I was tagged by the lovely @selfignitingargent <3

1. Favorite colour: Dark Red

2. Favorite songs: Heathens, Broken, River, Intro, Emotional, and Do I Wanna Know?

3. Favorite bands: Twenty One Pilots, that’s about it I think?

4. Fictional place in which I would reside: Beacon Hills or the Glade.

5. Gender: Female

6. Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

8. Birthday: Lol

9. Places I want to go: California and the UK.

10. Places I’ve been to:  Florida, New York, Canada, Ky, and I think Arizona.

11. Currently studying/working: Lol

12. Shows I really like: Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Big Brother, and I’ve started watching Breaking Bad.

13. Current lockscreen/wallpaper: My lock screen is plain black with white letters that say “On Wednesdays We Wear Black” and my home screen is a cute picture of Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey with adorable faces while holding hands, from like years ago. When Dyl had buzzcut hair.

14. Why did I choose my URL: There’s no real reason behind it, I just used my name and my fave numbers.

15. Are there people from this website I’d like to meet: Oh man hmm @obrienswolf@thepencilnerd, @honeystilinski, and @imagine-a-real-stiles 100% and my pack @teenwolves-ahead, @beta-banshees, @lovely-lahey, @theo-baeken, @selfignitingargent, @sun-moon-mantra (and esmee ofc)

16. Salty or Sweet: Sweet :P

17. Last book I read: Lol

18. Favorite online shopping site: Amazon

19. Favorite movie: The Maze Runner (and I just watched the Fault in Our Stars yesterday and cried my eyes out)

20. What did I want to be when I grew up: Right now, anything as long as I’m successful. My dream is to finish school and move somewhere peaceful with my best friend, Mandy.

I tag: Idk who’ll do it so I’ll just tag my hoes @obrienswolf, @imagine-a-real-stiles and @honeystilinski


「Skream!」 X Plastic Tree (15.08.2016) 

A short video message by Plastic Tree for the Japanese music magazine ‘Skream!’ They are talking about the new single 'Silent Noise’ which will hit the stores this Wednesday and their upcoming Autumn tour 『Black Silent/White Noise』!

They also gave an interview which can be read on Skream!´s website (Japanese only) ↴


Police hunt for armed convenience store robber

Police are looking for an armed robber, who made off with cash from a convenience store early Wednesday morning. 

Brandishing a black handgun, a white male approached the counter of a Mac’s Convenience store on Walker Road just after 2 a.m. and demanded money, according to Windsor police.

The suspect covered his face with a red bandana, wore a black hooded jacket and carried a grey backpack. He stands about five-foot-seven and was last seen running on nearby Ledyard Avenue.