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After a black President, and a woman about to be President, Republicans picked the most racist AND sexist person to represent them.

Enter Trump

He didn’t build the sexist, racist Right Wing, he just slapped his name on it.

Since I turned 18, I’ve gotten to vote for the first black president twice and just got to vote for the first female. LOOK AROUND LOOK AROUND AT HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW ✌🏻️✌🏻️✌🏻️

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Beyond the obvious beauty and grace of our First Lady, one must consider the historic importance of this photo. Our history books sweep under the rug the fact that the White House was built by African American slaves. For the next 150 years the majority of the serving staff of the so called “people’s house” were African American. In 1901 Booker T. Washington was the first African American to be received there as a guest by Theodore Roosevelt, to the horror of Washington society. They are all at last vindicated in our first African American first family. Note…It is my humble opinion that no matter what family should occupy the White House after January 2017, and the following generations for that matter, they will never equal the style, debonair, and class as that of the Obamas.


Bernie Sanders: “You can’t praise Ali and disparage Muslims.”

Saturday, June 4, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that we, people mourning Muhammad Ali, must remember the legendary boxer’s faith.
During a press conference in Los Angeles said: “The reason that Ali struck a chord in the heart of so many Americans was not just his great boxing skill, it was his incredible courage. At a time when it was not popular to do so, Ali stood up and said, “I am opposed to the war in Vietnam and I’m not going to fight in that war.” And that incredibly courageous decision cost him three and a half years of his prime fighting life. But he chose to stand by his ideals, his views. What a hero. What a great man.”

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Lupe reminisces on the movies that helped create a generation. The title could also be a play on the whole concept of this song. These movies were good and entertaining upon watching them, but in the long run, too many of them painted a stereotype that was detrimental to the masses. In the same way fast food double burgers with cheese are tasty upon eating them, but too many of them are detrimental to your health in the long run. These movies are in fact “double burgers with cheese.”  


Bernie Sanders Reaches Out To Black Voters In South Carolina

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug 22 (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought his progressive populism to deeply Republican South Carolina, and made a pitch to connect with the black voters that provide most of the Democratic support in the early primary state.

Listen to his inspiring full speech here.