“’I’m shutting down my blog,’ blah blah blah, social media…blah…”

“’I may never come back to the Internet!’  Oh, hold me, Pearl, I may faint clear away from the suspense!”

“You know, I’d be a lot more impressed if he didn’t pull this crap every couple months.”

“…Wait, you follow Ronaldo’s blog?  Why?”

“Steven, you’ve lived with Amethyst for years.  You should know how much she loves watching people make idiots of themselves.”

“That, and whenever he posts about minding the fry shop, swiping lunch is like taking candy from a manbaby.”

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Hi seiko, this is from a filipino Jin stan. I want to message you to tell you this: YOURE DOING IT RIGHT. I loved the post. It was everything in my head except I never really got up the courage to fight for--YOU DID. And I'm here to appreciate this, really. Please ignore those who say you overreact, blah blah blah, biased. This blog post is exactly what has been going through my head. Jin is just waaaaay too nice. I really hope this gets far. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who cares. :)

yeah he is the nicest person on this planet. remember when he was the only one who asked the girl on the elevator if she was okay when she was crying. and was again the only one who chose his relationship with his members over a love relationship..

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Dude, I like your fics but can you please stop talking about stuff you're not an expert on? It's cringeworthy at best and harmful at worst. I'd appreciate it.

Dude, you can find the fic on AO3 without any of my education or life experiences or the life experiences of others shared so forthrightly.  Though it is worth noting here that if you do not like my opinions, you won’t like my fic, and if you do, you’re missing something when you read them. I am many things but subtle isn’t one of them.

I’m thinking you’re new here, so maybe you didn’t read that this is a writing blog, not just for DA and not just for DA fic. Those who’ve been around a while know that means that when discussion is engaged with the intent to discuss and not simply yell back and forth, it will be entertained, it will be welcomed, and it will be encouraged. 

I’m sorry that education and anecdotal evidence presented in the manner of thoughtful opinion has bothered you. (I’m not actually, in case that sarcasm was missed). We don’t all have to be experts to share our opinions and certainly no one has to be perfect to boost the perspectives of voices that go neglected, which is, has been, and will remain one of the purposes of this blog. (with the exception of the standard -isms and hate, those voices get enough attention and have no place here).

Yesterday’s discussion was nice and healthy and there was nothing harmful said on any side. 

If that’s not your thing, you’re definitely in the wrong place, my dude. I tag carefully and thoroughly, I’ll even add tags to a particular conversation if I think it’s going to continue or be lengthy. It’s a consideration that I do not have to give, but certainly more appreciated than your cringeworthy attempt to come into my inbox on anon and “ask” me how to run my blog. There’s a perfectly good unfollow button at the top along with a handy dandy block button. I’ve used both before; it’s pretty painless.

It’s almost like tumblr makes it so that we don’t have to see things we don’t want!

Take care, dude. I wish you all the best in living life with only the things you agree with in front of you.

For the rest of my followers:

If I seemed harsh above, then you are definitely new around here and I just want to take the time to tell you that yes, we will engage in discussion from time to time on this blog. I generally welcome it, time and energy depending of course, and my inbox is absolutely a place you can safely come on anon and be heard and responded to (as demonstrated many times in the past). But not for stuff like this.  Going forward, any anons like the above (or worse) will be ignored, deleted, or blocked as that has been my policy from the beginning and a good one.  

This is a writing blog, not a fanfic blog, not even a DA blog, though it is where I crosspost my DA fanfic. It’s right there in my blog description.I have posted about it many times. Multifandom, somewhat personal, writing blog, blah blah blah. If this is not the blog for you, take care and tumblrspeed. No hard feelings. I’m on hiatus and I’m not exactly producing a ton of Dragon Age content these days, nor do I plan on resuming with anything near the quantity that I was. You can certainly find a blog that reblogs all the DA art that I do. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

acowar coming tomorrow

It’s finally time to make this post on what I’ll be doing when I get acowar tomorrow. 


I’ve thought about it and I decided I wanted to live-blog. So because I’m doing that, here’s what I’m going to do:

Header: every header on every post I make (whether it’s a thread or a thousand separate posts) will be in bolded ACOWAR SPOILERS (or some variation)

Tags: All posts will be tagged acowar spoiler / acowar spoilers (because some people may have black listed one or the other or both). I will not be tagging ‘acowar’ because I don’t want spoilers showing up in the acowar tag for unsuspecting people 

Keep Reading: I will be putting a cut on all my posts. This acts as a last barrier between you and spoilers. THERE WILL BE CUTS ON ALL THE POSTS. Last chance to avoid spoilers. (This is also for people who do not know how or unable to blacklist tags)

Cuts and some blacklists do not work on mobile and I can’t control that. But I hope that you will see the header “ACOWAR SPOILERS” and scroll away from my posts as quickly as possible. I also advise just not going onto my page when you’re on mobile to avoid spoilers all together. 

I am not tagging his post ‘acowar spoiler/s’ because I want all my followers to see this and know what I will be doing. But I assure you all my spoiler posts will be labeled, tagged, and cut. 

Where my diviners at?

Dashboard is dead…blah blah blah…need new blogs to follow…blah blah blah…

Do you read tarot? Oracle? Runes? Tea Leaves? Magic 8 Ball? Anything of the sort at all? I want to know who you are! 

If you are a diviner or fortune teller of any kind, would you please like, reblog, or answer this question so I might kindly follow you and become your most well behaved tumblr stalker kthxbai

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Will say that this interview went well. The lady actually interacted with me instead of listening to my answers to her questions and then moving onto the next one….however…

Her: so tell me about yourself.
Me: Well I’m twenty five years old *blah blah blah* I have a blog *blah blah blah*
Her: What’s your blog about?

So I gained weight but fuck it who cares. That’s the kind of weekend I am having. We are on bypass at the hospital so work is crazy and I work every other day till Thursday.

I had pizza and a couple drinks last night. I’m 24 and it was Friday. So I don’t feel bad about it. I’m couponing and meal prepping my meals for next week. I already have stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. It is pouring outside and I’m debating if I want to go grocery shopping tonight or on Monday.

Recommended Imagine/Scenarios/Writing Blogs as well as Individual Fics

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I was asked by some people to recommend some blogs/stories, and I thought that I may as well make a whole compilation post just in case considering people have also asked me in the past and I’ve only given a few blogs as a response, and it’ll save me from having to relist people in the future which can result in me forgetting people and blah blah ~

 The following blogs and stories range from memberxmember to readerxmember, as well as some blogs containing NSFW (Not safe for work) content. I won’t be categorising each blog/account by whether it is SFW (Safe for work) or NSFW as the blog/account links lead either to their tumblr blog, where you can search their tags yourself, or a list of their works with all the information provided for you to decide for yourself if the writer is your style or not. For the individual fic recommendations, I have read all of the fics listed in their entirety and have provided ratings, summaries, word counts ect as well as a direct link to the fic.

I know that there really aren’t a lot of accounts, but this is because I’m actually really picky with what I read for whatever reason, so just know that even if the account isn’t bolded, the quality is still great in my opinion and I made sure to read some of the authors works before inclusion. Another reason I feel okay with posting this even with such little blogs, is because each account (usually) has a good amount of content for you to read and/or browse ~

Also, just know that I may add to this list as time goes on, so if you’re ever curious ou can come back and check if I’ve added a fic to the recommended list or a blog to a category ~ ^^

ReaderxMember writing blogs/AO3 accounts

Bolded = Accounts I’ve read a lot from and can personally assure for quality

@your-miss-right | @jingloss | @pjminnie | @fromthe-seoul | satinandsteel | thewriterinquestion | willowthestral35 | @bangtan-wishes | @bangtanboyspreferences | @sugascenes | @bangtan-imagine

MemberxMember writing blogs/AO3 accounts

Bolded = Accounts I’ve read a lot from and can personally assure for quality

@lethallergic | @vminism | @nikkmonoxyls (a shared account of 3 writers: monsterplaza , nikkumeul , carboxyls | sugamins | busan_brat | @sugafreepotato | jflawless | ghuns | @dangnamja |

Fic Rec Blogs

@bangtanficrecs | @bangtanficrec

BTS imagine/scenarios blogs

@bangtan-imagine | @texting-bts | @taetarts | @bangtanreactions | @textin-bts | @midnightbts | @btssnapchat | @lolbtsaus | @bts-snaps | @t-hvng | @hosnaps | @artofennun (not specifically an imagine/scenarios blog but makes amazing au’s and fanart) | @bts-reacts | @lgbtabts-reactions | @bulletproofsnaps 

Noteworthy Fics

!Important! If something is rated “N/A” it means that the story is posted on tumblr, which doesn’t offer a rating system. So, because of this, there is no rating to the story unless the author has decided to give one themselves, which in that case I will add the rating. Beside the “N/A” will be either SFW (Safe for work) or NSFW (Not safe for work) I’m just writing this in case some people get put off by the lack of rating

** = Highly recommended 

Caller Numer 9 by  @your-miss-right **

Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Rated: N/A (SFW)
Pairing: Min Yoongi/Reader
Additional Tags: N/A
Multiple Chapters

Salted Caramel by @your-miss-right **

She liked him…a lot and she just wanted to get the point across. Too bad the wrong guy got it. Note to self: Check orders before writing little notes to the wrong customer!

Rated: N/A (SFW)
Pairing: Jung Hoseok/Reader
Additional Tags: N/A
Multipe Chapters

A Maknae’s Prayer by dr_glove

It was a reverent phrase on his lips.

Rated: G
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk/Reader
Additional Tags: Fluff, Romance, cute af, Gender Neutral, af, Reader Insert
2,393 words 

Eye Smiles by satinandsteel

Taking Jimin dress shopping might turn out to be more useful than you’d think.

Rated: G
Pairing: Park Jimin/Reader
Additional Tags: N/A
1,577 words

Late Nights and Tired Eyes by satinandsteel **

Jin calls them family - you say they’re anything but.

Rated: G
Pairing: Kim Seokjin/Reader
Additional Tags: N/A
1,673 words

I Will Make You Whole by @lethallergic **

Taehyung is a closeted genius, and Jimin is just an amateur at best.

Rated: Explicit
Pairing: Kim Taehyung/Park Jimin
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Vampire, Vampires
36,440 words

All I Want (Is Nothing More) by @lethallergic

“Okay, but really, you would look so hot driving in a Lambo.”

Rated: Explicit
Pairing: Kim Taehyung/Jeon Jungkook
Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content
7,759 words

Trouble by @sugafreepotato

Jimin’s first day to his new university starts off with a bang when he meets a senior, Yoongi.

Rated: PG-13 (for mild swearing)
Pairing: Min Yoongi/Park Jimin
Additional Tags: N/A
1,203 words

House of Cards by Sugamins **

Jungkook is the heir to a mob empire, the most notorious in the whole of Seoul. Taehyung is a rookie sent in to infiltrate by his select team and bring the empire crumbling down.“You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated.”

Rated: Explicit
Pairing: (As listed by the author) Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung/Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung/Park Jimin
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Gangsters, Gang Violence, Violence, Drugs, Drug Use, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Blood and Gore, Blood and Torture, Gambling, Gunplay, Undercover, Disturbing Themes, Homophobic Language, Attempted Rape/Non-Con, Xenophobia, Dom/sub, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Threesome - M/M/M
Multiple Chapters

revolt of the #cyberwarriors by Monsterplaza **

Jeongguk’s just a regular university student with too many essays and not enough time to complete them all. Little does he know, he’s the key to saving Cyberspace. Cyberspace!AU.

Rated: Explicit
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin/Park Jimin
Featuring Characters: EXO Ensemble, iKon Ensemble, GOT7 Ensemble, Winner Ensemble, VIXX Ensemble, Girl’s Day Ensemble, MAMAMOO Ensemble, Monsta X Ensemble
Additional Tags: Minor Character Death, Temporary Character Death, Violence, Porn Watching, Explicit Sexual Content, Wet Dream, Marking, Barebacking, Orgasm Denial, Excessive Drinking, Tumblr Memes, Cybernetics, Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Cyberspace
46,806 Words