Stand By Me (1986)


Sixshot Initiative

presents you: borderline sexualized Sixshot.

And team assemble! ‧☆,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°☆*

Actually, Arcee’s box art is the most normal one of the three.

If you check the front box art:

Yes, she is still drawn with a exaggerated hourglass figure and the emphasis on her hip (which is much bigger than her figure which has a very healthy looking feminine curve). But her pose is quite neutral and not overly sexualized. There’s no squezzing boobs nor sticking her ass out. So while it’s not ideal, but Sixshot does look quite normal with the same pose structure.

Actually, my biggest problem is Arcee’s dull suprise face. It’s distracting XDD

pic from here


The P6 bots’ thoughts on Sixshot Initiative:

I want to fly, fly, fly away from you. From the past. From the sorrow. I want to dream, dream, dream for a better life. For a new destiny. For a new world. I’m stuck, here in this room with people like you, How miserable they are, killing my illusion and my innocence. Just stop. Let me live, let me be free, let me dream, let me fly. — And again I’m writing. :)

KaibaCorp Log [SECRET]
KC-SS-CH03-PJC - Shadow Self Ryou Bakura

Current camera equipment, while specialized to operate during the Dark Hour, is still found insufficient to properly record shadow’s metaoptic umbran makeup.

So, Kaiba Boy, unless you want continued insufficient video of this magnificent specimen, which I shalln’t stand for, you will clear my proposed budget, enclosed at the end of my report ♥