Repost @godleydestiny A quick #nudelip combo for #darkskin.
#LipLiner is @blackup liner mso5 lip colors are faithful and chai latte from @bhcosmetics.
The #eyeshadow #palette is also from #bhcosmetics my #highlighter is the bh #blacklightpalette and I’m obsessed.
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anonymous asked:

Do you have any makeup recommendations for dark skin girls sis? 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

NYX Total Control Drop foundation has a pretty good shade range and had a decent amount of dark shades that are actually brown. I don’t know who the fuck told makeup company’s that they can market black women and men orange foundation and no one was gonna notice 😒 They just make orange foundations and make them darker orange as they go down the list. The Total Control drop foundation has a good 6 foundation colors that are actually deep Browns and for all different undertones. They’re still a little orange toned and could be darker in my opinion but they’re getting there. One of the closest colors I have seen for darker skin that’s more realistic.

BlackOpal, Iman Cosmetics, blackUp Cosmetics, and Fashion Fair are also some companies that have makeup for WOC with darker skin and they have many variations for undertones dedicated to darker skinned women.

Hope this helps mama 😘