Black and gold iphone 6s

Phones the Cars Characters Would Have

Lightning: gold iPhone 7

Sally: white iPhone 7

Mater: flip phone with broken keypad

Doc: The original iPhone

Rod Redline: iPhone 7 plus in jet black

Chick Hicks: Samsung Galaxy Note 7
(refuses to get a new one despite the battery issue)

The King: Motorola Dynatak

Jackson Storm: mat black iPhone 7

Cruz: cracked IPhone 6s in rose gold

Holley Shiftwell: white iPhone 6 Plus with a case from Clair’s that reads “love” in fancy font

Finn Mcmissle: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

honestly my life is permanently in shambles and so is my mental health so i haven’t been on so have this fun headcanon.

josh’s phone is a rose gold iphone 6s. i know what you’re thinking. now brynna, josh is a lot of things but he is not a dude who loves pink. why would he have a rose gold iphone? well i’m glad you ask. literally, bob and melinda fucked up which kid got which box, so josh + hannah were given the rose gold iphones while beth was given josh’s space grey one. 

the catch is, i don’t even think josh truly wanted it but he literally made such a big deal about getting Exactly what he wanted so that beth was forced to get the space grey one. it started out as a joke, but both child was too stubborn to take it back. anyway. josh’s phone is a rose gold iphone 6s with a black otterbox case, and it has a sticker of ghostface doing finger guns on the back. here is a picture of the sticker for viewer reasons.