the woman, busy. shuffling hands passing dishes like magicians from cabinet to table. the muffled laughter of a shared joke that doesn’t pass outside the kitchen door. inside here is equal footing and slippery slopes both, grandmother clucks and takes the bowl because you’re stirring wrong and there should be more salt don’t you know; in-law pinches lips about full-fat milk pour. but here, land untouched by men, there is a warmth of kin. the woman dance, around toys on the floor, the art of raising house quietly, of asking nicely for help, of expecting refusal. the young girls who are already learning to whisk in and out, hands full of food, tight smile at lewd. the moment where young girls become young women, where they are handed salad or bread to serve, where they get the joke, where a door softly opens and they are home. something deep and secret and magic. unwork, unhard, unlabor. the keeping of beasts, who roughhouse and kick up heels, who drink beers and belch at televisions. the quieting of red-cheeked shouters, whose women know to duck, to insert crackers to calm hunger, to approach with gentle hands and speak in gentle words and gentle shushing of a loud soul. inside the kitchen she straightens, she eye-rolls, she whispers men and we all, women, we know.

For anyone in need of solid Johnlock after this mess...

For anyone in need of solid Johnlock after this mess, for anyone wanting to forget s4 and bury yourself in a different canon, I recommend you check out @johnlockish

Johnlockish is an RP blog. It was started before series 3 came out, so there’s nothing from series 3 or 4 in there despite its long run (over 3 years - they’re now on hiatus). And they wrote it how it should have been written.

They begin with the aftermath of Sherlock’s return (post-s2) and go through John and Sherlock realizing their feelings and navigating a relationship, realistically working out their issues, (eventually) married life, and more, I could go on, it’s all there. Johnlock, hurt/comfort, tooth-rotting fluff, angst, slow burn, everything.

Their writing is GORGEOUS and wonderfully in-character. Everything is on one cohesive blog so it’s easy to follow, just like a fic (Sherlock is in italics, John in plain text). They took questions as an RP blog, but also wrote texts to one another/wrote quality fic to fill in gaps readers aren’t privy to or to emphasise things in the blog.

And as I said, they wrote (in real-time) for 3 years. They’re on hiatus right now and left the option open of coming back, but they left it at a good stopping place with a fic and a sign off from John that seems fitting. Not to mention, there’s so much content there - years worth of it - to read and bury yourself in.

They are the epitome of good pure balanced Johnlock for me. And I don’t say that lightly. I highly recommend checking them out.

Here is a link to the very beginning (the first post is at the bottom of that page). Don’t click on the ‘plot’ button because that will take you chronologically through the blog, but only the very important bits tagged ‘plot’. It doesn’t include most of the other character/fun bits in between (it was used so people could catch up quickly).

Tagging some people under the cut:

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Better Man just proves that people really do just hate on Taylor’s music bc it’s Taylor’s name on the performer credits. If her name isn’t slapped on that front spot, lyrically and musically, people seem to like her style. And that makes me really sad that just bc something is sung by Taylor, so many people automatically jump to hate it without giving the actual music a chance. I understand not liking her voice but you and I know that’s not the reason people dismiss Taylor’s artistry.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum:

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Brutal, yes. But I firmly believe she was only being so harsh to dissuade Akko from doing anything reckless (unsuccessfully, perhaps) but Diana only wanted to discourage her from acting out and potentially getting hurt, so I like to think she only had Akko’s best interest at heart. 

Also, what if Diana was speaking from experience though. Just humor me on this. Maybe not because she used to be rash like Akko, but I’ll bet Diana has probably lost friends in the past for one reason or another, and she’d just hate to see the same thing happen to Akko.

Phil is such a role model to me, and I have trouble even expressing what it is about him. He’s such a strange and intriguing person who clearly sees the world in a different way.

I think the majority of people go through life with a natural and subconscious motive to impress people & gain attention (albeit Phil is the kind of spons & used the Internet b/c he wanted attention) I see Phil going about it in a different way.

We’re never going to hear serious talks about how Phil went to a Grammar School (competitive & selective high school), has an English degree, post graduate in film, and masters in postproduction. We’re never going to hear from him about how he was in a movie and multiple commercials as a student, then built this yt career alone & singularly got the radio offer. How he ‘saved Dan’s life’ and most likely others judging by the respect & love all his friends show for him. Or how he experienced feeling second place to his brother, was shy & nervous & got bullied in school, and went on to lose one of his best friends.

I personally want to see the world in a way he does, and react to similar life milestones how he does. If someone asks about his schooling/career he won’t talk about himself but he’ll just give advice & focus on the person. If he mentions a hardship he’ll go straight to joking or straight to what he learned about it. We can see that he immediately jumps to the optimistic side of things & finds a way to be grateful for his life. 

Let’s be real: Dan has more subscribers, is the “hot one”, the “funny one”, and the dominant business partner. Has awards & recognitions that Phil doesn’t ie. Lovie, Nicer Internet, Supergamers, etc. Has the musical talent, the philosophical intelligence, & the seemingly greater connection & knowledge with any form of media/videogame/etc. they interact with.

I would personally feel undermined & competitive in a similar situation, and I’ve always been surprised & confused by Phil’s response. He’s unwaveringly supportive & proud, and will even share any single award he receives with Dan. We’ve seen sneak peaks showing they are very similar, have similar existential knowledge & articulacy (Phil undoubtedly has more english knowledge with his degree), and yet Phil doesn’t seem to care for the attention. Most will brag about the accomplishments, passions, music, media, etc. they have naturally, and yet Phil seems so selfless? Phil will gladly make himself seem idiotic for humour while we all know he’s intelligent & even handles the business side of their work. We can see in all of his interactions with people that he focuses on them and asks questions, brings icebreakers, won’t fight to get a word in, and will go to lengths to make them feel comfortable & happy.

Idk what this is or why I wrote so damn much but I aspire to be so comfortable with myself and be such a good friend. I want to be a better listener, less envious, more modest and more grateful in life. I think Phil’s such a calm, positive, and caring presence that I will always be able to turn to his content when I’m feeling down.

Today’s workout was rouuuuugh. So I started out on the treadmill. I started to feel a little gross and took a bathroom break. I came back to the treadmill and I just wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to move to the elliptical. My legs just weren’t feeling it! I don’t know if I just didn’t stretch well enough last night or if my legs and feet are just tired, or what, so I decided I didn’t want to totally give up and moved to the bike. After a bit the bike was really irritating my ankle, no idea why. So I did give up and went home to have some lunch. So it was a workout, I did SOMETHING, but ugh. Do not feel good about it! 


my favorite fan art of hollstein .




great right? see the blogs and follow them! kisses👄



I’m about a quarter of the way through Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb and I’ve recently picked up Mick Foley’s autobiography.
Both are taking me considerable time to get through but enjoyable non the less.


I’m almost done with Gilmore Girls!  I’ve got 4 episodes of series 7 and then the Netflix specials left to go.

Once that’s done I need a new show!  I can’t decide whether to go back and finish off Mr Robot, The Sopranos, The Leftovers or The Affair or start a brand new series like The OA, Sneaky Pete, Riverdale or The Man in the High Castle.

Any recommendations?


Pup and their album The Dream Is Over is getting played almost none stop at the moment, when I’m not playing them it’s Blink 182’s California.

Oh and I’ve been playing The Cure’s Just Like Heaven a little too much since I blogged about it the other week, I even re-watched Adventureland.
I have no gigs lined up but wanted to go see Taking Back Sunday on Friday in Nottingham but no one would go with me :(


Still trying to keep up with my promise to blog more consistently in 2017 and get involved more.

I’m a little picky about questionnaires that are too personal but please feel free to tag me in any challenges, quizzes, music and booklr stuff etc.


I’ve picked the Uncharted Collection back up on PS4.

I forgot how fun these games are, I’ve just finished the 2nd and I’m ploughing my way through the 3rd.
I’m still hoping they re-issue Shenmue 1 and 2 in HD sometime soon…


Things are looking up, or maybe it’s because I’m starting to accept certain inevitable factors.

Work is super busy and will be for at least another week but it’s kinda nice to just throw myself into it to take my mind off of other things.

Oh yeah and there’s kind of a big birthday happening next month for me…I’m not really looking forward to it lol.

Looking Forward to

The Logan movie!  Every Wolvie film up to now has been mediocre to poor so I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, yet I just can’t help but get excited.  
It’s Wolverine!  It’s an 18 ® rated film, I’m finally going to get to see him cause some serious damage!