• Penny:Hello, friend Blake! What are you up to?
  • Blake:Reading a book.
  • Penny:*looks at the cover* Oh, is that "The Hunter's Curse?" I find that story amazing!
  • Blake:You've read it?
  • Penny:Well, not exactly- my operating system allows me access to anything available on the Internet, and I've come across the plot for that book while scanning for popular literature!
  • Blake:Wow, that's actually pretty cool.
  • Penny:I find it so interesting that the main hero lets his town perish to save his wife from the evil demon. Humans are peculiar indeed...
  • Blake:Penny! I haven't finished the book yet!
  • Penny:Oh, it's nothing compared to the sequel where he's haunted by those he let die, and so he makes a deal with the demon to bring them all back to life in exchange for his soul!
  • Blake:*eye twitchig* Penny-
  • Penny:Or the final book where he fights his way through the demon's realm and escapes to reunite with his wife and newborn daughter to live happily ever after! Oh, it's all so wonderful! *skips away*
  • Blake:*sighs, tossing the book behind her* Yeah. Wonderful.

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02:“I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”

I’m so sorry this took so long. I was in a bit of a prompt slump, and working really hard to get some things together for The Sharp Horns of Dilemmas, so I hope this is adequate and somewhat pleasing.

Also available here on AO3.

Yang was quiet. Blake was known to revel in the peace and quiet afforded to her in brief moments, but Yang being quiet made her nervous; it was a flashing neon sign over that thicket of blonde curls that clearly spelled out Something is Wrong with Yang Xiao Long. Blake tilted her head to look at Yang, perched on the windowsill with her knees tucked under her chin to compress her body into the most compact shape she could. She was small and she was quiet, and Blake was officially worried.

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The Final Warning - Chapter II

Chapter II - Brain Versus Brawn 

Summary:  As the year draws to a close, peace has finally dawned. The time for unity has arrived. In the Vytal festival, it is time for heroes to rise, bringing glory to their kingdoms. But as autumn dies, the first winds of winter blow over Remnant, chilling the hearts of the people; breathing doubt into their souls. Long-buried secrets will triumph, and every action will have a consequence. Ruby must reconcile herself with her own fate. Weiss struggles to escape her legacy. Blake cannot erase memories. Yang’s search leads her into more peril than ever— but none of them can outrun fate.
Shadows turn on shadows, and bonds shatter as they are tested to the limit. For in dividing them, they will fall and burn; at the eye of the storm, no peace lasts forever. In the end and beginning of time, there is a place where the sun never rises, and the dead delight to teach the living. A great danger is rising from the darkness. It’s time to take sides. The final warning is coming.
The first chill of winter is the most deadly; it is the chill that kills more than any other. The first betrayal is the most damaging; it is the act that shatters bonds of love and trust, crushing even the strongest heart, tearing teams apart.

: Bumbleby, Arkos, White Rose

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7745314/chapters/17969461

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B and Y for the headcanon game ;D (boy aren't i original)

Heyyyy thanks for playing with me!

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s.)

Yang’s favourite body part of her own is her arms, they’re cut and she puts a lot of effort into them. Her favourite body part of Blake’s is her legs, thighs specifically. Blake wears a lot of pants and stockings, and getting to see her thighs makes Yang weak at the knees.

Blake’s favourite body part of her own is her ass. She knows that she has a fantastic curve going on, and picks her shorts depending on how flattering they are. Her favourite body part of Yang’s is her hands. They’re strong and yet so gentle. They keep her safe, and make her feel incredible, soft touches and hard punches. The contrast is poetic and Blake loves her literature.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

After the initial hesitation of getting together, the pair of them were crazy about touching each other and getting as close as possible, as often as possible. After a while, they both relaxed and though Blake is the one that instigates more often, Yang is almost always up for the ride. 

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37. Defy

Send me a number and i’ll make a prompt

Blake looks down at the lifeless body by her feet. Blood stains the ground, her sword, and hands. A sickening knot twists inside her stomach. Blake swallows, trying to loosen it. No matter how many times she is force to do this, forced to take a life, the feeling appears. Even when she acts in self-defense or is blinded by rage, after her adrenaline wears off, the knot forms, tightening more and more with every breath Blake takes away.

Besides the man she murdered, there is another body. Adam took their life. He is unfazed by it. Blake sometimes wonders if he takes pleasure in this dark act. She prays he doesn’t and that he only has become utterly numb to the experience. So many other White Fang members take joy in killing. Sometimes it makes Black sicker then killing someone, knowing that so many of her friends, if she wants to call them that, those that she grew up with, would be delighted to take away someone’s life.

As Adam walks walk, Blake clutches her weapon tight in her hand. She cannot keep this up. She cannot keep stooping to this level of atrocities. She wants peace and equality as much as the next faunus but not if it means she has to spill and stain her hands and soul with the blood of innocents. The only thing stopping her from leaving is those who defy the White Fang are hunted down and murder. Blake has witness executions of those that left. The White Fang rules by having an iron fist of fear wrapped around its followers.

It is a tough choice. Live a life where she will slowly be destroyed by the darkness gripping her once beloved group or leave to find some sort of light but fear what is around the corner. Whatever it is, Blake has a feeling she must come up with a choice soon. Adam and others have taken notice she is reluctant to take apart in missions and actions. That can be seen a treason and has a harsh punishment. Her saving grace from that is she is so high up in the ranks and Adam must be keeping others from carrying out. Sooner or later, however, that safety will fade. Blake needs to think of something soon.