I’m sure we hear more about him in the future. We have got to get these kids to understand that striving to be a rapper, football and basketball player is not the only thing out there. Unfortunately, kids make fun of kids who get good grades or are in honor classes because they don’t view it as being cool. It is critical to stop the bullying and stop that mentality. At some point the cycle of poverty needs to stop somewhere within a family. A child that focuses on school and graduates high school and moves on to college helps end the perpetuation of repeating the cycle of uneducated people in a family structure. When that child graduates and hopefully moves on to a great career. Numerous inventors were black.. THIS is what our youth should focus on, strive for!


The concert will make Matthew the world’s youngest ever conductor!

Matthew’s performance will form part of NSO’s ‘Animal Magic!’ show which will also feature Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev.

Neil Bennison, music programme manager at the Royal Concert Hall, said young conductors like Matthew are rare.

Successful conductors have to be team managers, leaders, motivators and diplomats, and these people skills take time to develop and require a level of maturity that only comes with years of experience.Orchestras can be pretty merciless to conductors for whom they have no respect, so you’d have to be a supremely confident young maestro to win over a lot of hardened professional musicians.

Derek Williams, NSO conductor and Matthew’s music teacher, added: 

I spotted Matthew’s musical talent very early on in his musical tuition as I’ve been teaching him violin for five years. There aren’t many children who have the ability to conduct a 75-strong orchestra from memory and it’s a really incredible thing to witness.

Can we be honest for a moment and say that it’s rare to hear anything positive on the news, especially when it comes to black children? Matthew Smith is definitely making history. This young man is talented. I hope he does well and goes far.


You Can Transition Out of the Streets for $5,000

Killer Mike gave listeners a bit of real world advice on how they could invest their money into businesses instead of “cloudy jewelry” or bottle service at the club.

He explained that for as little as $5,000 you can invest into a snow cone business and build your wealth from there, as he made it clear that the street life sounds cool in songs, but it’s not great in real life.

Killer Mike is so woke he wants to teach us how to run with the jewels. This is a great advice for black yourh especially. You can start planning and invest money in your future instead of spending them for parties and useless  thing to impress others. And expirience which you can earn, will cost even more than money you spend/earn.

ALL confederate statues and flags deserve to be torn down. if people wanna learn about its backstories then that’s what museums are for but they do not deserve to be put on some pedestal. slavery and racism does not deserve to be put on a pedestal, elements of jim crow does not deserve to be put on a pedestal….so i applaud all the brave black youth who tear down those bullshit monuments, they’re the real heroes of this country 

Brave Williams from New York is just 17 but is already 7ft 1 and growing

Towering over his teammates at 7ft 1in tall, 17-year-old Brave Williams is hoping his height can help propel him to sporting stardom.

The 400lb senior at Lake Shore High School in Angola, New York, is already a highly-regarded member of his high school basketball and American football teams.

And the youngster is now setting his sights on winning a much-coveted college athletic scholarship.

‘When I was five years old, I was like 5ft 3in.’

'The teachers thought I was actually a second grader, so they put me in the wrong class for about an hour before they realised their mistake.’

'I had to tell them that I was just starting school.’

However, Brave very nearly didn’t make it to even his first birthday - he had to be delivered via caesarian because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

'The doctors tried to pull me out three times before they were going to take more drastic measures. But as soon as my dad touched my mom’s forehead, I let go, and the doctors got me out,’ Brave told high school sports site MaxPreps.

'My dad instantly named me Brave because I needed a strong name.’

Specialists were concerned that he might be suffering from a form of gigantism known as Sotos syndrome, but tests done at three months and again at three years came back clear - much to the relief of his mother Angela.

She said: 'Every day he grew more and more, so that was when I got worried.

'To finally get the word that you have just got a tall kid was really relieving to say the least.’

Brave is now 7ft 1in tall - the same as Basketball Hall of Fame legend Shaquille O'Neal - but experts predict will be 7ft 5in by the time he stops growing, the same size as his great-great uncle.

Brave said: 'He made a pine tree look like a sapling. So, I think that’s where I got most of my height from.’

Born of African-American and Native American heritage, Brave lives on the Cattaraugus Reservation in the Seneca Nation of Indians.

The tall teen sleeps in a custom-made bed, although his feet still dangle off the end, and wears size 21 shoes.

While Brave’s size makes him killer on the court, it does also attract unwelcome attention in the form of stares and comments.

Mom Angela said: 'It was tough for me when my son turned five because then he had to go to school and I had to share him with the world.

'It was hard because he is sensitive and people stare, they look, they point.

'Now he’ll take the time to talk to everybody, people ask him the same questions over and over again - “How tall are you? Are you a wrestler? Are you this? Are you that?” And he just takes the time to respond, that’s his special gift.’

Brave is now determined to go on and become a pro athlete, but says he wants to go to college and complete his studies first - and would like to major in engineering.

And for 5ft 9in Angela, Brave’s stature is more than just an accident of genetics.

'I thought about my son being tall for a long time, and I think there is a reason why he’s so tall - because it gets him noticed and makes people listen to him,’ she added.

'But the rest is what matters, what really makes him special. I know he’s going to do big things.’


7 things you need to know about the trans military ban

by L’lerret Ailith, Communications Manager for Black Youth Project 100 and a Black trans woman.

  1. We have to focus on the bigger picture. This isn’t about the military. It’s an attack on the dignity and humanity of trans people and our right to occupy space and navigate authentically.
  2. Politicians are ending the ACA with no viable alternative. They’re creating a faux complication of trans people’s healthcare costs being a burden to taxpayers and the government and moving bigoted legislation in order to seem like they’re helping American economy.
  3. With the military budget at near $50 billion and trans healthcare costs at only $9 million, this is clearly a rouse to get folks to attack the legitimacy and necessity of trans healthcare. I mean, they spend upwards of $40 million on viagra but that isn’t an issue, right?
  4. With the rise in violence and harassment of trans people lately and consistent picking at trans validity (bathrooms, pronouns, etc), we can prepare for a war on trans folks by the American government.
  5. This is less about choice and more about stripping away at resources and protections. Trans people will be scapegoated as the burdens of society.
  6. There is also a clear and present danger for current trans military folks and vets relying on resources to get the money or medical care or education they needed.
  7. This will extend further than the military. It will affect Americans on the large scale and we can prepare to continue to see rollbacks against our community. If the “burden” affects military budget, who says they won’t use it to affect federal budget. And then use that as a primer to a replacement of ACA that is shitty and shuts out all protection and accommodation of trans people and probably other marginalized communities.

BYP100 is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. They do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education using a Black queer feminist lens.

Every time I hear about another black young boy killed at the hands of police or a so-called authority figure, I think about my brother. He is only 12 years old. In his time on this earth, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Jordan Edwards have been killed. They were all under the age of the 18, and had futures that were taken away in an instant.

Hearing time after time again that another black person was killed when their life could have been spared is numbing. But I have to remember that I can’t make this become normal to me.

My brother could have been any of those boys. I hate to think that, but I have to remind myself it’s possible. I bother him a lot, and sometimes don’t spend as much time with him as I could, but he’s so important to me. He’s my flesh and blood, and a piece of my heart. The one I can act silly with when it comes down to it. I love him to death.

I’ve never had one of these conversations with him. I maybe mentioned it briefly, but now more than I ever I feel as if I have to sit him down and really explain it all to him. It’s become a necessity, which is sad.

If you have a little brother, or even a little sister, it’s time to have that talk. It may scare them or they may not understand, but it has to happen. They need to be aware and understand how this world works. Yes, there’s good, but there is also bad. We have to open their eyes to the truth.

I won’t let my brother become a statistic. I refuse to let that happen. He’s going to make it to high school and college. He’s going to become something. He may one day be a father and husband. He’ll live to see old age. He’ll live his life to the fullest. I swear he will. That’s a promise.