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(This was sent to me off-anon, they asked to be anonymous)

Hey! I’ve been in the fandom properly since like, September, but I’ve been aware of it vaguely given this story. I wasn’t gonna say anything initially, but then I realised people tell their stories around here all the time, and this whole babygate thing has really got people doubting so I thought why not.

Okay so, looooong story short: I went to uni with a girl from Dudley, who went to the girls school that was next door to/across the street(?) from Liam’s school, and they were friends, did lunch together, got the bus home together etc. We’ll call her Friend X. I wasn’t into 1D at all at the time (2011), I didn’t even know which one Liam was, but I asked if he was a dickhead and she said no, but some of his other friends at his school were. (She also told me how he used to sing all the time at lunch and everyone’d be like “ffs stfu not again save me jesus”.)

So a couple months later 1D were performing in Blackpool and he’d given a couple tickets to his friend, who was friends with my friend, we’ll call her Friend Y. Anyway X asked me to come cause she didn’t want to go up and down to Blackpool on her own (it’s a shitehole) and I said aye grand. We went up earlier than the concert cause we figured we may as well make a day of it, and we called into their dressing room before the show so Liam, X, Y and another two friends could catch up. We said hey, and they were really nice, (I’m from N. Ireland, and Harry started imitating my accent at one stage so there was a bitta slaggin about that) and we just had some tea and sat around and talked about uni stuff and how it was going and he was talking about the tour and home etc.  

Anyway as we were talking the other four boys sorta splintered off to the other side of the room, I think they didn’t want to intrude, and Louis came up behind Harry who was looking at his phone, and started play-fighting with him, like throwing air punches and making punch noises, and Harry did it back, only he made his arms into wee t-rex arms and made squawking noises, and they were laughing, and then Louis grabbed his hands and pulled him in for a kiss on the cheek and I thought “awk bless”. And then like 10 minutes later Louis started lobbing orange segments at Harry, who got up, so Louis got up and just kept lobbing them at him, and Liam was like “omg shut up”, cause they were gettin a bit loud, so Louis just threw the rest of the orange at Harry (and missed) and then ran at him and hugged him and kissed his face again as he tried to pull away, and we laughed. We didn’t stay long after that, they had to get ready I think, and we went to get a sandwich.

Anyway we watched the show, its was grand, and as we were walking to the bus X got a text from Liam all, “hope you and your friend enjoyed the show, get home safe” and I remember thinking how nice it was for him to check in. So then on the bus I said to X “they get on really well for a put together band like, I was surprised” and she agreed, though she told me that Y had told her that Liam and Louis used to row all the time, but it seemed to have stopped. And then I said “Harry and Louis seemed to get on rightly as well, ye can tell they’re proper besties” and she said, “Yeah, they’re a really lovely couple” and I was like, “ohhh right, are they together?” and she said, “Well that’s what Liam told Y.” And I was like, “Aw cool, that’s dead cute.”



Detectives Carlisle, Hardy, and Carver (part three)
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Dressing/undressing, talking on his cell phone, and smiling

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