Blaster “Al” Ackerman. The best writer you’ve never heard of, and he’s one of Anobium’s top tenners.

That you haven’t heard of him isn’t a problem. Part of his appeal is his obscurity. What we do know is that he’s been writing since the 70s, and that he’s like a regular basement-case – in the best sense of the term. His Wikipedia page has some good links, but we encourage you to pick up his book ‘Corn and Smoke’ from Shattered Wig Press in Baltimore.

The book we have pictured here is ‘Blaster: The Blaster Al Ackerman Omnibus.’ It’s an out-of-print compendium of collected writings and drawings and letters from Ackerman over the years. The writing is visceral, chaotic, clever, unsettling, and pretty damn funny, too. Americana via LSD flashbacks, 40 oz. benders and school dropouts.

Also, we’re pleased to say that Mr. Ackerman has sent us a little scratch to be featured in the forthcoming Anobium: Volume 2, but that’s all we can say for now.

I just found one my favorite Blaster Al Ackerman pieces:



1.) Pick out a single snowflake to watch and follow it urgently with your eyes until it hits the ground.

2.) Do this again.

3.) Do this 27,000 times.

4.) Pull a small pen knife and menace passers by.

5.) Challenge them to tell if you are ghost or human.

6.) Make up a little chant about Dancing Your Animal and whisper it on the street and in theaters.

7.)Notice how small and cold and like porcelain your hand seems, besides the slashed seat cushions.

8.) Look inward and see what can be done about these great dark splashes that go unexplained in the snowy barnyard of your soul.

9.) Whip it.