Real bad gyals
Model || Naeemah
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Model || Jessica
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Visual Artist || RAdiant Sun
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honestly it’s not easy being mixed….

Why do you have white skin but black features this guy asked me and my (korean) mother looks over at me and we both chuckled. Yes, I get my gorgeous curls, big nose and big lips from my (black) father and i have pale skin. But little do you know my pale skin comes from my father’s side. It runs in the family my 1st cousin also has light skin. (his parents are both black and dark skinned).  I’m tired of people calling me a white girl!! I am not white nor does anyone have the right to tell me who I am. Just because i don’t have a high amount of melanin. Having lighter skin does not make me a white person. Being biracial it’s almost like you have to prove you’re one or the other…

I’ve been told I’m not black because I don’t talk “ghetto” enough. That’s what you get when your stuck in a small town, with a bunch of closed minded racist white people .

You know one time this Korean lady told me I should marry a white man so that my children has a better chance coming out with lighter skin..wtf???

Black people tend to make jokes that I’m not black because I’m too pale lol which gets old quick!

So I always had trouble feeling like I fit in I wish I lived in a world where race doesn’t matter.