Since season 2 I have heard fans say that they would have liked to see the 2x22 Jeller scene without the “dark parts” and a little more “steamy”

So with some strategic rotoscoping and playing around, I took it out. Here’s my version :)

A few 413 thoughts

  • Boston/Tasha is the brotp I never knew I needed. I refuse to accept they will never work together again.
  • Rich answering his phone “Gordon Meredith” is like… the best thing ever?
  • “Do your thing, Patterson” should be the title of every episode and the tag line of the show.
  • When the elevator doors opened I was happier than Rich to see Boston and more heartbroken than Reade that Tasha was not there.
  • Speaking of Reade, where did he disappear to for half the episode?
  • I want to make Kurt’s annoyed “No, go away” my new ring tone and door bell… actually come to think of it… I wanna make it Jeller’s doorbell.

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  • And finally, nothing good ever happens when someone slips an envelope under Jeller’s front door.
  • Also, what the fuckity fucking fuck was that promo?
  • But at least Tasha was at the NYO in the promo ❤️

Only just got around to watching the episode, and aaaaaaah! So close to having Tasha back in the fold, and something screwed it up again! :( :( :(

Helios… that makes me think satellites, maybe?

And Jeller really can’t catch a break, can they? Damn you, Shepherd-from-beyond-the-grave!