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The impending Choo-Choo Bear plush from Blind Ferret Entertainment.

I’m really excited about this.

Also, yes - a plush - no, it’s can’t be squishy like Silly Putty or a stress toy.  That costs too much and would add way too much to the weight for shipping purposes, making the doll mostly unaffordable.  The doll is awesomely soft, though (if you’ve bought Danielle’s McPedro doll, it’s made by the same company, same material)

Should go on (pre?)sale next week.  Blind Ferret is NOT going to guarantee Christmas shipping.

I am really, really excited right now.  I’ve wanted a Choo-Choo plush to exist for about four, five years.


I need more Richard in my life. I was humming this earlier lol.


So I was trying to release this video earlier this week. I thought I’d share my experience with the coolest in mailbox subscription service: Comic Bento.

Pleas ignore how awkward I am…


This video; I like it! ANOTHER! *smashes mug on floor*.

I saw the original, half done demo of this years ago, so nothing could contain my excitement when I learned that LFG had actually finished the video last year. 

It sucks that the LFG: Fork of Truth game kickstarter fell through, but if they keep producing parodies like this, I will be more than happy!


My favorite comic in the whole wooooorld……I have no idea what direction this story is going but….I always can’t wait for mondays and thursday’s to see what happens next! Those new to the site or even other’s that need to catch up, well here’s the site starting from page 1.

LFG Comic belongs to Blind Ferret Entertainment.

This story just get’s better and better…

Can’t wait for tomorrow!! :D


LFG Presents: Krakens

The Mysteries of The Comics Industry

Artist: Gavin Smith

Colorist: Ed Ryzowski

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Writer: Jeff Moss


It’s a bizzare industry, as both the reaction and the surprise at the reaction to the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover have proven. The only thing that can possibly explain it is a scene like the one pictured above. Beyond that, I’m completely lost on this one I’m afraid. Not because I don’t get both sides of the argument, but mainly because I’m flabberghasted by both sides of the argument.

Gen Con 2014 Day 4

Not a lot to say about the last day of the convention.  Mostly it was running around, returning unused generic tickets for a system credit, and getting the last few items from the Dealer room or Anime Artist Alley (which they renamed it to something ridiculous that doesn’t make any sense to me and just about killed it).  And then spent 5-6 hours on the road back home with the group I was with. 

Highlights of the convention:

  • Meeting Jim Butcher (he recognized the items on my Stetson as belonging to Armor, which surprised the living hell out of me! Very cool guy)
  • Checking out the Fantasy Flight booth and seeing their new goodies that are coming out (pics shall be forthcoming) like the XCOM board game, Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Armada
  • Talking with one of the developers at Fantasy Flight for Imperial Assault and XCOM
  • Talking art and hanging out a bit with artists, such as Lar DeSouza of Blind Ferret Entertainment and Lance Red, and Scott James
  • Using my game pushing powers to sweet talk Sohmer, the founder of Blind Ferret Entertainment, into buying the Xwing mini’s Core Set (he is definitely into the game and also wanted to know how many players could play, where you could get space mats, which you can get battle mats from Chessex or space mats from Gale Force Nine…he also wants a Star Destroyer huge ship. Fantasy Flight, I’m not saying you should hit me up and channel my powers…but you should totally hit me up and channel my powers)
  • Playing several games, such as Elder Signs by Fantasy Flight, a demo of DAMAGE REPORT by Break From Reality Games, Lascaux (a now discontinued game) by Mayfair Games
  • Renting a bike and peddling around Indy using a rent-a-bike service called Bikeshare.  That’s apparently a thing in some of the larger cities..and I’m all for it!

The rush to get to Butcher on Saturday was nuts.  He had two signings, one on Friday and one on Saturday.  Friday he started signing books at 3, but people had lined up at NOON.  So when we showed up at 2:30, they had long since been capped.  Poor guy had to put ice on his wrist at one point, so they had to also limit how many things to sign.  So we got to the doors of the Dealer Room at 9 am, and played some of Elder Signs while we waited for them to open.  At 10 am the doors opened.  I and two of my buddies managed to get in line at 10:01.  By 10:02 the line had already snaked back around past where we were.  They capped it off at 10:10.  Like I said, it was nuts.

A nice bonus to having Butcher there though was seeing several Harry Dresden cosplays walking around.  Was very good stuff indeed. 

Also the Tilted Kilt was a fun place.  Kind of like Hooters, but a little classier I suppose. 

I walked away with a nice amount of goodies.  A few art pieces, a foam case for my Xwing mini’s Corvette and Transport, a vinyl star mat for the Xwing minis game, a mug and shirt from the Ram Resturant and Brewery, a Skull push-pin from the PVP Online webcomic, a shirt from Oomba for playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, and the Rebel Aces expansion pack for the Xwing minis game.

A good vacation, well needed, and the exhaustion well earned.

And now for pictures to follow

Emotional Immaturity & Poignant Commentary

From Least I Could Do by Ryan Sohmer & Lar deSouza

One of the first daily comics to grab the attenion of adolescent Joe was Least I Could Do, written by Ryan Sohmer. The strip started in 2003 and was originally drawn by Trevor Adams, followed soon by Chad W. M. Porter, who drew for over a year. Then Lar deSouza began illustrating for Sohmer’s stories, which they had already been doing for another daily called In Other News

The main character of the strip is “the most confident man in the world” Rayne Summers, who is loosely (I assume very loosely) based on Sohmer himself. I do not think his attempts at laying every woman he encounters are based in reality, one need only examine his attempts to use Lavalife to its fullest or to have a threesome, but Rayne's addiction to Red Bull and susbsequent heart attack first happened to Sohmer in real life.

The decision in year four of the strip to have the cast of characters age regularly was the best indication that writer & illustrator wanted to keep it fresh. A later decision to no longer censor the swearing with grawlix was a step in the right direction too, I think. Storylines had so far revolved around the day-to-day sexual exploits of the emotionally immature Rayne and his more balanced friends Issa, Mick, John & Noel. All gags included lewd humour, thoughts on sexual practice, and the satirical examination of mid-20s life. From there, well, things haven’t really changed much – but the characters are growing as we read. If Rayne is the yin, then his best friend Noel is the yang. Noel has also shared the life path of Sohmer a little more realistically (see marriage and becoming a parent) although he first showed up as a sounding board for Rayne’s sillier ideas. From his life experiences, Sohmer also created a series of notes on being a first-time parent called The Bear that is beautifully painted by Becky Dreistadt

I’ve been reading LICD for over a decade even though I was beat to the punch by a funny observation made in 2005 that I thought I had come up with. Although I do not relate to Rayne’s sexuality anymore, his thoughts on the sorry state of the news and the energy industry are worth discussing. His tenure as a VP at IDS Enterprises also allow his rather large disposable income to play a large part in his funny misadventures.

Sohmer and deSouza also created Looking For Group, a fantasy webcomic based in a WoW-themed world. LICD updates seven times a week (with LICD Beginnings on Sundays, focused on an eight-year-old Rayne) and LFG updates five times. All these are published in collections under the umbrella of Blind Ferret Entertainment, a multi-media company co-founded by Sohmer. This is the webcomic success story of seriously driven artists. 

Oh, yeah – Sohmer also runs a comic store in Montreal called The Fourth Wall. Oh, yeah – he also created The Gutters, a comics industry parody. So several dailies, a publishing house, a team of employees and a comic book shoppe? 

Hard work does pay off.

ComiXology Announces More DRM Free Publishers

ComiXology Announces More DRM Free Publishers #comics

Today comiXology unveiled the latest group of publishers offering DRM-free backups, allowing comiXology customers to download and store copies of their books. ComiXology’s new DRM-free backup feature was announced this past July during San Diego Comic-Con.

The second wave of participating publishers include IDW Publishing, Valiant Entertainment, Oni Press, Fantagraphics Books, Aspen Comics, Actio…

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Gen Con 2014 Day 3

(late post, this was going to be posted yesterday, but you’ll get the reason why it was delayed in a second…)

Too tired for much detail. Lots of stuff. Jim Butcher, Yay! Tilted Kilt, hottie waitresses, yay! Gaming, dealer room…things.

Also confirmed my powers as a game pusher as I literally managed to cause Sohmer of Blind Ferret Entertainment (producers of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group) to jump out of the Booth with a declaration of “I’m getting this game!” This happened after I showed him the Rebel Aces expansion I had bought, told him its not a complicated game, and confirmed that 98% of the game will be them hold the ships and going “pew-pew” at each other.