Blind Man

and i know you’re not in love with me, at least not anymore. there once was a time where a blind man could see how much you loved me, now it’s been months since anything more than a goodnight i love you has passed through your lips. i know you’re not in love with me anymore and i pray to god every night that one day you will fall again.
—  if there’s a god he left a long time go because i keep calling and all i get is the answering machine// 4am
Norman being obsessed with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woah :O Blind man being creepy obviously😏…Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him loving how kind you are to him from the day you moved next door and since growing more and more obsessed with you and doing whatever he can to keep you for himself

-Him never getting enough of your hands wrapping around his arm whenever you’d help him walk or when you’d holding his own hand to teach him how to read Braille, making him hold onto you back

-Him usually waiting by his porch for you to come back from your work, knowing that once you see him you’d always go out of your way to greet him and even spend some time with him,

-Him loving the sound of your breathing as much as your scent, making him never want to let go of you when you’d hug him as he gets to experience both so close to him

-Him having memorized each and single trait of your face as you had let him feel you yet still asking you if he can touch you all over again whenever he can as he truly enjoys it

-Him always knowing whenever another man is visiting you and sitting by his porch to listen at what moment does your guest leaves your house all while letting his dog bark and scare at them, just to warn them that you’re his

-Him hating whenever you’d have to leave his house, making him do whatever he can to stall you and keep you with him as long as he can or simply deciding to tag along with you and be stubborn about it

-Him having a copy of your keys and quietly entering at night to get a feeling of your house, only to have stumbled upon you pleasuring yourself a few times and enjoying to stay and listen but hating it whenever he realizes that you aren’t alone

-Him never being able to be angry at you for anything and convincing himself that you are truly the kindest and purest person, making him forgiving you for any wrong you’d do

-Him one night keeping you from leaving his side as he hugs your waist and confesses how much he wants and needs you by his side and how he hates the idea of you being with any other man than him

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My Favorite Musicals In No Particular Order: 1/?

Repo! The Genetic Opera - 2008

  • “Goth Opera, Blood Saga, Sometimes I Wonder How We Ever Got Here. Old Grudges, Scorned Lovers, Sometimes I Wonder Why We All Don’t Move On!”

hermione still flinches when ron’s hands brush her neck and she doesn’t understand why she does, because the cold, metal sting and everything that happened later, is painfully different from his soft palms. she stops wearing perfume, and starts casting protection charms.

remus despises his nature so much that the scars on his body are from his own hands. he knows what the taste of wolfsbane is when it doesn’t quite work; bitter and unmistakably sweet—it’s sirius’s blood when he goes too far.

ginny’s hands shake uncontrollably when she writes for hours at a time. the words will start to swim across the page and mix and scramble into anagrams. hi, i’m tom. what’s your name? hi, i’m tom. what’s your name? hi, i’m tom. what’s your na—

pansy knows what it’s like to cast unforgivables on first years. she learns how to enunciate the words with refined perfection, and learns how to want to hurt them. she throws up in the abandoned washroom after every lesson, and finds comfort in the absent arms of moaning myrtle.

ron faints everytime he apparates. he’ll wake up in hermione’s lap; his hair wet against his forehead, and his arms heavy with sweat. he always reaches for his shoulder and visibly relaxes when blood doesn’t rub off his fingers. he doesn’t know how to control his anger either, and feels the shame creep into his skin whenever hermione looks at his chest. he knows that she’s looking for the locket because he wishes that was what he could lay his blame on.

tom falls in love at the age of twelve—watched glimmering jewels glide down his own hand and pool at the bland tiles in the orphanage; started fires just to keep things lively. he collects followers like sheep in a mindless herd and finds that the acclaimed intricacies of a human brain is much more dull than he had imagined. he holds fear like a baby would with a blanket and spends nights wishing he had more time. he dies knowing he never had enough.

draco knows what it’s like to have your mind violated and out bare for all the world to see. he remembers severus saying that veritaserum has no taste, and discovers that he was wrong. the so called non dimensional potion is much too similar to the taste of the silent pleas he shouted when he watched snatchers salivate at the sight of his mother, or the copper droplets of red that sprinkled the surface of his cracked lips when he watched children slaughtered in the blink of an eye.

sirius has spent his entire childhood without the warmth of a mother’s embrace or the reassuring words of a father. he tells himself he’s okay with it—that he would rather have no family than one that wished his friends dead. he doesn’t know what to think when he has neither family or friends alive—the only embrace he will ever feel again is the one that lurks behind bars in his azkaban cell.

luna stops searching for wrackspurts, and instead, starts organizing her fathers office. she should be relieved when people stop calling her loony lovegood but all she feels is the absence of her imagination. war, it seemed, was not an adventure, but an old friend that came at inconvenient times in history.

harry doesn’t want to start a family because every father he has ever had has been hurt at his own expense. ginny rocks his body against her chest and brushes the tears away from his eyes as soon as they fall. she tells him that he’ll learn how to be a father—that it will come as naturally as magic had. the sharp pain that lodges inside of him whenever albus retreats back into his room is reflected so blatantly on ginny’s face. he wishes that he were a blind man so that he never had to see his mistakes out in the open, and rubs at his fading scar.

despite the years that had passed, it seemed that all was not well.



0. THE FOOL | blank slate, beginning, innocence
®* | reckless, negligence, unaware of consequences
1. THE MAGICIAN | willpower, manifestation of desires
® | trickery, illusions, lies, out of touch w/ truth
2. THE HIGH PRIESTESS | intuition, inner voice
® | repressed/unheard inner voice
3. THE EMPRESS | mother figure, nurture, earth/nature
® | smothering, dependence, needing to let go
4. THE EMPEROR | authority, structure, control, father figure
® | tyranny, too much control
5. THE HIEROPHANT | tradition, conformity, morality
® | rebellion, subversiveness, divergence
6. THE LOVERS | union, duality, choice, harmony
® | disharmony, loss of balance
7. THE CHARIOT | self-control & willpower leading to victory
® | loss of control, lack of direction
8. STRENGTH | bravery, inner understanding that radiates power
® | self-doubt, insecurity, weakness
9. THE HERMIT | solitude, contemplation, seeking inner truth
® | loneliness, isolation, disconnect w/ fellow humans
10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE | change, cycles, inevitability
® | bad luck, helplessness, series of bad events
11. JUSTICE | cause & effect, karmic retribution
® | unpunished misbehavior, unfair, turning a blind eye
12. THE HANGED MAN | willing sacrifice, release of control
® | stalling, needless sacrifice, waiting to no avail
13. DEATH | end, cyclical closure, metamorphosis
® | fear of change, stagnation, limbo, holding on
14. TEMPERANCE | moderation, balance, middle path
® | extremes, excess, lack of balance
15. THE DEVIL | materialism, destructive patterns, excess
® | freedom, release, restoring control
16. THE TOWER | sudden disaster, upheaval, collapse
® | delaying inevitable disaster, avoiding suffering that could lead to growth
17. THE STAR | hope, faith, guidance
® | faithlessness, lack of guidance, negative thoughts
18. THE MOON | unconscious, intuition, illusions, dreams
® | confusion, misinterpretation
19. THE SUN | success, clarity, positivity, conscious
® | negativity, depression, sadness, pessimism
20. JUDGEMENT | reckoning, honest evaluation of oneself
® | lack of self-awareness, self-loathing
21. THE WORLD | completion, wholeness, fulfillment
® | incompletion, no closure, nearing end of journey but something is missing

*® = reverse card meaning*® = reverse card meaning

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Hopping on @qookyquiche‘s Blind!Adrien train, because this AU gives me too many feels and I had to draw some of this amazing idea. 

Norman being protective of you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! AAAWW NORMAN 😭 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him always somehow having his hand on you whether you are cuddling together or not while you both are in bed, just to be sure that you’re still by his side

-Him getting his dog to follow you around as much as he can, especially as you’d garden outside, only for you to end up spoiling him too much and make him seem softer than usual

-Him setting some traps around the house just to keep you even safer in case someone tries to break in, only to have to thoroughly explain it all to you in order for you to avoid them

-Him going wherever he can with you and being stubborn about it despite you reassuring him you’ll be fine, even going as far as to already seat himself in the car as you’re about to leave

-Him always holding your hand super tightly whenever you’d both walk together just to make sure no one would try to snatch you away from him

-Him keeping his gun on the bed stand and always being ready to keep you safe whenever there is a break in in the house, making you feel super protected

-Him wrapping you in his jacket whenever he feels like it’s way too cold out because he fears you might get sick and never get better, making him unable to forgive himself if that were the case

-Him stepping up in front of you whenever he has a feeling that someone is bothering you or might not have good intentions, to warn them to leave you and him alone before something might happen to them

-Him always asking you where you are going to be at whenever you’d leave the house after he’d kiss you goodbye, just so he could find his way to you if he feels something might be going wrong

-Him snuggling up to you and wrapping his arms around you as you’d start to wake up slowly, only to tell you that he had a nightmare about something happening to you and telling you that you shouldn’t leave the house for the day

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They hunted in sync, Chirrut always prowling near the rebels and Baze always prowling near Chirrut. Baze did not limit his targets to those who might spot the blind man, but he kept Chirrut under observation nonetheless; where the Force would fail Chirrut, Baze would not.


Mike Dargas (1983-)
“Fade to Black” (2016)
“Of Wolf and Man” (2016)
“Tony III” (2016)
“Justita” (2015)
“The Unnamed Feeling” (2014)
Oil on canvas

Easily mistaken for photography, Dargas’s work is a testimony to his extremely precise oil technique. To achieve such detailed perfection, the painter studies his models and subjects with intensity and intimacy.