All Of Me, Chapter 2

When Yang woke up, all she knew was that she was on a hospital bed. The blonde girl looked around the tent, searching for any signs of life around her. When she found nobody, she decided to checked herself.‘Why am I here? I’m not feeling anything!’ She thought as she reajusted herself to a sitting position.

Yang tried supporting herself with her two arms, but for some reason she didn’t know, her right one failed and she fell to the side.‘What the-’ Yang looked at her right arm, seeking an answer, but was terrified by what she found. Nothing.

“What the hell!?” Yang she yelled. Yang touched the stump viciously, not believing it was real. Then, when she touched the bottom, where the wound was located, she screamed in agony. Her eyes turned red.

Two nurses entered her room, followed by her father. “What’s going on?! Where is my arm? What did you do to me?!”

Taiyang ran to Yang’s left side and got his daughter’s hand in his. Yang was burning up, but he didn’t care. “Yang, sweetie, calm down. I’m here.”

Tears started to roll down Yang’s face and she looked into her father’s eyes. “Dad… Who did this to me? Why did they do this to me?”

“Shh, I’m here.” Taiyang hugged his desperate daughter.

One of the nurses got a stinger with a colorless liquid in it. The other walked to Tai and touched his arm. They shared a look, both frowning deeply. Then Taiyang nodded and looked down. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

“D-Dad?” Yang said, her voice cracking. Then, she saw the stinger. “No! You aren’t going to inject this in me! Dad, don’t let them do this to me!”The girl tried to get up from the bed, but her father held her still. Then, Yang felt her arm being extended and a stinger being introduced in her vein.

“I’m sorry, Yang.” Her father said, his eyes full of unshed tears. “I’m so, so sorry…”

“Dad… Help me…” Yang said in a small, sleepy voice.

“I will, sweetie. I will”


Yang then saw, with her vision blurred, a dark haired figure standing in front of the tent. “Blake…” She whispered, tears rolling down as she passed out.

“Ah!” Yang screamed as her eyes opened. She sat up, her breath heavy. The now red eyes inspected the room. Deep inside, she hoped she had woken up on her bed in Team RWBY’s dorm room, with her sister sleeping on the bed hanged by unstable ropes and their resident Ice Queen having her so called “beauty sleep.” And mainly, she wanted to look under her bunk and find her partner sleeping peacefully. She wanted the Heaven she called Beacon back. But when she looked at her right arm- or what remained of it,- she knew she was still in Hell and sighed. “That dream. Again.”

Yang laid again, letting herself fall back. She stretched her left arm an got her scroll. It was 4 a.m. and her haunted dreams had already come to torment her sleep. Like all of the other nights. Like all of the past six months. The blonde girl threw her legs off the bed and sat up, using her still good arm as support to do so.

The brawler got up and walked lazily to the door, turning on the light in the way out. Her entire body hurt because of the tension that the nightmare caused and the phantom pain was there. She still felt her fist clench, she felt the blood flowing through her veins, she felt the pain in her muscles and the weakness of her bones. But none of it was real. None of the commands that her brain sent were obeyed, none of the information was received. There was a dead end. A line that was cut.

The girl walked lopsidedly to the bathroom, that was at the end of the hall. Yang turned on the light and walked to the sink. She looked at her image in the mirror. The reflection showed her lightless lilac eyes, that one day had been full of life. Her expretionless face made her remember of her one day happy smile and the evident tiredness of her energy. The dark circles surrounding her eyes made her look even worse. Remembering her old self made her tear up, but there were no tears left to spill, no sadness left to let out. Just the emptiness of her being.

“Look. Look at what you are now, Xiao Long,” the girl said in disgust. “You are nothing. Nothing but a fool. An idiot, stupid, dumb fool !” Yang screamed at the reflection, and her eyes turned red as she punched the mirror, breaking it and making some pieces penetrate her hand. The blonde opened her hand and looked at the bloodied part of her body, huffing in the process. “Yeah, look at what you’ve done. Go there, finish what that bull started and keep hurting yourself.”

Yang huffed and opened the sink to wash her bloodied hand. Her aura started working on the injuries, and soon enough it wasn’t even there anymore. ‘Just like my arm,’ she bitterly thought.

With some difficulties, the girl was able to finish her activities. She got out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Yang walked to the kitchen, her stomach speaking up and hunger making it’s way. The blonde got an apple and bit it. Then, she went to the living room and turned on the TV.

“The Atlas Military officially declared that the ports and airports to Atlas are closed. The protective measure was questioned by various leaders all over the world,” declared the voice in the TV. Then, the image of Arthur Camelot, the Haven Academy’s headmaster, came to scene. This protectiveness coming from Atlas just increases the war scenario. It’s spreading fear all over the Kingdoms, and we know the damage a feared population can cause. We had a rather unpleasant example at the Battle of Beacon. Fear brings Grimm. Is that what Atlas desires? Grimm infested cities? A break on our decades long peace? I’d rather believe that’s not the truth.“ Yang huffed. What peace? The world was at the edge of war and the governments still wished to make people believe peace is established and that the one and only threat to it was Atlas. Grimm was gathering, an infiltred psychopath declared the peace to be extremely fragile, the White Fang broke through one of the kingdom’s deffense, and they wanted people to believe the only problem was Atlas deffending themselves? Yang huffed. “If anything, they’re right. After what happened at Beacon…”

The girl’s mind involuntarily fluttered to that night. To that day. It was the day that her whole world fell. People deliberately called her a monster and said she was guilty for something she hadn’t even intended to do. She still could swear Mercury attacked her. She would never attack a defenseless opponent. But the cameras didn’t lie and for the whole world she was still the beast who harmed the innocent boy.

The worst of all happened when night came though. The school was attacked, all she had known for months started to vanish right in front of her eyes. And Ruby… Ruby was away, she had no clue of what might have happened to her sister. All Yang knew was that she didn’t answer her scroll and was probably in danger. And then, the one to calm her down was the same person to make her fall in deep despair. Blake Belladonna, her partner and best friend.

Yang gripped the apple forcefully as thoughts of Blake hit her. The high pitched scream, the hurt look on her usually stoic face. It was enough to make her lose it. It was her last memory before everything went red and then black. When she woke up, her arm was gone, and so was her partner.

Blake ran away, with no letter, no explanation, no goodbye, nothing. And it pissed her off so much. During the three first months after the Battle Yang suffered and was furious. She didn’t want to hear of Blake, she didn’t want to mention Blake… But she was constantly thinking of Blake. And it pissed her even more. However, as the weeks went by, Yang started to grant indifference to it. And then, she went numb. Blake wouldn’t come back to her? Then be it.

Yang bit the apple two more times before deciding she didn’t want to eat anymore. The thoughts of Blake made some kind of anxiety go through her body. Mainly now that the Faunus girl was in Patch. Now that Yang had finally got her so wished numbness to the situation, Blake comes back and shakes her feelings completely, making anger hit her. Did Blake truly think it would be that easy? Did Blake have any idea of how Yang felt after she left? Yang needed her by her side and she simply ran, as if their friendship, their partnership, never mattered to her.

Yang went up the stairs and got back to her room. She opened the curtains and decided to change. This was a hard part of her day. Generally, her father was there to help her, but he went to the city to talk to the physiotherapist of Signal Academy and see if he could visit them again this weekend to check on Yang and also talk to the technology team of the Academy to know about the progress with the mechanical arm they were building for her since last month. Of course it wouldn’t be the same as getting a robo arm with the atlesian technology, but it was already something.

Yang struggled to get her pyjamas off. The shorts were easy, but the shirt was the real problem. Taking off a shirt with only one was no easy job. After three minutes of cursing, Yang was free of the shirt. She put on her orange tank top and gray jacket, making a knot on the right sleeve, and then took off her shorts and put on her cargo pants and shoes.

The girl opened the curtains and the window. ‘Dad said that the doc told him that it’s good to let in some air into my room. He’s coming home today, gotta make my old man happy.’ Yang thought to herself. Taiyang told her that he was happy that she was still with him. After the Battle of Beacon, Ruby had left with Jaune, Nora and Ren, and Qrow left right after that to protect his niece. Yang knew how lonely her father felt and the little happiness she was able to have came from being with him and not leaving him alone. They were both the ones who were left behind and comprehend each other.

After she opened the window, Yang looked at the trees and saw something completely unexpected. Blake was sleeping in an uncomfortable position, sitting with her back against a tree and her head falling to the side.

Yang something fall in her stomach. Had Blake spent the whole night there? Yang frowned. She had forgotten how persistent Blake could be. And if the cat Faunus was being this persistent, even after Yang brushing her off and rejected her with such bitterness, it meant she cared, it meant that Yang was important to her.

Yang let out a long sigh. She wanted so keep her composure, to not let Blake in anymore, to let Blake out there in the cold until she gave up. But she couldn’t do it. She didn’t like to admit it, but she still cared a lot about Blake. She lost an arm for the black haired girl after all. Then, Yang saw a young Beowolf, that looked like it got lost from it’s pack, carefully trying to sneak up on Blake. Her heart sank. She was angry at Blake, but she wouldn’t let her get hurt.

Yang got the left part of Ember Celica and rushed out of the house. She has been training with her father for the last six months. Her abilities weren’t as good as before. They would probably never be. But she believed herself to be able to take down at least a Beowolf.

When Yang came to the scene, the creature of Grimm was raising it’s paw to hit Blake. The brawler let out a war scream to get the Beowolf’s attention. When the monster looked at her, she ran to it and punched the creature in the head forcefully, sending it flying into a tree. Yang put herself in front of the other girl, who woke up with the whole commotion.

“Wha…? Yang?” Blake called grogly, still half-asleep. When she saw the Beowolf getting up and growling at them, she quickly jumped to her feet and stood by the blonde’s side. The brawler was putting herself in danger, and Blake wouldn’t allow her former partner to get hurt again because of her. But then, the Beowolf ran to them and before Blake could get Gambol Shroud, Yang rushed to meet the monster. “What the hell are you doing, Yang?! You’re going to get hurt!”

“And you were going to get yourself killed!” Yang shouted as she punched the wolf’s belly and then under it’s chin. The beast growled in anger and tried to claw Yang, who jumped back but still got three cuts on her ribs region. The girl flinched and gave to steps back, putting her hand on the new wounds.

“Yang!” Blake called. The cat Faunus got her weapon and lunged at the beast. Blake jumped over the Beowolf’s head and cut it off. The young monster fell and disappeared in shadows. ‘Good one, Yang. You came here to try to save her and ended up being saved. Excellent performance!’ Yang thought as she sat on a nearby rock.

Blake rushed to the blonde girl, kneeling by her side and putting a hand on Yang’s back. “Yang… Are you okay?” Yang looked at her with an incredulous expression. Of course she wasn’t, both her body and ego were wounded. Blake sighed and gave her a small smirk. “Right. Can I… Take you inside? Or do you want me to take you until the door, because I know you’re still angry at me and I know that it’s not good to take in somebody that makes you angry and-”

“Blake. Stop rambling. It’s nothing like you to ramble.” Yang interrupted and Blake looked down in shame. “And sure. Take me inside.”

Blake muttered a “okay” before helping Yang up. She supported the blonde wrapping one arm around her shoulders and putting the brawler’s arm over her own. When they got in front of the door, it was opened and Blake looked at Yang in confusion. “I forgot to close it when I rushed out to save your kitty butt.” Blake let out a giggle and Yang let herself smile a little. It was always a good experience for her to make Blake laugh.

Blake took her former partner to the couch, helping her to sit. She looked around, searching for a sign of a first aid kit. When she didn’t find it, she turned to the blonde and asked her for the location of the kit.

“It’s in the kitchen. Wardrobe’s first door from left to right.” Yang said. Blake nodded and ran to the kitchen. The brawler’s wounds were starting to hurt more and the blood spilling from them was making her get lightheaded. She pushed her hand away from the wounded region and took a look. The three cuts were a little bit deep, but certainly hadn’t gotten to any vital organ.

Blake came back with the kit in hands. She asked Yang for permission and took off her jacket and then her tank top, leaving the blonde only with her bra on. Blake blushed a little while she did that. The black haired young woman started her care, cleaning the blood from the wounds and putting medicine on the cuts with a cotton.

The Faunus took a look to see if they were too deep. “Looks like they’ll need stitches.” Yang’s eyes widened. She hated needles and stitches since she was a kid. Noticing the other girl’s distress, Blake quickly put her hand on the blonde’s. “Don’t worry though. It won’t last long.”

Yang flinched when Blake started, looking away from the scene. She thought about how yesterday she told Blake to go away, and now she was accepting the care of the quiet bookworm. But she couldn’t stop wondering why Blake had stayed. She made it clear that she didn’t want the other’s presence.

“Blake…” Yang whispered, hoping the Faunus wouldn’t listen. But she knew that she couldn’t trick the cat ears on top of Blake’s head.

“What is it, Yang?”

“Why didn’t you go? Why did you stay?”

“…” Silence. Yang huffed. She didn’t expect an answer. She didn’t even know why she asked. The brawler continued to look away as Blake finished the last wound. Blake cleaned the needle and put the instruments she used back in the kit and closed it. Then, she looked at Yang. Her eyes held sorrow, pain and tiredness, in contrast to the smile Blake forced herself to keep. Blake put a hand on hers again and spoke. “I couldn’t give up on you, Yang. Not again.”

Yang was surprised by her friend’s words. She looked at their hands and then at Blake, who was quick to take her own away and mutter a small apology. The blonde watched as the cat Faunus got up and went to the kitchen. Yang thought about what Blake said. ‘She had… Given up on me? Is that why she left?’ Yang looked down at her hand and at the now closed wounds. ‘Maybe she didn’t want to carry a burden like me’

“What’s wrong?” Blake asked and Yang jumped, putting her hand on her chest.

“Don’t. Sneak up on me.”

“Sorry.” Blake said. “What’s bugging you?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Yang… I know you. Please, tell me what’s wrong. Let me help you.”

“I told you it’s nothing!” Yang yelled. “Stop pretending you care about me! You left me when I needed you the most and were nowhere to be found for six months and want me to trust you again as if nothing ever happened?!” Yang regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth when she saw the tears in Blake’s eyes. “I’m so-”

“No.” The Faunus interrupted. “No. I’m the one who’s sorry. I left you, I broke you. I know I did. You… You deserve a better partner, a better friend… I am just an useless, disgusting and stupid animal.“ Blake put her face in her hand in shame. Yang immediately brought her closer in a tight hug. Blake was surprised by the gesture and wanted to get away from the embrace, but she couldn’t bring herself to. After all, this was Yang, her teammate, her partner, her best friend.

“Hey… Don’t do this to yourself, okay? It’s not okay, but you don’t have to insult yourself like that. You’re not useless, you’re not stupid and disgusting and you’re certainly not and animal. You’re a person, Blake. You hurt me, yes. You hurt me a lot. But that doesn’t stop me from caring about you. Do you understand me?”

Blake pulled away a little and looked into Yang’s eyes. She saw many things there. She saw pain, she saw sadness and she saw sorrow. But there was also care and comfort along the turmoil of negativity, and Blake couldn’t stop herself from smiling a little. Even with everything she had put the other girl through, the blonde was still able to genuinely care about her. She gave a small nod.

Yang was about to say something more, but then she heard the door being opened. She looked at the entrance of the house and saw her father standing there with a big smile on his face.

“Yang! You won’t believe it! They said your arm will be ready in one wee-” The enthusiasm faded from the man’s face and a confused and concerned expression took place. Was his daughter using the time he was out to bring young chicks to their house? “Who is that?”

Yang got up and struggled the best she could to put her tank top on. “First of all, it’s not what you’re thinking. And second,” Yang sighed. “This is Blake Belladonna. My partner from Beacon.”

“Uh… Nice to meet you, Mr. Xiao Long.” Blake said nervously as she got up.

“Oh, yeah, nice to meet you too, Mss. Belladonna.” He walked to them, smiling all the way. When he got close enough, he grabbed Blake by the collar of her white coat with gritted teeth. “It’s always nice to meet the people who hurt my children.” He then threw Blake back on the couch, making the black haired girl sit forcefully. Yang was about to say something when he raised his hand. “Go to your room, Yang.”

“But, dad-!”

“Just go, Yang!” The man exclaimed. “Your ‘friend’ and I have a lot to talk about.”

To Bee Continued