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Battery Electricity (1957)

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Hey so, if Ppl are wondering… I’ve been insanely busy trying to live a successful(bearable, even) art-centered life while completing my first series for major publication WITHOUT AN ADVANCE. (It took a Kickstarter to make issue 1, so imagine what a series will take :/ )

So here’s the first public image of Feral NYC issue 2 #wip. If you are still waiting for your campaign package, they are going out at a manageable pace that won’t drive me either nuts or into a shelter.
In the meantime help support a life-artist w/ #love through my shops- &

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My look today was on POINT. I tried to get an incognito/vogue picture while doing errands at Public Health. Black shirt, green cargo skirt, beachy waves hair, aviators.

After work, pup and I met up with our friend to join the Boulder Running Company’s weekly run. Little did we know we’d be among ELITE runners. In the time we finished the 3-mile route (turns out we turned back a little too early, but we still got the 3-miles in) in 34 minutes; there were already people back from the 5-mile route. Rude.

There was free pizza, free (lukewarm, canned) Avery’s beer and a raffle. I won a Tailwind stick! I’m excited to try it on my next long hike.

We’re going to try and make this run a weekly thing, pending weather, and have the goal of running the entire 5-mile route by the end of summer.

On top of a 1.5 mile walk this morning with the pup, doing some street outreach during work and this run, I hit over 20,000 steps today; at least 5-6 miles done.


the signs’ little things based off people i know
  • aries:riding in the car with the windows down and music all the way up. drinking a rainbow slushy. wrapping yourself in blankets. the squeak of sneakers on a gym floor. warm spring days. running. jumping in puddles after it rains. being angry and intense while playing a sport.
  • taurus:buddhism. reading on a window seat. writing in an old, leather-bound journal. traveling. drinking tea and reading a book. low, earthy colors. handprints. twisting yourself around and around in curtains. the sun through the trees in a forest. symmetrical drawings.
  • gemini:spending saturday mornings in bed, thinking. laughing until your sides hurt, a bottle of soda in hand. summer days at the beach with family and friends. bilinguality. bike rides. green tea and sci-fi novels. painting on the porch on an easel with a friend. dancing in public.
  • cancer:black and pink frilly bathing suits. exploring the woods and looking for salamanders. ding-dong ditching. taking artsy pictures and posting them. finding stupid online games that you could play for hours. getting your nails painted. iced starbucks drinks. pool parties.
  • leo:sitting in the back of a movie theater. sprinting the last leg of the race, colors and flags flying by. finding something that fits perfectly at the mall. making eye contact with your crush in the hallway. sitting on the damp grass at two in the morning, watching the moon. midnight blue and black and light pink. overpowering abercrombie music and perfume.
  • virgo:taking long, warm showers and using yummy-smelling soap. thick british accents. the first daffodils of spring and other yellow things. white, puffy blankets. riding the peter pan ride at disney world. driving fast on the highway. math and science. golden retriever puppies.
  • libra:laughing a lot. making up stories about people who pass you by on the subway. bright colored scarves. exploring abandoned houses. day trips to the beach and pretending to be mermaids. coming up with perfect halloween costumes. memories from early childhood.
  • scorpio:studying really hard in school. innocence. riding your bike everywhere. rescuing a puppy from the pound. working hard to live up to high expectations. peanut butter sandwiches. laughing while trying to rap. yummy chocolate chip cookies from a friend.
  • sagittarius:bright, painfully neon colors. dragons. playing make-believe as a kid. always going the extra mile. kiddy themed birthday parties and bounce houses. finding a talent and delighting in it. always trying to blend in but be original. naming stuffed animals after yourself.
  • capricorn:tumblr grunge. coming up with funny catch phrases, and the feeling when you make people laugh. fierce devotion to boybands. planning out your whole life ahead. low self-esteem. dying your hair fun colors. polaroid pictures. cake batter ice cream cones.
  • aquarius:being overprotective of your best friends. bright colored clothes. walking to the corner store to buy candy and stupid sunglasses. big families. running wild in your neighborhood. adopting any animal that crosses your path. midnight pizza runs.
  • pisces:light periwinkle. always needing to be needed. taking other peoples’ recommendations very very seriously. fruit snacks with gooey centers. being good at sports. rain after a winter of snow. painting with ink.

Happy Birthday Katherine Dunham! (June 22, 1909 – May 21, 2006) American dancer, choreographer, author, educator, and social activist. Dunham had one of the most successful dance careers in American and European theater of the 20th century, and directed her own dance company for many years. 

Portrait of dancer Katherine Dunham. Autographed on front: “To Flora and Charlotte Dresser, still the two charming ladies of Detroit. Katherine Dunham.” Handwritten on back: “Dunham, Katherine." 

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

Celebrating Midsummer with the Bard!

From our stacks: Pictured above, illustrations from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, taken from The Plays Of Shakespeare.  Edited and annotated by Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke. Vol. 1 - Comedies. Illustrated by H.C. Selous. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, London, 1866.

Motion Glitch Portraits | 1

Camille Flammarion

Nicolas Camille Flammarion (26 February 1842 – 3 June 1925) was a French astronomer and author. He was a prolific author of more than fifty titles, including popular science works about astronomy, several notable early science fiction novels, and works on psychical research and related topics. He also published the magazine L'Astronomie, starting in 1882. He maintained a private observatory at Juvisy-sur-Orge, France. (Short bio from Wikipedia)

Source: Public domain portrait from smithsonian, Flickr.
Short bio: Wikipedia


Happy Birthday Florence Ballard! (June 30, 1943 – February 22, 1976)

View of Florence Ballard being carried by unidentified fan. 

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library