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@janieGAR tweeted a link which listed B's complete setlist for Rabobank. I cant include the link here though. 25 songs which include 4 from IIH (and hopefully 5 if they do the duet tonight!). That's a long setlist. First glance I think B has taken out My Eyes (the duet with gwen seb) and Kiss my country ass (maybe a nod to the political turmoil atm) this time around.




  1. Neon Light
  2. All About Tonight
  3. Doin’ What She Likes
  4. Some BeachPlay
  5. Encore:
  6. A Guy With a Girl
  7. Mine Would Be You
  8. Ol’ Red
  9. Every Time I Hear That Song
  10. Who Are You When I’m Not Looking
  11. Sangria
  12. Came Here To Forget
  13. Gonna
  14. Lonely Tonight
  15. Hillbilly Bone
  16. She’s Got a Way With Words
  17. Sure Be Cool If You Did
  18. The More I Drink
  19. Austin
  20. She Wouldn’t Be Gone
  21. Drink on It
  22. Home
  23. Honey Bee
  24. Boys ‘Round Here with Raelynn
  25. Footloose
  26. God Gave Me You