silverflint drabble, 15 Oct. 2018

trust, energy, mother

“So, this is my mother.”

With that, Silver handed Flint a jar of pale, bubbly goo and then looked at him half-expectantly.

It was the heady scent of fresh, healthy yeast that energized Flint out of his somewhat horrified and questioning train of thought. 

“You bake?” he asked, wincing as he heard how incredulous he sounded.

“I’ve been practicing for several months,” Silver said. His smile was small, just this side of shy. “Read an article that said it was good for relieving stress. They neglected to mention that if the bread didn’t turn out to be edible, that was at least as stressful as whatever you were trying to alleviate. The first few loaves were…not terrific.” He shook his head wryly. “But things improved. A friend recommended I make my own sourdough mother and let it develop over a few weeks, so. The latest results have been pretty good, I think.” He cleared his throat and looked down. “If you’d like to try some sometime and give me some feedback.”

It was slightly disconcerting to see him be less than confident. In the five months since he’d conned Gates into a dishwashing gig, and subsequently Billy into helping with prep and occasional waiting, Silver had evolved into Flint’s most surprising kitchen asset by being a quick learner with a charm offensive that managed, somehow and for reasons Flint still didn’t entirely understand, to pull Flint’s staff together more effectively than Flint threatening line cooks and waitstaff within an inch of their lives had ever done.

(Well, okay. Maybe not all aspects of Silver’s successes were incomprehensible.) 

Silver, waiting for a response, was pretending, Flint saw, to be nonchalant. It struck Flint that Silver had trusted him twice over, by inviting him to his apartment in the first place and by telling him about whatever this still-new exploration of bread was. He imagined Silver’s strong hands shaping dough into a lovely smooth boule, or a hefty batard. He imagined Silver’s strong hands–

Flint shook himself to attention. Good bread baked in-house was an important addition to any restaurant. Yes. That was it. It was his obligation as a thougthful chef and small business owner to encourage education.

“Would you be interested in baking something for me tonight?” Flint asked, pleased beyond all sense that his voice didn’t crack. He tried for a genuine, interested, non-skeevy sort of smile. “Or with me? I mean, I could help. Since we’re closed tonight and everything.”

“Sure. That’d be nice.” Silver’s expression had gone just a little sly around the eyes. 

All casualness, Flint glanced down into the jar. Silver’s mother had formed a row of tiny bubbles that looked just like a knowing smirk.

Silverflint drabble of the week, 15.10.2018 - Trust, Energy, Mother (VII)

(Set up: the cliffs of angst *my heart*)

Of course, Flint has seen right through his stories…

And yet…

It is all true’, Silver wants to say. ’I never knew my mother. I grew up in a home for boys. I met Solomon Little.’ Worse still, he might want to reveal it all. ’I am no one. From nowhere. Belonging to nothing.’

Silver though finds the energy to catch those words trapped in his throat, before they can escape.

It’s not that he doesn’t trust Flint to understand. It’s that he trusts him to understand too well. And he cannot have him doubt his friendship.

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thomas discovers that james is younger than he'd realized. when he'd read "made lieutenant at 27" he'd assumed it had been quite awhile ago. meanwhile when james's bday comes around james is like "i can't believe i'm almost thirty" and thomas is like. what.

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adaughterofthesun  asked:

it's nice to hear you're enjoying Black Sails and Silver! do you ship anything in that show so far?

oh man, I mean. Eleanor/Charles Vane is fucking hot as hell and I refuse to be ashamed, Jack Rackham/Anne Bonny/Max is a delightful threesome, 

I am stymied by the fact that I feel powerfully like there is so much sexual potential in John Silver but I do not know with whom. (was not into him and Max.) 

those are the primaries that come up off the top of my head, at least at this point.


He does all of these terrible things, so, I think the trick was to somehow justify them in a way that a modern audience can understand, even though it’s such a different world from the one we live in. So, while in this world we would never necessarily forgive someone for stabbing someone at the beach and burying them and call him innocent, in that world, somehow, it’s justified. I guess that the most challenging moment was pulling that trick of justifying the things that these people have to do. And it was consistent throughout the show, just really always humanizing them, regardless of how insane their lives were; they were just simply people trying to do their best.

So I’m really happy that they made Thomas and James’ realationship about love and not just lust but couldn’t we have at least one lovemaking scene? There’s so many het and lesbian sex scenes and that disaster with Flint and Miranda that I try to repress from my mind but not one single second with the couple who pretty much the whole plot revolves around? Seems a little hypocritical considering the know no shame thing

if you ever wonder why a show doesn’t have good LGBT+ representation it’s because Black Sails has taken all of the gay allowance

I’ve been informed that today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” so remember kids:

“[Those who benefit from an unjust society] paint the world full of shadows, and then tell their children to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgements. Because in the darkness, there be dragons. But it isn’t true. We can prove that it isn’t true. In the dark, there is discovery. There is possibility. There is freedom…in the dark. Once someone has illuminated it.”

I knew that James Flint was a gay icon but I did not realize that literally the ENTIRITY of Black Sails rests on a queer man’s violent and unforgiving rage about homophobia and I’m like. Y’all. Yaaaaaaall. Holy shit y’all, holy shit. Black Sails is a show about a man who loved another man saying the way they were treated was so wrong that the only recourse is blood and vengeance. Fuckin. Fucking gggood.