You sat crossed legged on your friend’s couch, a cigarette in between your fingers and a glass of golden liquid in the other. Sighing, you swished around the drink; bored out of your mind.

“Hey, you have a lit?” A deep voice broke you from your thoughts and you looked up.

You raised your eyebrows, taken aback by his closeness. You nodded, pulling out your lighter from your pocket.

“Sure.” You passed it to him. After he lit his cigarette, he took a drag and handed you your lighter.

“Thanks.” He grinned cheekily. “My name’s Andy.”



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Not Just Another Super-Bowl Party.: Andy Biersack😍

Heyy! Could i have one about Y/N and Andy Biersack? I don’t have anything in particular in mind so go crazy hahha 

It was about noon on yes one of my favorite days of February, Super Bowl Sunday.
No I do not really like football but I do like having parties.
This was one of the day me and Andy could have some alone time without any of his friends noticing we’re gone.
Yes I know it’s weird but, it works.
Right now I was just cleaning and getting ready for the party.
——–45 min.later——–
Every thing was ready and perfect. Except for one thing.
Andy wasn’t home yet.
Thoughts were running through my head on why he wasn’t home yet.
What if he’s cheating on me.
What if I’m not good enough for him.
But I pushed those thoughts away probably just thinking he was out at rehearsal.
———1 hour later——-
He is an hour and a half late!
All of his friends were here already! IM PISSED!
Just then I decided to call him.
You: Andy where are you are you ok did something happen?!?
A: Y/N I’m fine don’t worry I’ll be home soon. I’m on my way.
Y/n: okay babe see ya!
I hung up and ten I heard keys come through the door.
“Hey baby”
“Hi batman”
I kissed his cheek and he sat me down.
“Baby I know you want an explanation, but instead of talking why don’t I just show you”
He blindfolded me, I’m honestly a little scared I’m gonna like slam into a tree or something.
“Ok baby open you’re eyes”
My jaw dropped, I was so stunned he could plan all of this out in just an hour and 45 minutes.
“You like it?”
“Like it I love it it’s beautiful!”
It was an open field with pretty flowers, and on a hill there was a little picnic blanket with some wine and food, and the best of all a movie screen!
So obviously it’s dark outside now and we both decided to watch batman.
“Andy did I ever tell you that you’re my batman?”
“Aww babe that’s so sweet of you”
It was the end of the movie and the credits came on.
As we were going to leave I stood up and then another video was about to play.
It was called greatest moments of my life.
It was pictures and videos of me and Andy. This was seriously the greatest thing someone’s ever done to me.
I think I love him. No, that’s not right. I KNOW I love him.
My attention turned back to Andy.
“Yes batman”
“ I just wanted to tell you something”
“Yes is everything okay?”
“Perfect. What I wanted o tell you was that from the moment I met you, I could tell that you were going to be the love of my life one day. I know I’m not your average boyfriend and I’m not perfect, but I want you to know, love you and
you’re perfect to me.”
I was speechless my jaw dropped and I said it back.
“I love you too, my batman.”
Then we kissed. It was like all my troubles had just faded away, my insecurities were gone. Everything slowly faded away. Everything except my love for Andy, and I’m pretty sure that’s how he felt to.

-Madison Biersack.
Hopefully you enjoyed it! Comment a heart of you did!❤️❤️
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