So I’m going through all the Minecraft LPs and I’m on the Achievement Raceway one when I just decide to look at the description and…

Just Ryan. That’s it. No other commentary on him.

His name is a complete sentence and concise statement all on it’s own.



I fucking hate weave. Weave represents everything that is wrong with the black woman and the black community in general. Fucking hate it. I don’t even know where to start oh I hate it so much. For all my non-black homies reading this, weave is basically taking horse hair or other human hair, braiding the black woman’s hair, and then sewing that shit onto your fucking head. And walking around like that shit is normal. HOW? How have black people gone down so low that sewing horse hair in their goddamn head is normal? It’s even the standard. You rarely see black girls with natural hair anymore. Some of them say it’s more manageable and easier to deal with. BULLSHIT. Braid it, dread it, leave it out. You have fucking options. Stop acting like you’re gonna get up in the morning and your natural is going to kill you. I’m not even going to elaborate on why that’s straight bullshit I’m not a fucking hairstylist. But I’ve had long natural hair before too.

 I’m just going to keep ranting about weave. Like do ya’ll understand black women are out there putting Brazilian women’s hair in their goddamn head? Paying up to a thousand dollars for that shit? Just to not NOT look like black women? Shit is disgusting. So disgusting I can’t even put down my thoughts in an orderly manner. The thing is, we as a race aren’t even making money off that shit. The Asians are. So basically the white man convinced us that our natural hair is ugly and terrible and then started selling us products to straighten it. And then the Asian folks were like “Oh shit, we can make money off these fools” and then started just selling us hair altogether (more or less that’s what happened). At least if we were making some type of money off that shit I could understand a little more. But no. NADA. ZILCH. The Chinese are putting our money in their pockets and building up their cities with it. While we’re still in the hood struggling to pay rent but hey guess what, your weave is laid right? And some of these black women love complaining “blah blah blah Black males don’t like us blah blah blah”. Well if you started loving yourself first and foremost maybe the world will follow. Do you understand that black females still out there bleaching their skin? I don’t even know why I’m so worked up over this. I’m just tired of seeing black women ditch their beautiful bushy hair to go pay 600 dollars to get that ugly, nasty, non-natural looking weave shit in their head. I embrace their natural hair and I want them to open their goddamn eyes and see it too. Stop giving the Chinese your money just to look like a goddamn idiot. And also, stop putting that goddamn relaxer shit in you fucking hair. Scalp damn near all burnt up and shit. Sometimes ya’ll don’t even do it right or I don’t know what in the fuck happens but your hair ends up looking stiff as shit and it sticks out. Just stupid. You just out there looking stupid and embarrassing your genes. Embarrassing your own DNA. Man Imagine if our African ancestors saw this bullshit that was going on. I don’t even want to get started on that bullshit.

And I already some black females are gonna read this and go “Other races wear weave too”. Don’t even try me.

  1. Yes other races wear weave too but definitely not as often. That is not even debatable
  2. And even if they wear weave it is not the STANDARD for them. For black girls the standard is weave or whatever that thing you call “braids” or whatever is.
  3. When they wear weave it actually goes with their natural hair texture. They’re just looking for a style change or whatever
  4. And why are you worried about them anyways? Stop being childish and trying to diffuse the issue to another race. YOUR race is the one with the problem.
  5. Their problem doesn’t deal with the inner self, they just want to have a different hairstyle.
  6. (some of/A WHOLE DAMN LOT)Ya’ll black girls do it because to be real, you hate your nappy hair and other really deeply engrained ideas.
  7. Either way, we’re not talking about them we’re talking about YOU. Focus on YOU.

And I don’t want none of you commenting dumb shit under my post. This is my fucking opinion and it ain’t changing. Don’t feed me none of that “it’s my choice bullshit” keep it to yourself. And if you wanna say “It’s not your business” shut the fuck up and just forget any urge to reply to this. All other dumb replies from hurt females that have weave in their head right now, don’t reply either. Because I won’t even read it past the second word. I’m out.

I’m a grown ass adult who cried over Tri. Also over a decade later and I’m still in Mimato hell, despite knowing how crack it might be is. Yup. Also hi, long time no post.