Fact of the day

Someone found a way to access the leftover data for Takemikazuchi’s stage from CP and the data for Unlimited Ragna, Nine, and Izanami.

Weird that there isn’t leftover data for the other Unlimited characters.

Completed Commission post ★ IC

Sharing another completed commission with you guys! The commissioner was looking for the Blazblue character Kokonoe to be piloting D.Va’s mech, with Tager (another Blazblue character) style arm turrets!

*Right click < View image to see the full size if tumblr is resizing for you*

I think I managed to put them all together nicely LOL. Thanks for viewing as always! More of these to come.

I had the opportunity to do this really fun beach shoot in Litchi after Sukoshicon a few years ago, and I just love the resulting images!! The contrast between the deep red of the costume with the brilliant blue of the sky and ocean in the background is really striking!

Character: Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue
Cosplay made/modeled by: Yaya Han
Photography: Maboroshi of
#cosplay #YayaHan #BlazBlue #LitchiFayeLing #VideoGame

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