rock or treat/trick n roll – a punk-ish halloween playlist

friday the 13th - white reaper // haunted - the frights // demon to lean on - wavves // halloweekend - no parents // cat man - together pangea // creature - tijuana panthers // ghost - the frights // silver bullet - swmrs // trick or treat dancefloor - cherry glazerr // gold moon - together pangea // spirit chant - the garden // bats on the ceiling - the buttertones // sour candy - bleached // del mar zombies - the frights // haunt me - surf curse // orange - mt. eddy // ghost safari - the buttertones // blob zombie - diet cig // haunted - together pangea // halloween all year - the orwells

(…) Recently we were listed on Rolling Stone as one of the best live performance at the Oscars. :) It read: ‘Lesbian duo Tegan and Sara with Lonely Island’. :( We tweeted ’@rollingstone Lesbian Canadian Duo @teganandsara is honored to be included w/ heterosexual trio @lonelyisland’. They changed the copy immediately and tweeted back an apology. Progress?

As women in music it seems we HAVE to be categorized in the headline. Even now. Our gender, our sexuality, our looks, –all of it has to be defined, indexed, reduced and brought to attention before the music is even mentioned. If it’s mentioned at all.

—  Tegan, in that very good piece she wrote for Can You Deal?, a magazine brought together by Jennifer Clavin, where female musicians, women in bands share their experience dealing with sexism, whether constant, latent, blatant or subdued, in the music industry. It’s very good, if you can get a copy. Very interesting, often infuriating (to see that such talented people, such amazing women had to endure patriarchal condescendence time and again), but also so inspiring, because they’re all amaizing women (many I knew, some I gladly discovered).