Some Good Kurt Fic Tropes
  • Kurt Is Single and Ready to Mingle
  • Blaine Has Many Epithets (most of which start with “That Greasy___”)
  • - Kurt: *sings*
    - Everyone: holy shit I’m in love.
  • Kurtcedes Never Stopped Being Best Friends
  • Everyone Is Attracted to Kurt and Kurt Is Loving The Attention
  • Everyone Is Attracted to Kurt and Kurt Is Confused and Slightly Unnerved
  • Even the Girls Like Him
  • Kurt Hummel, Junior Mechanic
  • “Why didn’t Schue give you more solos?!” / “How did you not get into NYADA the first time?!” etc.
  • - Kurt: *relates something Blaine did in canon*
    - Other character: That’s kinda fucked up bro
  • Welcome to Cooking with Kurt
  • *casually drops mixtape in fic because this song would sound amazing sung by Chris*
  • - Someone: Hey, remember when you liked–
    - Sebastian: No.
  • Forget the New Directions, Kurt Has New Friends Now
  • Kurt Gets the Opportunity of a Lifetime and Nothing Goes Wrong
  • - Blaine: *sings*
    - Kurt: You did good, honey.
    - Other character, internally: UUH…
  • Being Alive Is Kurt and Adam’s Song
  • What Baby Penguin?
  • Very Detailed Descriptions of Outfits
  • “Rachel? Yeah, we used to be friends…”
  • Kurt Lovingly Tells Blaine to Fuck Off
  • Douche Ex Machina (proposal/wedding AU where Sebastian unexpectedly comes to the rescue)
  • - Someone: Hey, remember when you shipped–
    - Sue: No.
  • Welcome to Baking with Adam
  • It Was Actually Kurt that Sebastian Was Interested In All Along
  • “I’m tired of just being the K in Klaine.”
  • Kurt Never Left New York
  • Mrs. Hummel’s Name Is Elizabeth
  • Mrs. Hummel’s Name Starts with a K
  • - Someone: Remember when your son dated–
    - Burt: NO.

Remember when Blaine wanted his “boyband spin” used in sectionals but got rejected by Sam and his “sexy moves”?

I was rewatching Glee this summer and found out that Blaine actually spins a lot while singing like:



A lot


Even while jumping

Or live

Swimming pool? No problem.

And of course The Warblers:


Bonus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Seven years ago today on November 9, 2010 Darren made his debut on Glee