Hi friends,
Two days ago, our team was made aware of allegations of sexual assault by a member of the band PWR BTTM that were making their way around the internet.  We appreciate everyone who respectfully made us aware of these allegations.  After taking the needed time to discuss the situation with folks that we have a great working relationship with, we’ve made the decision to remove PWR BTTM from this year’s lineup.  We do not have any tolerance for this kind of activity, and it’s important that we act in favor of any victims, whether we know them directly or not.  

One of the things that we’ve always taken pride in, but doubled down on this year, is creating a safe space for fans of all ages and walks of life, where they could enjoy themselves regardless of who they are.  We don’t love the term “safe space” (just like we dislike the word “scene”), because it implies the opposite of some of the elements of danger and excitement that drew us to punk rock in the first place.  However, we try very hard to make our little festival a safe place for folks of all walks of life.  All races, genders, religions, sexes, preferences, and ages are welcome here.  And importantly, in this case, all past victims of abuse of any type are welcome here, and are meant to feel comfortable inside our venue.  We cannot control what happens in the world, but we can control who we feature on our stages, and the allegations against PWR BTTM are such that we cannot maintain that promise and allow them to remain on our stage.  

One of the new features of BLED FEST in 2017 that we announced last week is our Community Room, where we’ll host 4 discussion panels.  One of which, entitled “Safe Spaces, Not Boring Spaces”, will tackle this exact issue in depth.  We’d love to hear your voice and what you have to say.  We’ll announce the panelists next week.  

Finally, we are going to actively try to fill the spot vacated by PWR BTTM’s removal, but it’s late in the game, and we can’t promise to have anything booked on such short notice.  If we don’t, we’ll just move set times around (those announce May 16).  We’re working to have news for you soon regarding the acts that were supporting PWR BTTM’s tour (Tancred and Nnamdi Ogbonnaya).  We want them to know that they’re still welcome here, and that we were excited for their performances on the festival, independent of their involvement in any tour.  We’re fans of both, and hope to have good news about them soon!  

If you have any questions about anything, I’m willing to discuss via email at  I have an incredibly busy weekend working with my wife’s dance recitals, so my responses may be delayed, but I will answer every message sent my way.  Thank you for your support, your energy, and your passion.  BLED FEST is a strange, special day each year, and this year will be no different.  Take care of one another, and we’ll see you on May 27!  

Nate Dorough
Fusion Shows

P.S.  Please give us a few hours to update all the artwork on our various sites.  


Got these items two weeks ago at Bled Fest. Details to follow later on.



  • Ceremony’s Violence Violence
  • The Cassettes and Disco Drive’s Split 7″
  • Heart Attack Man’s Acid Rain
  • Citizen’s Everybody Is Going To Heaven
  • Pet Symmetry’s Vision


  • Homesafe’s Flower Tee
  • Vagabonds’ Red Portrait Tee

We played this big Michigan festival on Saturday and I knelt/squatted down in front of my amp to get cool feedback noise stuff because 🤘🏻🤘🏻 but I definitely struggled a bit to stand back up and I’m pretty sure everyone in the audience saw me frown at myself 😕