guys, please listen to this interview 

not only is it funny, but this cast is very very aware of how uncommon it is for a cast o people to be as ethnically diverse as them and what that means to the children who will watch the movie 


my favorite part was when he yelled “YOU AIN’T IN FANTASTIC FOUR NO MORE MICHAEL B JORDAN!!!”


Black Nerd Comedy: RANTS! HUNGER GAMES RACIST? No Blacks Allowed!

Are you guys ready for a good laugh?

Everybody, please meet Andre (@BlackNerd on Twitter) the creator and host of “Black Nerd Comedy” on YouTube.

Fearing that The Hunger Games was yet another “Twilight” or “Harry Potter”, he chose to avoid reading the book or watching the movie.  HOWEVER, upon doing some research, he came to learn of the DRAMA concerning our dear friend, Rue.

Watch and enjoy as he shares his insights.


LIVE FROM E3! | OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes | Cartoon Network

Join us from E3 for an exclusive look at the upcoming game, OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes, based on the BRAND NEW SERIES coming to Cartoon Network this Summer! Andre from Black Nerd Comedy will be playing the game LIVE alongside one of the creators, Dan from Capy Games! If you like what you see, be sure to get your own copy of the game on console and PC this Fall!

If you missed it, Dan Vader from Capy Games and Andre from Black Nerd Comedy sat down at E3 and did a live playthrough of the OK KO! console game coming this fall! Check it out!


You can now easily make GIFs out of my YouTube videos! Just look for the “GIF” link next to the Share buttons on my videos. Share with me what you make and I’ll repost my faves! Be creative… and please be nice :) In the meantime, here’s Hipster Sonic for ya!

Video Source: 10 Sonic Games That Changed Sonic History

My favorite youtubers !!!

I don’t watch TV that much but i actually watch You tube daily almost every day XD so here’s a list of my favorite Youtubers that you should be watching too:

  • Lamarr Wilson - a funny tech reviewer, that does game plays, and other random funny stuff XD
  • Black Nerd Comedy - another funny movie/cartoon reviewer, he’s a nerd and he’s friend with Lamarr so when this two get together you do laugh a lot XD
  • Rosanna Pansino - nerdy baker, she makes this awesome cakes about any tv show or character you could imagine :D
  • Bins Toy Bin - a marriage couple (Jon and Bin) that review toys :) specially my little pony toys
  • Vsauce 2 - if you want to get your mind blown and get educated with some really interesting and weird facts, then this is your channel

so yeah co watch this awesome youtube channels :D


Alex Heartman being a cutie at Power Morphicon 2012.


Andre The black nerd dubs over Tiger Claw and Shredder - People keep dubbing my reviews over actual Ninja Turtles clips and the results are hilarious!