Little tip to help blend colours more nicely! (Photoshop)

You see on the left how the red and green have brown during the transition? That’s ugly. We don’t want it to blend colours like that.

On the right the other hand, it blends correctly! It goes from red then yellow and then to green! It’s correct!

How do you do this? It’s very simple:

Go to Edit->Color Settings…

Remember to check Blend RGB Colors Using Gamma and it should solve the weird colour blending problem.

Hope this was of help!

This is a cute little customizable palette from Mark that I made. These are i-Mark eyeshadows in Sugar Sugar and Truffle. Love these! Super pigmented, really blendable. I want to get more colors. I did a look with this the other day and will post it soon. The blush is “Afterglow” which people have said looks very similar to Nars Orgasm. It’s coral pink with gold shimmer. I love it!

All smoothies are vegan & gluten free, most are nut free and the only smoothie with banana is Macha Magic!

Apple Pie Green Smoothie: apples, pecans, greens, spices, agave

Apples & Peanut Butter Green Smoothie: apples, PB2, greens, agave

Blueberry Bliss Green Smoothie: blueberries, strawberries, greens, soy

Bunny’s Lemonade: carrots, greens, lemon, strawberry, agave

Carrot Cake Green Smoothie: carrots, dates, coconut, spices

Classic Green Smoothie: apple, orange, greens, agave

Chocolate Strawberry Green Smoothie: cocoa, strawberries, greens, agave

Double Strawberry Green Smoothie: strawberries, strawberries, & more strawberries!

Fresh Start Green Smoothie: strawberries, carrots, lemon, greens

Green Lemonade: peaches, greens, lemon, agave

Macha Magic Green Smoothie: macha, banana (the only one!), greens, dates, soy

Mango Tango Green Smoothie: mango, orange, peach, greens

Morning Wake Up Green Smoothie: strawberry, lemon, mango, greens

Peaches & Cream Green Smoothie: double the peach, soy, greens, agave

Pina Green-Lada: pineapple, coconut, greens, soy

Orange Creamsicle Green Smoothie: orange, soy, greens, agave

Sip of Summer Green Smoothie: mango, strawberry, orange, soy, agave, greens

Spring Fling Green Smoothie: peach, coconut, soy, greens

Strawberries & Cream Green Smoothie: strawberries, soy, greens, agave

Tripe Berry Green Smoothie: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, greens