I never realized this about ThunderBlink!

I never realized the nice little connections the two main popular couples have on the show!

Lorna and Marcos powers mixing together beautifully and creating aurora. Which really was just too cool when I first saw it. I now just got why Lorna wanted to name their kid Aurora if it’s a girl. lol Ditz moment.

Clarice and John’s powers mix together perfectly in the sense that her power is creating portals and teleporting to other locations. Her power is to escape. John’s power is the ability to track and find people. Despite being able to literally go and escape to wherever she wants, he will always find her. This, in which, he’s proven twice already. He’s admitted at the most that she’s proven to be a tough track for him to find. But he does, every time. Wow, that really is just too cute! lol

Also, her portals have proven to be extremely dangerous because she can literally rip people apart if she isn’t safe enough. But John’s other power is Superman strength and, as he said so himself, his head can’t be ripped off. Her portals can’t harm him! Even more perfect!

I never noticed that before. These pairings really are just perfect. :)

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estajay  asked:

What's Christine and Michael's relationship like? Are they friends? Enemies? Rivals competing for Jeremy's attention? And how aware is Jeremy of this (or if he's completely oblivious what does the SQUIP have to say)? (Sorry about the long ask)

In the animatics it’s like the musical: Jeremy has a crush on Christine, Michael and Jeremy are best friends.

In my blog there’s kinda of a competition between Christine and Michael (they don’t hate each other). I can sum it up like this: