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Han Geng - Happy Camp Preview! ☆


Wilber Pan 潘瑋柏《24個比利》Crazy Version

LOL Can’t stop laughing. Boys will be boys. Poor Fan Fan having to deal with all these crazy men intruding her house. So much love for them! I love how Wilber can’t help but steal a few laughs here and there

Whenever I hear or see any news about them, I get all soft and mushy inside. Especially after watching their episode of Kang Xi, I truly realise how in love they are with each other. 11 years and still going strong. THAT is rare. And even rarer in the Entertainment industry.

They are like the yin to the yang or the butter to the bread.

But they are most definitely the Black to the White. ♥ 

Blackie and Fan Fan, I wish you guys all the happiness in the world. ♥

You guys are the TRUE One True Pair out there. ♥

Because he is Wang Leehom.

Today, Leehom prepared a special area for 93 sick children and their family, and during the concert, he called out to all his fans to send encouragement to these 93 sick patients…just when the whole crowd was shouting encouraging words to the children and their family…alot of the children and parents cried. At the end of the concert, Leehom personally went to the special seating area and gave every kid a huge hug. No matter what the future holds, this will forever be an unforgettable memory for both the children and their family…Thanking Leehom once again for his thoughtfulness. lovelife - Blackie Chen