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Your tags about Gilmore girls is me, I don't understand how anyone could have liked it? I'm so sad about it, it was just not at all what I expected.

I KNOW. my biggest complaint is that it was just so lazy. ASP just recycled lorelai’s story with christopher and shoved it onto rory (while effectively retconning her and undoing years of character development).

this revival also really drove home the fact that rory and lorelai are kind of shitty people. everything about the paul plot line was cruel and completely unnecessary. then the way rory and logan were so blase about their affair (like, has everyone forgotten the way rory and dean’s affair in season 4 played out??? speaking of which WHY WAS LORELAI TOTALLY CHILL WITH RORY AGAIN SLEEPING WITH A MAN WHO IS ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE? does ASP even remember what she wrote in season 5?????)

and oh god the whole ‘i slept with a wookie’ thing was probably supposed to be funny but it wasn’t. it was rory cheating on her boyfriend yet again and the writers treating it as nothing more than a punchline.

and the musical. holy shit what a waste of time. those are 10 minutes of my life i can never get back that were spent on bunheads 2.0 rather than, oh i don’t know, JESS MARIANO ACTUALLY GETTING MORE THAN 5 MINUTES OF SCREEN TIME AND DEVELOPING HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH RORY CONSIDERING HE’S APPARENTLY DOOMED TO PINE AFTER HER FOR THE NEXT 16 YEARS OF HIS LIFE WHILE SHE RAISES LOGAN’S SECRET AFFAIR BABY.

*takes a deep breath* there’s more i’m annoyed about but i ran out of steam i need to go eat a donut or something.

i can’t believe i’m saying this but i would much rather ignore everything we saw in the revival/treat it as a crack!fic and just let things end the way they did in season 7. i’m going to pretend the revival never happened.

Loners, if you catch them, are well worth the trouble. Not dulled by excess human contact, nor blasé or focused on your crotch while jabbering about themselves, loners are curious, vigilant, full of surprises. They do not cling. Separate wherever they go, awake or asleep, they shimmer with the iridescence of hidden things seldom seen.
—  Anneli Rufus, Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto