Day 9- Favourite opening

Bleach Opening 6

This is actually a very hard decision for me because I love almost all of them. But in the end it was down to opening 2 and opening 6. But I think that opening 6 gives you a better idea of what’s going on (without spoiling anything or lying to you-hitsugaya vs ishida) but at the sme time I think it is a bit too Orihime based. I really like the song as  well and it is my all time favourite.

rainingknivesandspoons asked:

1 (the last anime you watched), 3 (anime opening you can’t stand), 6 (subbed or dubbed), 31 (anime you are currently watching)

1. Death parade (^ν^)

3. I don’t really like the openings for bleach (^^;;

6. It really depends on the show. Like for durarara and fullmetal alchemist I prefer the dub, but for kill la kill and cowboy bebop I prefer the sub

31. I’m currently watching cowboy bebop and I really love it so far (⌒▽⌒)