It’s been told to a few of us from an inside Disney source that there is gossip GMW might get cancelled, but if Disney thinks it’s a bad PR move, they won’t cancel it. So what does that mean?


This is DIRECTLY from someone who works for Disney. So we need to tweet Disney channel… ALOT. Keep using the hashtags #savegmw and #girlmeetsworldseason4

Reblog this, tell your friends to reblog it, then jump on twitter and scream from the rooftops about how much you love this show. We are on a ticking clock right now, so tweet @disneychannel as many times as you can!!!! REMEMBER TO TWEET IT AT DISNEY! Tell them why you love this show. Don’t bash them. Don’t mention switching networks, don’t just put “RIARKLE” - actually make your voice heard!

Let’s prove that the people’s voice CAN make a difference!!!!!

Okay… ready, set, GO!

Lifted By Love (A CS AU) Part 4/8

An eight part series that follows Emma, Mary Margaret, Ruby and Belle on a girls’ vacation in the white mountains. Killian, David, Graham and Will also happen to be in the same complex. Thanks to some typical male stupidity, the groups cross paths and sparks fly as a result. There is one part per day of the trip and eventual epilogue. Rated M.

Part 1 Here, Part 2 Here, Part 3 Here

A/N: Hello again, readers! We’re back with day four of this vacation. Our story takes a bit of a turn. Of course there is fluff and smut, but also a bit of drama later on (and if you know me at all, you realize that’s an exaggeration because I never stray very far from cuteness). Let me know what you all think and as always thanks for reading!

Breakfast in bed as a concept was one Killian could wrap his brain around - the parties involved enjoyed a meal together in the comfort of their bed, usually thanks to one individual preparing said meal. Actualizing this simple enough concept, however, was easier said than done. To adequately manage, Killian had to sneak out of the bedroom into the open suite and practically whisper into the phone for room service.

He debated crawling back into bed, but didn’t want to risk his movements waking Emma, which was a good call in the end because the bloody staffer had damn near rung the bell to the room and turned the whole plan to shit. That the boy was new was plain to see, but there was also a serious worry as to the viability of his job post-mistake that made Killian feel sorry for him. Instead of getting angry Killian merely tipped the lad and sent him quietly on his way. On the tray he’d arranged French toast and hot cocoa (with cinnamon) neatly with a single rose in a vase. The spread looked pleasant enough, and then fear struck him as he heard rustling in the bedroom.

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  • Ruby, Granny, Hook, Snow, Charming: *crying in the corner over their empty wallets*
  • Emma *grimaces while sobbing inwardly*: Course kid.
  • Regina: *puts sunglasses while waving money* What do you want my little prince?

Alright fandom.
It’s time to Take on the world. Again. 🌎
This time, let’s show this network that people change people.
All the hard work that all of these people put into this show mustn’t go to waste.
Retweet this tweet to spread the word:

December 10th
5:00 PM EST -2:00 PM WEST
We’re tweeting at DisneyChannel and DisneyChannelPR
We are tweeting without the #
WE WANT GMW S4 (In all caps)
This will be another Worldwide trend or TT
The first 30 minutes are crucial to trend it worldwide.
We must get 1k tweets in 30 minutes
I know we can do this, because we’ve done it before.
We trended number 1 worldwide during A Christmas Maya. 😉
We can trend again when they need us most.

Don’t Forget to tweet at DisneyChannel and Disney Channel PR.
Feel free to tag the cast and crew:
We have two days to spread the word and make our voice heard!
If you can’t tweet in person, you can schedule your tweet using this link:
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Our voices matter. ❤️️
Rowan Blanchard and August Maturo are extremely grateful for all we’ve done.
Let’s make them proud!

Keep tweeting GMW fandom!

So many tweets already and we know they are seeing them all. Tweet @disneychannel and @disneychannelpr as many times as you can until we hear about a renewal. If we work hard enough they’ll listen.

And let’s show Rowan, Sabrina, Corey, Peyton, Amir, Cecilia, Ben, Danielle, August, Ava, Cheryl, Rider and the whole cast how important they are and how hard we will fight for them. Let’s keep going everyone!