With this “No more the third wheel” came to an end. This was my biggest comic project so far. Inspired by my weak heart. I wanted all three of them happy. So here they are.

I hope you’ll like it. Anyways, feel free to let my know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Stay awesome, all of you. :)

  • Yang: Hey Blakey. What's Weiss doing? *Yang asked her girlfriend, giving her a kiss on top of the head.*
  • Blake: She said she was training. So I think maybe to do a new summoning. *She smiled As they watch Weiss form a glyph on the ground.*
  • Yang: Oh. Wonder what it will be?
  • Weiss: *Meanwhile as Weiss looks like she is focusing on her Glyph she think.* I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for Ruby. I am not gay for-
  • Ruby: *walks in and waves to Weiss with a cheerful smile.* Hi Weiss!~
  • Weiss: FUCK! *Weiss shouts in her head blushing upon seeing Ruby as her glyph Actives and summons a Ruby with puppy ears and a tail.* ... 0////0;
  • Ruby: o////o;
  • Yang: O^O*
  • Blake: -__-; ... On the bright side, Now we have more options on who to go on double dates now.

RWBY Theory - The Season Maidens

Spoilers for volume 5 - Welcome to Haven.

During the episode we hear more about the Maidens and their role in unlocking the relics. Although, we don’t know which relic is in which school, we learn that each of the Maidens can unlock a certain relic.

Winter - Creation

Fall - Choices

Summer - Destruction

Spring - Knowledge

These can also relate to team RWBY as each of the members closely resembles on season ( past, present or future).

Weiss would be the Winter Maiden as her power allows her to be creative and as we see her now - create opportunities for herself and forge new paths. Not the one her father planned out for her.

Blake would be the Fall Maiden as it’s her choices that got her to who she is now. Joining the White Fang, attending Beacon, going back to the island. Her choices heavily influenced her life and is more prominent than the other 3.

Yang would be the Summer Maiden. It’s not hard to see why, really. She’s always been feisty and slightly destructive. When she “ gets destroyed” by Adam in the Fall of Beacon, it’s the catalyst for her character growth. She eventually gets her mojo back and still is the badass we know and love.

Last but not least, Ruby has the potential to be the Spring Maiden. Unlike the others who we’ve seen the maiden’s relics in, hers is a bit more abstract. As of now, she’s in Mistral with the rest of team RNJR, she know more about the Maidens than the other’s of team RWBY. She is also the youngest and has a lot of room to grow, I can see her gaining more knowledge during the end of the series and becoming an even more formidable opponent.

anonymous asked:

What do you love the most about RWBY? Also, who's your favorite character?

The characters. When I fall in love with shows or movies or books it’s always for their characters. Their personalities, their conflicts, their developement. RWBY has a lot of incredible layered characters who constantly get challenged and need to learn to grow. Just look at Weiss. Yang. Blake. All of them. 

So… I don’t know. I love Weiss because she seems so unlikable in the beginning but later on we don’t only forgive her behaviour, we know why she acted like that and see her grow so much. I love Yang because she is so much more than people think she is and she has an incredible amount of love for all the people in her life. I love Blake because she set herself free from her abusive ex boyfriend and struggles so much to grow past her unhealthy way to deal with problems. I love Jaune because he has always tried to be a better version of himself and follow his dreams even though he didn’t even believe in himself and is still trying to even though he has lost so much. I love Ruby, Winter, Qrow, Raven, Mercury, Emerald, Cinder, Sienna, Roman, Neo, Ren and Nora.

I can’t possibly pick a favourite. 

Okay, time to collect my thoughts.

Despite popular belief, Ruby would not be Spring. To reiterate what I have said in previous posts, Cinder’s arc at this point in the series revolves around her constant anxiousness/paranoia/hatred for Ruby. If Cinder were to die, the last on her thoughts would likely be her inability to exact revenge upon Ruby, or the fact that Ruby, herself, is the one who kills her. Also, the season after summer (as in Summer Rose) is fall, to adhere to her rose-petal-forever-fall motif. Ruby would be the Fall Maiden.

Weiss Schnee’s name literally means “white snow.” She wears a snowflake on her back, has mainly white/blue colors, and most of her ties are to her family, the “Snow”s. However, Weiss has just escaped her family, leaving them behind and learning to grow. (Note the key words.) Not to mention her older sister, whom she takes after, Winter. This, along with the fact that she is now geographically closest and nearest in age to the Spring Maiden, leads me to believe that Weiss would be Spring.

Now, Yang would obviously be Summer: she takes after her mother’s qualities, has the most lasting memory of her between her and her sister, and specifically has pockets of summer-based motifs – “who burns just like the sun,” “hotter than the sun in the middle of July,” et cetera.

Blake is Winter, simply because she is last, but… Cold and longlasting? Remaining for a long time to reflect and to think things through? Hiding from the Su– oh wait. But in all seriousness, I’m skeptical. Blake doesn’t seem like the Winter from the story. This concerns me.

Any thoughts?


I think even worse than the actual implications of fridging a poc character in her first appearance for sake of a white dude importance, are the implications behind the whole set up.

I mean the whole plot  literally(intentionally or unintentionally) screams “If you are gonna chose anything but peaceful protest when representing and standing up for your marginalized group, it will be a slippery slope till you eventually create extremists who will stab you to start a genocide of everyone different than your marginalized group

That’s FUCKING GROSS ANALOGY, especially if you draw parallels to real world concepts of social activism(be it to standing up against racism or standing up against fascism)…

As if the whole “violence on both sides” bullshit with Blake versus WF was not enough, since when did RT start parroting white supremacist right wing nutjob talking points in their shows?


I know everyone’s mad about Sienna Khan’s death. I am too. I personally am sad because I love dark skinned characters and seeing them in RWBY. Their designs are always cute and well thought out- but only used within a single episode use over the span of 3-6 minutes. Luckily Emerald is our main gal, but she hasn’t had decent screen time since Volume 3. I think Sienna Khans Death was supposed to prove a point. That Adam is kinda worse than we thought. We hadn’t seen him in forever and he does have quite the set of fan girls. This was done to make him completely unlikable. I’m sure RT wanted a legitimate villain, not the kind who just carries out his evil plan and fails continuously while waving his fist at his foes for foiling his plans once again. No, he’s dead serious, and I’m sure they wanted the fans to be reminded of his true nature. It is a shame that Sienna Khans design goes to waste, but let’s not make this a race war within the fandom. One little thing shouldn’t cause such a conundrum between (mostly) adults. It’d be nice for some representation, but I’m sure some patience will reward us ❤️

Halloween - RWBY

Who’s ready for more RWBY vampires! So this is kinda a vampire au for RWBY. I’m only gonna go the main group but if you want others feel free to request them.

Originally posted by sadnessfoxy



  • Okay so heres the ting right?
  • Tai’s a vampire slayer, and Summer was a vampire
  • When they got married they were both disowned by their families
    • So Ruby is a half vampire but she doesn’t know it
  • This can cause problems because Tai doesn’t know how to feed her
    • Do you do it like a normal baby?
    • Or does it need blood
    • Summer help
      • Summer can’t help Tai
      • Summer is dead
  • But it’s okay! Because her uncle is here to save the day!
  • The Branwen tribe are a group of slayers that have been raised to think like vampires
  • So Qrow knows how to deal with half blood children because he knew a few as a child
  • So Ruby grows up thinking she’s totally normal until she goes to beacon (The hunters don’t just kill Grimm but also vampires) where she finds out she’s not
  • Asks Yang so many questions
    • The main one being why didn’t you tell me
  • I mean Yang is 17, how is she meant to know how to deal with her upset half vampire sister?
  • Anyway,
  • Ruby does drink blood but she only needs to feed once a month as the blood can stay in her system for a month if she only takes a small amount
    • She doesn’t like draining people dry
    • Why hurt people when you can survive without killing them 
  • So really not to many people know she’s a vampire 
  • Until Weiss and her get close that is


  • Okay so here’s a complication
  • Weiss comes from a long line of vampires with a very pure history
  • She was sent to Beacon to disrupt the peace the slayers had and instead ended up wanting to kill her own race
  • So due to her potent vampire blood she’s essentially perfect in appearances
    • Perfect skin
    • Striking eyes
    • A voice like a siren
    • She’s so alluring
  • But she hides this deep self loathing due to her vampire nature
  • After realising people weren’t bad she felt horrible for all the people she’s killed
  • So when she finds out Ruby is a half vampire she’s shocked to find that she doesn’t share the same hatred
  • Weiss learns how to feed without killing people from Ruby
    • Which is weird for Weiss
    • Why not just feed fully and then not worry for longer?
  • So yeah, her and Ruby get really close over this because she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to
  • Since Winter ran off with her hunter boyfriend Weiss can’t really talk to anyone in her family
    • Qrow
    • Ironwood
    • Whoever you wanna ship her with really


  • Okay so like…. Blake was human
  • And then she joined a vampire sympathy group
  • And got turned by her boyfriend
    • Adam no
    • Someone squirt him with a spray bottle
    • This boy needs to be trained again
  • Eventually realised what a big mistake that was
  • And now she’s trying to find out if there’s a way to turn back
  • As well as stop her boyfriend from turning the whole world into vampires
    • Adam if you do that you’ll have no one to feed off
    • Think your plan through man!
  • That’s why she’s at beacon
  • She works out Ruby and Weiss are vampires rather quickly but keeps it to herself for a long time
  • Until she asks Yang why she doesn’t turn them in
  • When Yang explains that she doesn’t blame two vampires for the actions of a few bad seeds Blake starts crying
  • Yang is giving so many hugs and tells Blake that she knows she’s a vampire and that she should tell the others
    • No ones gonna blame you baby
  • Once Blake explains to the three what happened they’re all really supportive
    • Although Weiss explains that there’s no way to turn back what’s been done
    • Once you’re a vampire you’re stuck that way forever


  • I give you the only full human on Team RWBY
  • Yang wants to follow in her families footsteps and be an amazing hunter
  • But the fact that Summer was a vampire and Ruby is a half vampire causes her to question that road at a young age
  • She’s always dreamed of going down in history as the hunter that saved people
  • But what’s the point if she can’t save her family?
  • So she decided that while she will be a hunter she will also only kill the evil vampires
    • Like Cinder
  • She hopes that one day everyone can live in harmony
  • The vampires only taking what they need to survive
  • So she’s a sympathiser but really doesn’t like the movement surrounding it
  • As mentioned her mother was also a hunter
    • One of the best in her age actually
  • She inherited some of her mothers natural talent, making her one of the biggest threats out there
  • She’s very understanding of most peoples situations due to talking to Summer when she was younger
    • Summers situation wasn’t the best
    • I mean she got killed for siding with humans
  • She’s very wary of people when Ruby first introduces new friends because she fears they might react badly when it’s revealed the Ruby has vampire blood
  • Really against judging people for the actions of there parents
    • Especially when they’re in Weiss’ situation