i had a dream the other night where rowan blanchard was part of a team of magical girls like sailor moon or whatever and they had to defeat a monster that was made up of society’s expectations… except instead of defeating it with magic rowan and her team of magical girls all levitated in a circle around the monster, spun around it so fast they created a small tornado, and screamed their heads off. the monster was defeated but rowan cried so 2/10 bad dream sorry rowan blanchard you’re a gem

yoredrobin  asked:

i've always been a firm believer in henry being a mini snow. hell he looks like her. it's so obvious.i don't know if A&E made henry and snow mirrors on purpose. but whether they did or not. i've always believed it to be so.

Henry and Snow are so much alike. He definitely inherited Snow’s hope. Their desire to be a hero is so strong. I wish we had more scenes with them.

Also, how sweet is it, that even cursed, she got to see her grandson grow up?


“The way this game goes, you guys are gonna act out a scene. We’re going to give you a scene and characters and things like that. The twist is whenever you hear the bell, whoever spoke last has to rewind and give a new take on their line. You can just play out the scene as you want over the course of 60 seconds.”

Andrew Lloyd Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrew Lloyd Blanchard

Presenting “The Phantom of the Opera,” as performed by Andrew “Lloyd” Blanchard on THAT ONE WHERE SOMEONE ALMOST DIED ON IT - On The Spot #102, with accompaniment by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Also featuring commentary from Michael Jones, Gus Sorola, Shannon McCormick, and Jon Risinger.