Lets just appreciate how amazing Mikey Way is. And lets not forget the giant inflatable panda!


Love As The Stars Went Out

A collection of poetry from the end of the world. Poems of love, feeling and emotion, the collection encompasses all of life, and even beyond. Simple and elegant, the book contains all the poetry of existence.

“I love every bit of this book. So simple yet deep meaningful words. I would recommend it to all and everyone….” Customer Review. Paperback - Kindle - Lulu Publishers - Paperback - Kindle - Paperback - Kindle - Signed Direct from Author - Full List of Availability


May I have your attention

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-Life Is strange
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-The Evil Within
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-Orphan Black
-Tomb Raider
-Monster High
-Jurassic World
-Jurassic World
-Harry Potter
-Guardians Of The Galaxy

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hey! I just cleared up my dash a lot bc I was seeing too much stuff I don’t really care about anymore, but now I’m not following as many people. so like/ reblog if you post any of the following and I’ll check out your blog:
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