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Police officers in San Francisco, California are under investigation after they were caught exchanging racist texts.

The text messages were exchanged between former Sgt. Ian Furminger and current officers Michael Robison, Noel Schwab, Rain Daugherty and Michael Celis, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

This revelation comes on the heels of the federal prosecution and conviction of Sgt. Furminger on corruption charges.

Now, thanks to this revelation, all four officers have been reassigned… But that is far from being seriously disciplined or fired. Instead, they have just been moved to positions where they have no contact with the public. The San Francisco police officials apparently thought this was a reasonable solution… Many in the public strongly disagree.

Some of the things the officers were caught saying include the following list, compiled by Alternet from a a federal documentmade public last Friday:

• “We got two blacks at my boys [sic] school and they are brother and sister! There cause dad works for the school district and I am watching them like hawks.”
• In response to a text asking “Do you celebrate quanza [sic] at your school?” Furminger wrote: “Yeah we burn the cross on the field! Then we celebrate Whitemas.”
• “Its [sic] worth every penny to live here [Walnut Creek] away from the savages.”
• “Those guys are pretty stupid! Ask some dumb ass questions you would expect from a black rookie! Sorry if they are your buddies!”
• “The buffalo soldier was why the Indians Wouldnt [sic] shoot the n****rs that found for the confederate They [sic] thought they were sacred buffalo and not human.”
• “Gunther Furminger was a famous slave auctioneer.”
• “My wife has 2 friends over that don’t know each other the cool one says to me get me a drink n****r not knowing the other is married to one just happened right now LMFAO.”
• “White power.”
• In response to a text saying “n****rs should be spayed,” Furminger wrote “I saw one an hour ago with 4 kids.”
• “I am leaving it like it is, painting KKK on the sides and calling it a day!”
• “Cross burning lowers blood pressure! I did the test myself!”
• In response to a text saying “All n****rs must fucking hang,” Furminger wrote “Ask my 6 year old what he thinks about Obama.”
• In response to a text saying “Just boarded train at Mission/16th,” Furminger wrote “Ok, just watch out for BM’s” [black males].
• “I hate to tell you this but my wife friend [sic] is over with their kids and her husband is black! If [sic] is an Attorney but should I be worried?” Furminger’s friend, an SFPD officer, responded: “Get ur pocket gun. Keep it available in case the monkey returns to his roots. Its [sic] not against the law to put an animal down.” Furminger responded, “Well said!”
• In response to a text from another SFPD officer regarding the promotion of a black officer to sergeant, Furminger wrote: “Fuckin n****r.”
Think Progress notes that only 6% of San Francisco’s population are African American, and yet they are seven times more likely than Caucasian residents to be arrested by the police.
(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David) #blackout #Tributaree #TeamNatural #Hbcunation #blacklove #BlackPower #blackpride #blackunity #blackrevolution #BlackKings #BlackQueens #AfricanDiaspora #OurHistory
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Nothing Could Prepare Me for the First Time I Was Called "the N word"

The very first time I was ever called a n*gger, was my freshman year of high school. Up until then, I knew what the word meant, and I knew it was one of the worst things you could ever call someone. I also knew that I would probably be called it one day. My mother, who is white, had tried her very best to shield me form the inevitable racism  and racial confusion I would endure throughout my life. She got me lots of books when I was little that were all about loving your skin and your hair. I live in a primarily white state, so kids (and adults) have always been interested in things like my hair. When I was in elementary school, the kids would grab my thick curly hair and shut it in the windows of the school bus or pull on it and tell me it was like dog hair. I didn’t like it, but I was always too shy to say anything. People would scrape their nails down my skin and say I was like a chalk board, because a white line would appear anytime I would get scraped. But none of that prepared me for freshman year. 

I was sitting on the bus on my way home from school, listening to music and reading as I normally did in the afternoons. There were two kids behind me, one who’s name was Corey and the other Jordan. I could hear both of them talking behind me, but I couldn’t really hear anything specific. Until he said it. “N*gger.” He said. Flat out. No warning or anything. The feeling I got in that moment was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I literally felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest. My insides felt like they were collapsing, and my heart was racing. Jordan hit him on the arm and chuckled. “COREY, you can’t say that.” she said. 

“And why not?” He shot back at her. I glanced back and she nodded her head at me, as if to say “because she’s here”. He quickly replied with “I don’t fucking care, she’s a n*gger. I’ll say it again.” I stared straight ahead at the back of the seat in front of me, and prayed he wouldn’t say it again. But then he leaned forward, saying it directly to me this time. “N*GGER.” He shouted. “N*GGER N*GGER N*GGER.” With every time that he said it, the knife in my chest plunged deeper and deeper. My eyes filled with tears, and even as I cried I looked around to see if anyone was hearing this, but everybody was off doing their own thing, talking amongst themselves, oblivious to the situation. I felt helpless.

“Please stop.” I whispered through my tears. He laughed then, and leaned over the seat so that his mouth was right next to my ear. And then he screamed it in my ear for the last time. I literally felt like someone was punching me and stabbing me all at once. You always hear about the word, and you always know what it means and you know how bad it is, but it is a whole different experience to have it said directly to you with the full intent of its definition. 

I didn’t tell anyone about it for a couple weeks afterwards. My mood changed, and people were noticing. I was irritable, I would burst into tears when I thought nobody was looking. My mother finally confronted me and demand I tell her what was wrong. My voice shaking, I recounted the whole ordeal. She sat and held me and cried with me. The day that she had been dreading since the day I was born had come. The very next day she called my school and told them that action had better be taken against Corey. For three days after that, nothing happened. I heard nothing from my school, and Corey continued to go to school and ride the bus. Finally one day, in my 2nd period class, I got called down to the office. My heart raced as I made my way down. When I got to the office the two resource officers and our principal were there. They had be recount my story. They sat quiet for a few second afterwards. 

“Well, he says he was just singing a rap song and he didn’t know you were there." 

"That’s wrong, he knew I was there. He wasn’t singing a rap song! He was calling me a n*gger on purpose!" 

"Well he says he was singing a rap song.” The resource officer said again. “We spoke to him, and we spoke to his parents. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it. We’ve given him a lunch detention for the next two days." 

That was it. That was what Corey got for doing what he did to me. A slap on the wrists. So much for a "Zero Tolerance Policy” Welcome to the American school system. They sent me back to class after that. I walked up those flights of stairs, my face hot and tears threatening to pour out over my face. I was humiliated. I still saw him everyday after that. He and his friends would taunt me every time he saw me, mocking me, making cry baby faces. It was torture. My mother pushed for the school to do more, but they wouldn’t budge. They repeated over and over that they gave him two lunch detentions, that that was an adequate punishment for scarring me. Like I said, I live in an almost completely white state, so most all of my friends were white. They said they were sorry for what happened, but you could see on their faces that they didn’t understand. They didn’t understand the deep effect his words had on me. I felt trapped inside myself, nobody understood what I was going through. About a month or so after that, I moved away and switched schools. Things got a bit better after that socially, but the scars of his words are still deeply affecting me. I am just now learning to love who I am again, despite the racial struggles I still face. 

That’s why #blackout is so important to me. I see so much black pride going around, and it’s the most incredible thing in the world to see. All of us banding together and celebrating our culture and every inch of our beautiful skin and hair and eyes…all of it. It honestly makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful thing to see. Happy Blackout Day, everyone :)

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I tried to tell y'all who’s behind the fireworks (to cause confusion), molotov cocktails, agitating police, being belligerent and ESPECIALLY the LOOTING. IT’S NOT US. PROTESTS IN #FERGUSON HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED BY HATE GROUPS. They come to stir up shit, then sit back and blame the unruly n****s.

01.07.2015 Illustration of Police Brutality in Americs By Darren Bell, Washington Post Writer’s Group

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In memory of Sandra Bland
By @MsPassionart 🎨
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Wise Words….
How much do you have to hate yourself to not find beauty in the Queens who birthed you?
How much do you have to hate yourself to not love the essence of the Black/African Wombman?
Self hatred is real and is so subliminal that most won’t even recognize it until it’s too late.


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