Many of my otaku friends expressed their willingness to watch Detective Conan, but are overwhelmed by the number of episodes. As you all may know, DC is one of the longest running manga/anime in Japan.

Being a huge DC fan and having watched/read all DC episodes/chapters, I decided to write this Guide for anyone who is having my friends’ problem, listing only the plot-related episodes. Instead of watching 764 episodes, you can watch 306 episodes only! 
How so? DC anime is 1/3 fillers and the other 2/3 are manga-based. Some manga cases, although fascinating, are not plot-related and so can be skipped. Some fillers are also fascinating, but since they are not based on the manga, anything implied in them should be ignored (character development). Personally, I watched everything, including the fillers, in order, never skipped a thing or fast-forwarded through the cases. However, following this guide is a good start. You might end up liking DC and decide to watch the rest of the episodes.

The following list of episodes is mainly about Shinishi Kudo/ Conan Edogawa and his pursuit of the Black Organization, the story you all know.In order to grasp the pursuit, you have to know the characters involved, their identity development and backgrounds.EVERYTHING IMPORTANT is in the following list that I made based on my experience:


+ Movie 18 (that is safe to watch after episode 704).

Because it has been 19 years since the beginning of the anime (21 years since the Manga), GOOGLE is FULL of spoilers! Never Google a character name or a fanfictions/fan arts/AMV. Some characters that seem nice may actually be BO and some bad characters might actually be nice.

NEVER use Google/DCTP/Detective ConanWorld/Detective Conan Wiki and other platforms because they spoil everything. Some characters have fake names and so when you Google a Character, the first line of the text will give you the real name of a character that might be using an alias. 

If you ever need anything, ask DC Community on Tumblr or a DC-fan you know. Of course, you can always ask me, I, the Conan-nerd.
Don’t resort to Google. 



Detective Conan Challange (x)

[¼] best episode/case  Reunion with the Black Organization

I had a nightmare, just a few days ago. On my way home Gin spotted me and chased me into a side street. You were the first person he shot. And then he kept shooting. Everyone felt down, one after another… Just because they know me. Maybe it would have been better if the organization had killed me right then. Then we would have much less problems.”