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I need more Richard in my life. I was humming this earlier lol.


This video; I like it! ANOTHER! *smashes mug on floor*.

I saw the original, half done demo of this years ago, so nothing could contain my excitement when I learned that LFG had actually finished the video last year. 

It sucks that the LFG: Fork of Truth game kickstarter fell through, but if they keep producing parodies like this, I will be more than happy!


My favorite comic in the whole wooooorld……I have no idea what direction this story is going but….I always can’t wait for mondays and thursday’s to see what happens next! Those new to the site or even other’s that need to catch up, well here’s the site starting from page 1.

LFG Comic belongs to Blind Ferret Entertainment.

This story just get’s better and better…

Can’t wait for tomorrow!! :D