Little Faith got to meet Blake again at his sold-out show in Paso Robles last Saturday (July 23). She’s come a long way since they first met and according to Faith’s dad, Blake was so happy to see Faith doing so well. ❤️ Keep inspiring people, Faith.

I want to have one of those Taylor Swift top moments okay, and she’s not here so, you know what I am talking about like people at her concerts have their phones all lit up, like that, God knows I don’t ask y'all for much. Please just for once in my life I want to know what it’s like to be like Taylor Swift, I want to feel like Taylor Swift.
—  Blake Shelton Says He Just Wants to Feel Like Taylor Swift (Video)
Blake Shelton Says Beyoncé's Country Critics Can 'Kiss That A**'

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It’s not like Beyoncé really needs backup, but Blake Shelton is all about Lemonade and the country-tinged “Daddy Lessons.”

And in typical Blake fashion, he’s got a message for the haters.

“People that criticize can kiss my a**. That’s what I say,” the country superstar told ET backstage at The Voice on Monday. “I can’t believe people that don’t contribute to music that criticize music, it just blows my mind and Beyoncé – tell them to kiss that a**, is what I would do.”