Rereading Vol. 66- 69, Chap. 686-729, Two Sides of the Same Coin

Today, we’ll focus on angst! Jodie meets scar!Akai for the second time, the BO is on the move to snipe said person, and the shopping mall is about to be blown up.

I don’t think we’ve ever been given a look into Jodie’s thoughts considering this short exchange with Conan. You see, Conan is not supposed to know about Akai’s death, after allm they decided to keep the child in the dark. Supposedly, to protect him from feeling guilty.  Jodie is not merely anxious about scar!Akai, but also about the implications of Conan investigating “Akai.” His ties to the BO have been dubious before, especially because Vermouth sheltered him from harm (see: The Grey Protector).

Jodie is not yet considering the possibility that Conan helped to fake Akai’s death - this happens later on. Right now, she is horrified about the fact that Conan knows the secret of the agent’s murder. Since the FBI did not tell him… the only other source would be the BO itself. Or more specific, she is doubting her previous judgement on Conan’s trustworthiness. Despite Vermouth’s strange relationship with the boy, Jodie has come to accept his loyalty to the truth. She has never asked for an explanation, as a symbol of her trust in his integrity… right now, she is probably questioning her own assessment of Conan. Sure, he is not a member of the BO or “dangerous.” However, he might be a security issue if he were in regular contact with the BO.

Skipping ahead, Conan clearly was shaken by scar!Akai: He does know that it is not the “real” one, and since the FBI is being targeted, it must be the BO who is behind that persona. However, it is also the BO who sets up snipers, presumably to shoot said impersonator. Due to that, Conan knows that he is looking for somebody who is good at disguises and prefers to work alone: Vermouth. He does not know that Vermouth is supporting Bourbon. To his knowledge, this scar!Akai is probably her in disguise. It is striking, indeed, that Conan opts to save “her” by tricking all the people to rush back inside.

You see, this exchange between Conan and Okiya is very interesting. Akai is pointing out the fact that protecting a member of the BO from being accidentally assassinated is not the smartest move in their fight against the organisation, albeit the humane one. Akai probably shares Conan’s theory about scarface being Vermouth. Allowing her to be gunned down by Chianti would be the easiest solution to reducing their manpower. She is an important operative, after all. No, saving scar!Akai was not smart from Akai’s perspective… and it raises doubts about Conan’s relationship with Vermouth once again. This time, it is Akai who is reminded of the previous encounters between the woman and the boy.

Until now, Akai kept his curiosity about Conan at bay. He already heard him use Kudou’s voice to call Takagi in a toilet cubicle, he observed him solving cases, and his deep entanglement with the BO is suspicious as well. Yet, Akai hasn’t made a move to investigate Conan or to listen in to his conversations with the professor or Ai. However, following this, he decides that this is not a courtesy that he can bestow upon the boy. The situation is too delicate to ignore it: And pretty soon, Akai will be seen listening in to Conan’s secret conversations. I believe that this is the turning point in their relationship. That’s how he finds proof about the shrinking. And also why Vermouth would protect Conan: Because he is her former friend’s only son.

Last but not least, an odd comment that I wish to review:

As I stated in the previous meta posts, I do believe that Aoyama had already been planning the Rum arc back in the 600s. Due to that, I decided to single out this case’s resolution: The culprit was thought to be a woman due to his silhouette. However, in truth, he was a man. Aoyama already gave us an answer as to how a male could be mistaken for a woman, ages before Rum had been given these misleading identifications. This is not to say that Aoyama will copy his ideas from back then… it is just a reminder of how his mind works. In order to solve his mysteries, it is important to consider how Aoyama works, how he argues, etc.


More Detective Conan movie 20 goodness, from Shonen Sunday. This is a compilation of Gosho Aoyama’s sketches, storyboards and character sheets made the movie.

Also, the codename for the mysterious BO member with heterochromia is Curaçao. It’s a liquor made from oranges. Quite an exotic flare. ;)

It is especially interesting because this is a break from the usual pattern of naming women of the Organization with wine-based beverages.

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