Black Sugar Babies have to work twice as hard to get a sugar daddy. It’s sad. But in general, black people can not be mediocre in anything. It’s sickening knowing that I’m extremely attractive and have men dying to be with me on a daily basis, but go on a website like Seeking Arrangement and read someone’s profile that says “Sorry, No African Americans”! But every other race but black is welcomed. Ugh.


I have been dealing with teenybopper white kids today and I don’t understand why they do these things

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So, Black girls get suspended from school for wearing their hair natural. Told that they need to change it or be expelled. But then these girls only get 5 days suspension for wearing a shirt that spelled out “nigger”. A joke I’m sure they thought was cute, funny and nowhere near offensive at the time. 5 DAYS… that’s it. The only thing this will teach them is that they should go be racist somewhere else.