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(…) Recently we were listed on Rolling Stone as one of the best live performance at the Oscars. :) It read: ‘Lesbian duo Tegan and Sara with Lonely Island’. :( We tweeted ’@rollingstone Lesbian Canadian Duo @teganandsara is honored to be included w/ heterosexual trio @lonelyisland’. They changed the copy immediately and tweeted back an apology. Progress?

As women in music it seems we HAVE to be categorized in the headline. Even now. Our gender, our sexuality, our looks, –all of it has to be defined, indexed, reduced and brought to attention before the music is even mentioned. If it’s mentioned at all.

—  Tegan, in that very good piece she wrote for Can You Deal?, a magazine brought together by Jennifer Clavin, where female musicians, women in bands share their experience dealing with sexism, whether constant, latent, blatant or subdued, in the music industry. It’s very good, if you can get a copy. Very interesting, often infuriating (to see that such talented people, such amazing women had to endure patriarchal condescendence time and again), but also so inspiring, because they’re all amaizing women (many I knew, some I gladly discovered). 

Day 17: Think of one really good/funny/happy memory from this year or sometime recently that you’d like to illustrate and accompany with explanation. I think we can always use more positive/light stories!

I got to see one of my favorite bands, Bleached, play three times in the past year. This is a drawing of Micayla Grace, the bass player, who’s my favorite in the band. At two of the concerts, Micayla gave me artificial flowers from their stage decorations, and I got to talk to her after both shows. She is so incredibly sweet and we’ve even interacted on social media several times. Honestly my little fangirl heart can hardly stand it :)

Micayla has since gone her own way and left the band, which was very disappointing at first, but I have very fond memories of the times I saw her play and got to meet her, and of course I wish her the best in whatever she does in the future. 


Tell me your favorite Bleach character and I’ll give you an A+ Awesome band/artist to listen to

Because music is the best for imagination.The choices are very subjective but I’ll try to explain each one a bit. Most of the bands I put here I quite niche, so prepare for a lot of new stuff for your playlists ^^. I put links to sample of the band songs, but these are just samples and it’s worth it to check more than one song per band ;)

Hope you’ll have a nice time listening to the music that matches your babes <3 

1. Ichigo - Turin Brakes

Ichigo was calm, protective and committed, and so is a lot of music of this band. Light, easy to listen to rock with loving lyrics = Ichigo at the times of peace, in his natural self. Give it a listen, I think you’ll like it.

2. Orihime – Johanna Kurkela

Dreamy music and the sweet voice of Johanna matches Orihime a lot. And so do the lyrics. Recommend.

3. Aizen- Tool

Probably everyone who knows Tool has already expected it here, as it’s very often said to be the “music for smart people XD This music is for sure carefully planned, with references to mathematics and complex structures spread throughout. Perfect for Aizen fans.

4. Urahara- Triumvirat

Triumvirat has very fun and playful music, and yet it is full of complexity and virtuosity. Just like Urahara, who seems dorky but after all, he’s one of Bleach’s geniuses. 

5. Rukia- Tori Amos

Tori’s music is thoughtful, confident and very personal. The general atmosphere of her music just really reminds me of Rukia when she opens up her heart and voices her concerns.

6. Renji- Billy Talent

Renji needs slightly heavier music with a clear tune. He’s not a very complex person, he’s energetic and fast-paced in most actions. And the first band I could think of having those qualities happened to be Billy Talent.

7. Shinji- Richard Cheese

Richard Cheese is just perfect. The guy makes mostly jazzy covers of well-known songs, which really change them a lot; and I think this is exactly what us Shinji fans need. Jazz + touch of modernity + unapologetic lyrics? Bring it on.

8. Kensei- King Tubby

I don’t know what it is about dub, but this genre seems so Kensei to me. It’s rhythmic, strong and just so damn cool. I’m sorry, this is very subjective. But just imagine Kensei listening to this.

9. Kyoraku/Starrk- Bright Eyes

I decided to lump Kyoraku and Starrk together here because they’re pretty much each other counterparts and this band matches them both. Some calm and chill music with the dark side (the lyrics) to it? Yeah, totally.

10. Ukitake- Renaissance

OH MY GOD PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS BAND. It’s wonderful, just like Ukitake. Delicate and harmonious but also so damn epic. I have no words for this awesomeness. For real.

11. Momo- Indila

This choice is just as sweet as the one for Orihime, but once you translate the lyrics, you can hear a cry of someone who was very hurt and is slowly getting up. Exactly like Momo…

12. Soifon- M.I.A.

I wasn’t sure about this choice, but I guess I’ll leave it. M.I.A. is just a really badass and strong-willed woman, and yes, I know her lyrics are pretty political but the music and general vibe is something that I think will appeal to Soifon fans.

13. Yoruichi- Salt-n-Pepa

The way Yoruichi goes around nakedness, contacts with people and in general about life seems just pretty similar to Salt-n-Pepa badass sexual liberation of women. Give it a listen if you liked Yoruichi’s light attitudes.

14. Zaraki- Pathfinder

Epic shit right there, people. Enter a killing spree with Zaraki in your mindscape with balls-kicking rapid Pathfinder tunes. He would approve.

15. Mayuri/Szayel- Infected Mushroom

We have just the right amount of fuckedupness in this music for those two science weirdos, trust me. If you’re the best kind of a person  a sick fuck  a fan of one or both of them, you’re already conditioned to love this music, friend.

16. Rose- Lacrimosa

No one has doubts that Rose = gothic stuff, right? There’s a lot of cool stuff to choose from there, but I guess I’ll stick with Lacrimosa. I don’t see Rose going into super heavy music, rather the symphonic and delicate tunes we have here. Hope you’ll like it, dear emos <3

17. Kira- Alcest

For Kira something alternating between sweet and heavy with sad lyrics is a perfect choice - that’s why I’ll go for Alcest stuff. Yeah, the way we get to know him is a pretty depressed and broken person, but he used to be such a cutiepie.

18. Gin- Gnaw their Tongues

Woohoo, content warning extreme themes and ear rape. Gin might have turned out “not fully evil”, but he still was a sadist and sociopath pretty much the entire plot of Bleach. He seems like someone who would have a taste in fucked up music - that’s why I present you with a compilation of extreme sadism and the music that will haunt you for years.

19. Unohana- Jill Tracy

Continuing with haunting stuff, this one is just creepy. Quiet and melodic, yet with so much underlying danger. Like Unohana, who was quiet and helpful, but turned out to be a psychopathic killer. Enjoy, creeps.

20. Byakuya- The Jezabels

I have to admit I had a hard time to choose something here. But I think if you like Byakuya, you’ll probably like some soft indie with lyrics about love and suffering (backstoryyy). And it’s just a cool band.

21. Hitsugaya- Tom Odell

Tom Odell and Hitsugaya share being young and talented, composed and strong-willed. I also didn’t find it easy to choose something here, but give it a go. I think you might like it, dear Toshiro fan.

22. Yachiru- Babymetal

Baby…..metal….. do I even need to explain anything? No? Great XD

23. Halibel- Reykjavíkurdætur

If you’re a fan of Halibel and her fracciones, you’ll certainly be fond of a super cool and real badass group of rapping feminists, right? XD

24. Ulquiorra- Woodju

Music that focuses a lot on creating an epic atmosphere with not much loudness will be me go-for style for Ulquiorra fans. After all, Ulquiorra was a quiet and closed character, and yet, after all, he gave a lot of feelings to his fans. Woodju’s atmosphere just matches him, check it out.

25. Grimmjow- Van Canto

Some more epic stuff here. Van Canto makes covers of a lot of battle-related metal and hard rock music (a genre that seems very Grimmjow to me) BUT they use only their voices and percussion for it. IMO, it makes it even more powerful. Have fun.

26. Nnoitra- Wintersun

Oh, Nnoitra… so ready to battle yet always so sad and hateful… just like the music of Wintersun. It’s intense, epic… but when you go to the lyrics, you’ll find probably the most depressive thing you’ll see today. Actually, Wintersun made me think about Nnoitra more in depth for the first time before analyzing how much problems he actually had. 

27. Giselle - Nicole Dollanganger

I don’t know if Gigi has any fans, but this music matches her so much. It’s totally fucked up when it comes to lyrics and content but still sang in a cute girly voice and girly wording. Just felt like putting it here as well.

28. Love Aikawa - Ken Ashcorp

Same situation as with Gigi, I’m not sure if Love has many fans. But this is just perfect. Anime-related, either chill or really kickass music. And the artist is EKHEM not very well known and EKHEM disappears and reappears after years. 

Yeah, so that’s it for now! I might have not included some characters, but if they are your favorite, just ask for it and I’ll find you a band (or a few of them) as well ^^

If you have other suggestions for music styles that match the characters I put in this post, also let me know! It’s always good to expand the playlists xoxo