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  • Aries: 'Be like me' attitude
  • Taurus: Obsessed with money and power
  • Gemini: Scatterbrained, white lies
  • Cancer: Playing the victim card
  • Leo: Envy towards those better than them
  • Virgo: Petty and manipulative
  • Libra: Extreme gossiping
  • Scorpio: Prone to addictions
  • Sagittarius: God complex
  • Capricorn: Gets pleasure out of humiliating others
  • Aquarius: Sociopathic tendencies
  • Pisces: Escaping from realities through unhealthy habits
Dorm Room

lyvesd3q Submitted:

I am a college freshmen and I live in a single in one of my university dorms. I am scared shitless to be in my room because weird things have recently begun happening.

I hear strange noises, I can feel someone/something watching me, and I saw a moving black shadow on the walls when looking through the mirror (while I was alone). I have been touched, and once or twice I have heard a deep growling. I recently have been engulfed in nightmares involving a demonic possession or seeing my friends and family die. My room has this dreadful, unpleasant feeling. 

I figured it was my imagination until I woke up with scratches along my shoulder blades (where I cannot physically reach) one morning about two weeks ago.

I am now “couch-hopping” every night between locations because I am afraid to sleep in my own dorm room. 

Does anyone have any helpful advice for getting rid of this person/thing in my room?

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 8/10 I don’t have any advice sorry! But I’m sure one of our followers has some advice. Thanks for the chills and scares!