Blind Man

[Fatima az-Zahra implements the Best of Hijab]

It is narrated from Imam Zain Al-Abideen,
“Once a blind man sought permission from Fatima to enter her house, and when he entered, Fatima hid herself from his sight. The Prophet, who was present and a witness to this scene, said: ‘Fatima, why did you hide yourself from him when he can’t see you?’ She replied, ‘O Prophet of Allah,although he cannot see me, I can see him and my scent will reach him.’ The Prophet praised her and said, ‘I bear witness that you are a part of me.“

A similar incident has also been narrated from Imam Ali.
In another hadith, Imam Ali asked Fatima, “Who are the best of women?” The noble and pious Lady replied, “When she does not see (non-mahram) men and (non-mahram) men do not see her.”

In the incident with the blind man, Lady Fatima indicates two things: 1) Hijab, chastity, and piety is not limited to keeping oneself away from the sight of non-mahrams, but also not looking at non mahrams - or controlling our sight from looking at them - is considered a prerequisite to hijab.

2) smelling the scent and perfume of a person by a non-
mahram can also excite the emotions and desires and can cause one to fall into sin.

[Fatima az-Zahra In the Words of the Infallibles P. 60 - 61]

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Imagine Foggy talking Matt into stacking their beds on top of each other to form bunk beds in undergrad. Imagine Matt going along with this against his better judgment, because Foggy is INSISTING (he always wanted bunks when he was younger.) Foggy takes the top and Matt takes the bottom (hurr) because blind man + heights just doesn't seem like a good idea. Imagine them coming back one night after a night of drunken debauchery and Foggy crawls up into bed. Imagine Foggy being awoken... (con't)

(con’t) in the wee hours of the morning when the top bunk collapses onto the bottom, and after the initial shock of HOLY SHIT WTF WAS THAT, he remembers Matt is in the bottom bunk and Foggy scrambles off the bed in a panic, only to find Matt’s sneakers poking out from under the frame. Imagine Foggy’s not-quite-post-drunken and pre-hungover utter dismay and weepy panic. Imagine Matt strolling in not long after (bathroom?) and then the CLINGING. Matt is bemused, but warmed someone would miss him.

This is a beautiful thing to imagine, anon, and I thank you for it. Hahaha oh Foggy.

A Blind Man Shocks Researchers With What He Sees

Patient TN was, by his own account, completely blind. Two consecutive strokes had destroyed the visual cortex of his brain, and consequently, his ability to see.

It is not uncommon for stroke patients to suffer brain damage, but the case of TN — referenced by his initials, the general practice in such studies — was peculiar. His first stroke had injured only one hemisphere of his visual cortex. About five weeks later, a second stroke damaged the other hemisphere. An assessment of his brain function revealed that after two strokes, TN, in his 50s, was clinically blind.

Known as selective bilateral occipital damage, TN’s unusual injury made him the subject of much interest while recovering at a hospital in Geneva. Researchers began examining him and discovered that despite his blindness, he had maintained the ability to detect emotion on a person’s face. He responded appropriately — with emotions such as joy, fear, and anger — to a variety of facial expressions. Observed activity in his amygdala — the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions — confirmed the curious results.

To further test the extent of TN’s abilities, researchers from Tilburg University in the Netherlands devised a simple yet decisive experiment: an obstacle course. They arranged boxes, chairs, and various other objects down a long hallway. The team then asked TN to navigate the course without any sort of assistance. TN was skeptical, as he required the aid of a cane and a guide to get around. But eventually, he decided to participate. Researchers recorded the result in their recent paper: “Astonishingly,” the report reads, “he negotiated [the course] perfectly and never once collided with any obstacle, as witnessed by several colleagues who applauded spontaneously when he completed the course.”


“Astonishingly, he negotiated [the course] perfectly and never once collided with any obstacle, as witnessed by several colleagues who applauded spontaneously when he completed the course.” Click to watch.

TN’s rare condition is known as blindsight. Because his stroke damaged only his visual cortex, his eyes remain functional and as a result can still gather information from his environment. He simply lacks the visual cortex to process and interpret it. Sight has changed for TN from a conscious to a largely subconscious experience. He no longer has a definitive picture of his surroundings, but he has retained an innate awareness of his position in the world. He is, to some degree, able to see without being aware that he is seeing.

The researchers explained that TN’s success indicates that “humans can sustain sophisticated visuo-spacial skills in the absence of perceptual awareness.” Similar abilities have been observed in monkeys, but TN’s is the first study of these abilities in humans. According to Beatrice de Gelder, a neuroscientist from Harvard and Tilburg, who helped conduct the study, “we see what humans can do, even with no awareness of seeing or any intentional avoidance of obstacles. It shows us the importance of these evolutionarily ancient visual paths.”