things I need; wynne type inquisitors

things I see; nONE of that

seriously!? where are the old/older inquisitors??

the inquisitiors who have been through the blight, who have children or grandchildren, who fight harder than expected because they have lived too goddamn long to hand over their home to an egotistical heretic wannabe god.

give me older inquisitors who completely mother their companions; who makes sure sera and human cole eat and get enough rest, who mends their clothes because it’s habit (and it stops her hands from shaking when she thinks about the cost of losing) who babies cullen - humourously but seriously because she has a son his age¿ (a son who is a templar or a soldier and she worries) give me an inquisitior who gently scolds iron bull when he’s being a tad violent for her likes (and bull who apologies, looking sheepish), give me an inquisitior who notices varrics relationship with bianca and fully expresses concern ‘because it’s not healthy varric’ but supports him in his decision(s) and is there for him, give me an inquisitior who completely goes off at dorian’s father because how dare he try to change one hair on that boys head, how dare he treat his own son that way, give me an inquisitior who is more like a mother to dorian than his own, give me an inquisitior who sees josephine working tirelessly for the inquisition and always comes with a cup of tea and a shoulder to help carry the weight, give me an inquisitior who cares about leliana, who finds her one day resting and covers her with a blanket (leliana isn’t fully asleep ofcourse but the gesture is nice), give me an inquisitior who comforts solas when his friend dies but does not allow him to get away with his bullshit during trespasser, an inquisitior who forgives blackwall with all the support a mother can give, who is disappointed but does not let him drown in his past, give me an inquisitor who stands beside cassandra, who fully supports her and freely gives comforting hugs because she’s only human, an inquisitior who laughs with vivienne, who tells humorous stories of her children or her own time as a mage playing the game (terribly) which makes madam de fer cover her mouth from laughing so hard, who sits beside the grand enchanter in silent support after bastien dies and holds her hand for hours.

give me an older inquisitior who expresses fondness for her companions, who cares so deeply for her friends, who treats them like family and wants them to be safe, gIVE ME A MOTHER TYPE WYNNE INQUISITOR OR FIVE ME DEATH.

Remember how I said I was going to try to think of cute headcanons? Well, I thought about this instead lol. For Blackwall’s reveal, Elden was ultimately more hurt that Blackwall lied to him bc they’re friends. Sure, he was horrified by what Blackwall had done, but he knows he’s a good person now and accepted that he is trying to be a better person. The thing that really fucked Elden up, though, was Blackwall’s comment about how easily people, especially Elden as the Inquisitor, can be corrupted.

This is something Elden is terrified about and Blackwall would know that. Every step of the way Elden is constantly second guessing himself, worried his actions could cause more harm than good and he is terrified of using the Inquisition for selfish reasons. He never wanted to be a leader and he’s all too aware of what’s at stake, knowing that while one person might be grateful for their intervention another might view them as an invader and he’s always trying to balance that as best he can and tbh he’s kind of killing himself over it. And here Blackwall is essentially saying he has no faith in Elden and while that hurts, it terrifies him more than anything and makes him doubt his own abilities even more.


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dai characters as things teachers have said to me

cassandra: oh sorry. i was into this new romance novel i got over the weekend and spaced out what was your question

varric: i have a retirement plan in place and it’s going to be rad. i’m not telling any of you because it’s super cool and all of you will steal it but it’s cool i’ll be famous 

solas: im kinda of like the school gypsy. im here for one year and boom then im gone

iron bull: the june on the board is a reminder for when i have to arm wrestle this kid in my algebra class. if he wins they get 10 extra points on their finals but if i win i get satisfaction of winning and my pride 

dorian: i think it’s important that you all learn to be yourselves and not like your peers or your parents. like me for example. my father was a mean bastard. me? im a sarcastic bastard. be yourself kids

cole:i think sophia’s right, not all ghosts have to be mean. if i was a ghost i’d be a helpful ghost. i’d do taxes or something

vivienne: and this is… wait, wait a second. let’s take a moment to take in what he is wearing, those shoes do not that match that outfit 

blackwall: hey guys just a side note in this contest between teachers dont vote for me. if i win not only will i be decorated but they’ll make me and mr chasse shave our beards and if my beard goes i go

sera: i hate the no cursing rule. as long as im not cursing at anyone i should be already. if i say ‘hey student fuck you’ then im screwed but if i go to this crap tv and say ‘come on you piece of shit turn on’ i should be alright, right?

cullen: cough drops? that’s drugs you cant have drugs here. I’m kidding i’ll take anything to numb the pain of living. 

leliana: if a bad guy were to walk into this room i could kill him in eight different ways so there’s no need to worry about anything like that

josephine: why did everything in history have to end in a fight im sure if they all just got into a room and talked it out they could have gotten to some sort of agreement


Poll winner from the last month and another part of Across Thedas series. Crestwood is one of my favorite maps and left a huge impression on me during my first playthrought (:

Big thanks to my patrons for all the suggestions and help! Comic’s based on this post (x)

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DAI Companions as Ron Swanson Gifs


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Iron Bull

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companions and advisers react to discovering the inquisitor did a perfect wicked hearts quest with utterly no mistakes whatsoever and was utterly stone cold drunk as all hell the entire time without giving it away until the very end when they're alone.


Iron Bull + Chargers:


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Cole: Knew the whole time, so


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BONUS: Inquisitor: 

Reasons Blackwall is best bean
  • Afraid of magic but still approves of freeing the mages
  • In the Exalted Plains says sadly “I wonder if the elves will ever find a home”
  • Confesses that he thought a non-human Quizzy would be human, apologises and says it’s foolish, and says “it’s what you do and how you do it that’s important”
  • If Sera isn’t recruited he comes up with the idea of Solas banging Fade spirits on his own and decides it’s worth risking a fireball to the ass to ask him
  • If you pardon him in the Trespasser epilogue he fuckin travels the world giving hope to people I’m crying
  • Fucking TANK. Nothing can bring him down. Demons? No problem. Bears? Bring it on. Dragons? Piece of cake.
  • Singlehandedly protected the people at the Crossroads when the Breach opened like the badass motherfucker he is
  • “for… valour”
  • Canonically gives great hugs
  • “titsicles”