mccree is face to face with scary tanks like Roadhog. Throw one in his face and run like hell!


Stop. Mccree’s ultimate is cool, but it has its drawbacks. For one thing, when Mccree activates his ult he screams “It’s high noon” so loud that the other team freaks the fuck out and runs away. Another thing is that when it is activated, Mccree moves at the pace of a slug climbing a skyscraper, and since his ult only gives you a few seconds to take your aim, you can’t move very far once you’ve activated your Deadeye. Here’s how to get around that: Be patient. Wait for the right time to activate Deadeye; don’t do it just because the whole team’s standing right in front of you. They will spot you and kill you while you’re squinting and walking in slo-mo and you will look like a goddamn scrub. Unfortunately, patience is not all you need to pull off a good Deadeye. What you need to do is this: Find a sharp corner or something you can hide behind where you can’t see the other team and they can’t see you. Creep closer to the edge of your corner and right before you peek out into the open, activate your ult. This will help catch them by surprise, especially if you do it from a high ledge. I like to say “mcsniped!” everytime I pull this off because it raises my self-esteem.

5. “I’m your Huckleberry”

The best Mccree voice line. Use it always.