BlackBerry’s Leap                                           

A BlackBerry Ltd. Leap smartphone is presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

BlackBerry introduced the 5-inch (12.7 centimeter) touch-screen device for the lower end of the market in the erstwhile smartphone leader’s latest attempt to regain customers.

The Leap, which comes in white and gray, will cost $275, less than half of what the latest smartphones from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. go for. It is aimed at boosting BlackBerry’s market share among younger professionals used to touch screens, said Chief Executive Officer John Chen in an interview with Bloomberg TV in Barcelona.   

Read more about the Blackberry Leap at Bloomberg Business.

Photographer: Pau Berrena/Bloomberg 

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Forever my favorite picture!

Blackberry (J-27) and little brother Mako (J-39) share a loving hug. These two brothers also have a sister, Tsuchi (J-31). After their mother, Blossom (J-11), passed away in 2008, Blackberry took on the parental role of raising his siblings. Mako absolutely adores him.

Photo: James Mead Maya