I feel like my generation in particular isn’t interested in labels because it’s just prescribing to something that is false, and that is not organic. I just don’t feel like subscribing to heteronormative standards that I have no interest in. And I talk to a lot of people who are in the business, and feel the way I feel, but don’t want to talk about it publicly.

Shawn: When did I affection you?

Katy: You put your arm around me!

Shawn: Oh, c'mon Katy. Sometimes an arm around somebody is just an arm around somebody.

Riley: *puts arm around farkle in like every episode*

I’m not sayin but I’m just sayin

Ps: this post was originally about rilaya so credit to the owner

H/C that when the ot3 were all kids and Rilaya had their sleepovers, Farkle would always arrive unannounced with a duffel bag and his school bag. They never had the heart to kick him out so Farkle always slept over, in the middle of the bed because he’s the smallest (Really he just loves being cuddled into. Surprise or not, Farkle loves affection especially since his parents don’t give him much or attention either.) but that also means that sometimes he ends up like a whole half of the way down the bed by morning and more than once now Riley & Maya have both been terrified they accidentally suffocated him in the night. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews would enter Riley’s room planning to wake them up for breakfast and they would smile fondly at the three toddlers with limbs all entangled in one giant mess. Usually Cory didn’t like any boys in Riley’s room, he was even wary of Maya when she began crawling through his daughter’s window everyday, but he knows Farkle & Maya are often left alone throughout the night with Stuart being away for business and Katy working late night shifts at the diner so he makes an exception for the two of them, not only because Riley loves both of her best friends and he knows for a fact they’d never hurt his daughter, but because they started growing on him and every moment passing they became his kids too along with him being a father figure in their lives as they grew up.

H/C that Riley used to buy matching ridiculous sweaters for Maya, Farkle and her to wear every Christmas when it used to be just the three of them throughout elementary school and sixth grade. Maya & Farkle would often complain about the print or the material making them itchy, but they’d do anything to see Riley smile so they bare with the hundreds of selfies Riley forces them to take.

I’ve always debated what candidates Apple could have as a mother who could raise her better than EAH’s canon Snow White. Then I decided I think Mary-margaret from OUAT would make a nice mother for Apple. She’s very sweet and I think her and Apple would get along well with each-other. Also I think Emma could be apple’s cool big sister.

(As a side note, why do you think of this art style I’m trying out? I’ve done a handdrawn version of it before and this is my first time digitalising it. Do you think I should do it more often?)