Blake Young

That awkward age where...

…you are equally attracted to the actors playing the kids and the actors playing the dads…

Spera: Ascension of the Starless 2 is now available in stores!

Writer: Josh Tierney

Main Story Artists: Jakub Rebelka, Marina Julia, Nuno Plati, Winston Young, Pablo Clark (with Ken Clark)

Chapter Covers: Olivier Pichard, E. Jackson + Blakely Inberg, João Lemos, Cleonique Hilsaca, Grim Wilkins

Shorts: Joanna Krótka, Timothy Weaver, Bobby Myers + Dana Miller

Cover Artist and Character Designs: Afu Chan

Additional Designs: Matias Basla, Anissa Espinosa, Richie Pope

Vincent is a shipwrecked privateer who has lost his crew to winged monsters. Aya is an orphan seeking revenge on the Starless army who killed her family. Through a series of unlikely coincidences, the warrior cat Chobo unites the two and leads them to Princesses Pira and Lono, who are making their final preparations to leave Spera and do battle with the evil Starless Queen. As the fire spirit Yonder infiltrates the Starless-occupied Plain Castle, the newly formed group is taken by surprise by another swarm of winged monsters. Can Yonder survive his mission, and can the Princesses trust their new friends?

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MASTERLIST - Persuasivus

WRITING PROMPTS #1 ; #2 ; #3



 > Steve ROGGERS

 > Tony STARK

> Bucky BARNES



> Peter PARKER


> Charles XAVIER




 > Cedric DIGGORY

 > Draco MALFOY


> Hermione GRANGER


> Sirius BLACK 

> Remus LUPIN

> James POTTER

> Severus SNAPE

> Regulus BLACK


THE 100: 

> Bellamy BLAKE





> Emmett CULLEN



> Robb STARK 











before i drop off the face of the earth and go into finals mode™, someone suggested a Gansey-off for the top requested Gansey fan casts. so, from left to right

row 1.) Blake Steven, Brandon Flynn, David Mazouz

row 2.) Tom Holland, Jack or Finn Harries, Tyler Young

row 3.) Connor Franta, Rhys Matthew, Austin McKenzie

Prompt List.

1. “I’m not a person you should fall in love with.”
2. “I don’t mind you breaking my heart.”
3. “Just admit it, you wanna kiss me.” “Maybe you wanna kiss me and you think that using reverse psychology would make me kiss you.”
4. “Do you know how it feels when the person you love most tells you that you shouldn’t love them?”
5. “Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk next morning.”
6. “I never thought I would say this, but damn babe, you look hotter in my clothes than I do.”
7. “Oh really? Make me.”
8. “Did you just push that guy off the couch just so you can cuddle with me?”
9. “Is there any reason you’re half naked in my room?”
10. “I’m not complaining, though. I like the view from here.”
11. “Oh, looks like there is no place to sit other than my lap.”
12. “Do you mind if we share that blanket? I’m cold.”
13. “Why are you so jealous?”
14. “You know, I purposely suggest scary movies just so I can hold you in my arms.”
15. “What’s the matter, love?” “Huh? Nothing, I’m just a little sad, that’s all.” “Come here.”
16. “I know I’m supposed to be mad at you, but I miss you so damn much.”
17. “You piece of shit, that’s not how you treat a woman.”
18. “What did I ever do to you?”
19. “I’m just scared that you’ll leave me one day.“
20. “You know what? I’m sick of this, I’m leaving.”
21. “No, no. You can yell or punch me, but don’t cry, please don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you heart broken.“
22. “I wanna kiss you so bad right now.”
23. “I can’t have a proper conversation if you’re shirtless.”
24. “I can’t sleep. I had a nightmare again.”
25. “Holding you in my arms is the best feeling in the world.”
26. “I know I’m always the big spoon, but can I be the little one tonight?”
27. “You know I’d never leave you. I love you too much and I’m too selfish to walk away.”
28. “Did you just… shit, that was smooth.”
29. “You’re better than my favourite fictional character, and that means something.”
30. “Are you fucking crazy?” “Only for you, babe.”
31. “Excuse me? I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t be that attractive, thank you very much.“
32. “No one has ever treated me as good as you do.”
33. “You don’t talk much, but when you do, angelic words escape your mouth.” “Fucking shit.” “Well, I take that back.”
34. “You may not be my first girlfriend, but you are the only one that matters.“
35. “Out of all the things I like to eat, you’re my favourite.”
36. “I thought you hated me?” “Yeah… I thought that too.”
37. “I’m not a man-whore! I just love women!”
38. “I always joke around because it makes you smile and I love seeing you smile.”
39. “You’re the most adorable thing in the world.”
40. “You don’t fucking know how to have eyes for only one person! You always go around with a girl while looking at another!”
41. “You fell asleep on me, but it’s fine, I made sure you’re warm and comfortable.”
42. “Could you hold this for me?” “You only did that just so you could hold my hand!” “Oops?”
43. “Why are you so quiet around me?“ “Because I’m afraid I’d say something stupid and scare you away.”
44. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”
45. “Don’t joke about that.“
46. ”If I could I’d rip my heart out just so I can show you how hard it beats when I’m around you.“
47. ”I shouldn’t be doing this.“
48. ”Stop looking at me like that!“ “I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s what eyes do.”
49. “My Mum would love you.“
50. “I’ll always be here.”