Black butler 2


Ciel & Alois wallpapers requested by amanda-rock37 ( ◡ ‿◕✿)~★

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*Favourite character dies*
  • Sebastian: *Dusting the table* Don't you wish your butler was HOT LIKE ME?
  • Sebastian: *Dusting the Library* Don't you wish your butler was a freak like me?
  • Sebastian: *Cleaning the kitchen* Don't cha??
  • Sebastian: *Cleaning the rest of the rooms* Don't cha???
  • Sebastian: *Goes into Ciel's room while he's sleeping and whispers* Don't you wish your boyfriend was Sebastian Michaelis? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Ciel: Never.
  • Sebastian: ...
  • Ciel: ...
  • Sebastian: Y-You weren't sleeping?
  • Ciel: OUT!